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  • Remove 99.8% of bacteria, viruses, chemical pollutants, and other impurities
  • Continuous and stable production of pure water
  • Standard for Purified Water Produced in Medical Applications
  • Customize configuration according to production water requirements and feed water characteristics.
  • Reliable, low-maintenance purification solution.
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    NEWater: Professional Purified Water Standard Solution Provider

    Purified water is essential for the production and cleaning of equipment, containers, etc. in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. NEWater is committed to providing you with high-quality purified water that almost completely removes impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and chemical pollutants in the water. These purified water generation systems can be custom designed and efficiently designed to produce water for the pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturing, personal care industry as well as the cosmetics industry and other businesses requiring a high-quality water source. Contact us now!

    NEWater Brings for YouPurified Water Treatment System of Different Specifications

    Purified Water Generation System in Pharmaceutical Industry

    We provide purified water to produce a reverse osmosis water system so that the water can be used for injections, syrups, tablets, and capsules.

    Purified Water Generation and Distribution System

    NEWater’s purified water generation and distribution systems employ multiple processes including Settling tanks, membranes, and oxidation to remove all harmful impurities.

    Water Purifier Machine for Home

    Our household water purifier can make healthy water available for work and consumption around the house.

    Commercial Purified Water Generation System

    We manufacture commercial purified water generation systems that are used in a number of companies related to cosmetics, and medicine, among others.

    Industrial Purified Water Generation System

    We manufacture industrial purified water generation systems that help you meet global industrial standards.

    Fully Automatic Purified Water Generation System

    The fully automatic purified water generation system produced by NEWater is conducive to operation and reduces the cost of manual monitoring.

    Best Purified Water Generation Systems

    NEWater produces a purified water system using advanced reverse osmosis and electro deionization technology. Our purified water system can be designed as skid-mounted, containerized, movable, and portable according to your influent water quality and product water requirements for easy installation. The composition of the system will be equipped with pretreatment, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, ultraviolet and post-treatment systems according to the water production needs and budget.

    We ensure that the treated water can meet the standards of water for pharmaceutical use (WPU) in different countries. In addition, we provide a variety of solutions for you to choose from, while providing reliable, low-maintenance purification solutions, while saving budget and controlling operating costs.

    Purified Water Generation Systems
    Purified Water Generation System 1

    Purified Water Generation System Design

    1. Dosing station for sodium hypochlorite for water disinfection and oxidation of organic compounds, lowering bacterial charge.
    2. For neutralization and chlorine, a sodium metabisulphite dosage station is used.
    3. To remove solids from the incoming water, a two-stage filtration system is used.
    4. Osmotic stage (single or double).
    5. Electro-Deionizer in Continuous Operation.

    Water Purification Plants Features

    • The two-stage RO or RO+EDI variants are available depending on the water quality and customer requirements.
    • Modular design, compact size, and easy installation and operation.
    • Operation of a two-stage softener series with minimal risk of dead water due to extra equipment.
    • Multi-channel diaphragm valves eliminate the need for several individual valves, resulting in reduced dead corners, easier emptying, less verification documentation, and reduced welds.
    Purified Water Generation System 3
    Purified Water Generation System 2

    Why Choose NEWater

    Why Choose NEWater

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    Purified Water Generation System Manufacturer

    For over a decade, NEWater is the leading supplier of purified water generation system solutions. We are specializing in providing customers requirements for their water demands. We continually uphold the highest standards in all our products’ aspects including service delivery, design, quality, and performance. Our highly skilled engineers are working hard to provide you excellent quality, optimized features, and robust construction of purified water generation systems.

    NEWater – Provides the Best Solution for Your Purified Water Generation System Needs

    NEWater is a professional manufacturer of purified water systems in China. We serve thousands of customers from around the world. We satisfy customers’ requirements by providing a wide range of purified water generation systems.

    Here at NEWater, we manufacture purified water systems, fully automatic purified water generation systems, semi-automatic purified water systems, and pure water generation systemsWater Treatment System Stainless Steel Wooden Box Highline Water System Automatical Purified Water Generation System.


    NEWater purified water generation system is widely used for pharmaceutical manufacturing for different purposes. NEWater has constructed a high-performance purified water system with your desired application and wide range of capacity.

    Our purified water system is used to remove any impurities in the water such as bacteria, inorganic compounds, contaminants, etc. that will make the water in a pure state.

    We manufacture a purified water generation system that consists of a temperature controller, controlled frequency, sodium hypochlorite dosing station, single or double osmosis, stage, and more. It also has level transmitters, UV disinfectant, and final sterile filtration.

    Our engineers also designed our purified water generation system with automatic carbon filters, demineralization systems, state-of-the-art technology, continuous electro-deionizer, double filtration system, and more advanced features.

    Companies Production Machine High Quality RO Purified Pure Water Treatment System

    NEWater can provide you both customized and standardized purified water generation systems. These are all equipped with reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. Our purified water systems will be designed depending on the redundancy, feed water, and desired quality.

    NEWater purified water systems can produce the highest quality water for food, microelectronic production, pharmaceutical, industry-producing steam, power plants, beverage, boiler makeup water, and so on.

    Whatever the capacity your need for a purified water system, NEWater can always customize it for you. We can manufacture based on our client’s requirements and design parameters. We always manufacture products that are efficient, energy-saving, effective, reliable, and safe.

    All of NEWater purified water generation systems are manufactured according to strict guidelines of USP, ISO, and more. Aside from that, NEWater purified generation systems are easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain, ready to use, compact, and tested to ensure stable quality.

