Project:Power Plant Boiler Feed Water Treatment System

1. Project Overview

Project name: Zhangze Power Plant Boiler Feedwater Treatment System Project

Project Location: Changzhi, Shanxi

Project nature: boiler make-up water treatment system project

Project period: 50 days

Project Status: Completed

2. Project Introduction

Shanxi Zhangze Power Co., Ltd, referred to as Zhangze Power Plant is a listed company with thermal power generation as its main business, headquartered in Taiyuan, Shanxi, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1997 (stock code 000767). Now it wholly owns three large power generation companies, Zhangze Power Generation Branch, Hejin Power Generation Branch, and Puzhou Power Generation Branch, and one professional power maintenance company, jointly holds and manages Qinhuangdao Qinhe Power Generation Company, and is entrusted with the management of Shanxi Huaze Aluminum Power Company’s generating units, with an equity unit capacity of 2820MW and a managed unit capacity of 3540MW.

Shanxi Zhangze Power Co., Ltd

3. Demand Analysis

Power boiler supply water is usually surface water groundwater, coastal and freshwater shortage areas often seawater as a supply water source, power boiler supply water if not treated, the supply water contains a large number of impurities, especially hard water, hard water contains a large number of calcium, magnesium ions, calcium, magnesium ions will cause very great harm to the boiler.

Whether the boiler can operate safely, circulating water quality treatment water quality is very important, the boiler feedwater is not properly treated or not treated will lead to internal wall scaling, resulting in very low thermal performance of the furnace wall, increasing fuel consumption, but also produce corrosion, pipe burst or even cause accidents. In the raw water quality hardness of the region more popular boiler water treatment, so the power plant boiler make-up water treatment system is very important.

4. Solution

Using two-pass reverse osmosis, the Zhangze power plant boiler make-up water treatment system process is as follows.

Raw water → raw water booster pumpmulti-media filteractivated carbon filterwater softener → precision filter → the first stage of reverse osmosis→ PH adjustment → intermediate water tank → second-stage reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis membrane surface with a positive charge) → purification water tank → pure water pump → microporous filter → water point.

Achieved functions.

  1. High desalination rate, the low operating pressure of imported low coil type composite reverse osmosis membrane, the excellent water quality of produced water, low operating cost, and long service life.
  2. High efficiency, low noise.
  3. Imported online raw water and product water conductivity meter, PH meter can monitor the water quality at any time.
  4. Imported online product water, concentrated water flow meter, can monitor the product water volume and system recovery rate at any time.
  5. Configuration of an automatic circulation cleaning system for cleaning after membrane contamination.
  6. A quick flush valve flushes the membrane surface regularly to reduce the speed of membrane pollution and prolong the service life of the membrane.

Technical parameters.

Single machine output: 10M3/h-120M3/h

Desalination rate: 98% for reverse osmosis system

Operating pressure: 1Mpa-1.5Mpa

Recovery rate: 75%-80%

5. Commercial Value

This can not only ensure the safe operation of the boiler, extend the boiler efficiency, but also extend the service life of the boiler, which is of great importance in saving energy.

6. Project Picture

Boiler feed water treatment

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