    Double Pass RO Purified Water Generation System for Water Demineralization

    We continually uphold the highest standards in all our products’ aspects including service delivery, design, quality, and performance of our products. We can guarantee that NEWater can provide you excellent quality and services.

    We have been establishing more than a thousand water systems. NEWater supplies purified water generation systems to customers around the world. We serve customers from more than 100 countries around the world.

    We are looking forward to working with you! Whether you need a brand new or upgrade purified water generation system, NEWater is always ready to help you. Our team will work with you to evaluate your needs and provide solutions based on your requirements.

    Contact us today for more information!


    Purified Water Generation System from NEWater

    Our purified water generation systems help in reducing the hardness of water, maintaining determined criteria of water conductivity, reducing the total organic content of the water, along removing not only microbial pathogens but impurities of different molecular weights. These purified water generators use pretreatment methodology, RO technology, resin for ion removal, electrode ionization, UV radiation, and filters to remove all harmful and unnecessary impurities to ensure that the water meets your needs.

    The purified water produced by our equipment is used as a key ingredient and processing aid in many industries, and the water quality can meet the standards of pharmaceutical water, purified water (PW) & water for injection (WFI). It can meet the requirements of purified water for manufacturers of oral drugs, external lotions, cosmetics, and other medical devices. At the same time, we also provide purified water system for home, ro purifier plant, ro and EDI system and laboratory ultrapure water system.

    Send over any questions you may have to and we will get back to you ASAP!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Purified Water Generation Systems

    Complex applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and laboratory applications may be susceptible to contamination from impurities found in ordinary freshwater. To thwart the adulteration of key products or processes, high-grade purified water is necessitated. Purified water systems ensure such industries have a reliable and continuous supply of purified water. In this article, we explore the ins and outs of modern purified water generation systems.

    Figure 1 Purified water generation system.

    What is a Purified Water Generation System?

    A purified water generation machine is an advanced water treatment plant used to generate pure and ultrapure water for sophisticated applications like pharmaceutical use. Principally, reverse osmosis and distillation are utilized to purify pre-treated water. For varied applications, purified water systems are endowed with distinct capacities and productivity rates.

    NEWater offers excellently designed purified water generation equipment custom-built to satisfy the customer’s exclusive specifications. Our systems have high effectiveness rates and can be programmed to generate different levels of purified water in alignment with the respective industry standards.

    What Purification Methods are Used in Water Generation Systems?

    The desired quality of the purified water is the chief determinant of the purification method to be utilized. Pharmaceutical purified water generation machines mainly rely on reverse osmosis and distillation while some applications allow the use of ultrafiltration and ion exchange. For ultrapure water, two processes can be deployed to purify water.

    Reverse osmosis.

    Reverse osmosis is commonly used in purified water generation equipments for the pretreatment of water meant for distillation and actual purification of feed water. Using high-pressure pumps, the feed water is forced through pre-filters, which alienate colloids, debris, and other large constituents from the water.

    In addition, the water is pretreated using appropriate chemical doses to minimize the corrosive effects of the feed water. The water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane to eliminate dissolved solids, microorganisms, organic chemicals, and minerals.

    Figure 2 Water purification process.


    Distillation primarily involves the use of regulated heat to turn water into vapor. The vapor is ultimately condensed and fresh water is collected in a separate container. Distillation is chiefly achieved using either vapor compression, multi-effect distillation, or multi-stage flash distillation.

    Where are Purified Water Generation Equipments Applied?

    Certain personal, industrial, and commercial applications necessitate the use of pure or ultrapure water. This has created a demand for purified water generation equipment across various industries and NEWater manufactures specialized systems based on the imminent application.

    The generation of varied pharmaceutical waters such as water for injection and cleaning agents is the primary application of purified water systems. Biotechnology, cosmetic, and food processing industries are some of the other consumers of purified water generation systems.

    Figure 3 Pharmaceutical water generation system.

    What are the Benefits of Using Purified Water Generation Machines?

    Purified water generation equipment allows industries with set regulations on water quality to comply with the set standards. This is in addition to consistently providing high-quality purified water suitable for use in diverse applications.

    The use of purified water generation machines particularly in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries eliminates disease-causing microorganisms and thwarts microbial fouling in storage and distribution equipment.

    Additionally, purified water generation equipment is compact, have a low footprint, and equally low reject water. With complete control over the purification processes in use, one can tailor the quality of water generated to suit the demands of specific applications.

    How are Purified Water Generation Systems Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

    Most pharmaceutical products and processes require a constant supply of purified pharmaceutical water. Purified water generation systems provide pharmaceuticals and biotechnology enterprises with purified water free of microorganisms and other harmful impurities.

    To generate high-grade pharmaceutical water compliant with EMEA, cGMP, and EP requirements, reverse osmosis, distillation, and ultraviolet radiation are used.  Often, raw water is first pre-treated prior to purification.

    The generated pharmaceutical water includes water for injection (WFI), hemodialysis, excipients for pharmaceutical formulations, and cleaning agents. NEWater manufactures specialized purified water generation equipments for pharmaceutical applications.

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    Do You Have Commercial Purified Water Generation Systems?

    Commercial enterprises such as laboratories, health facilities, and food processing entities require pure and ultrapure water to carry out various practices. NEWater manufactures a wide range of purified water generation plants specifically built to support commercial demands for purified water.

    Our commercial purified water generation systems have varying capacities and productivity rates and therefore can support varied commercial applications. We also customize commercial purification systems to guarantee compliance with specific industry regulations.

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    Do You Manufacture Industrial Purified Water Generation Systems?

    Purified water generation systems are vastly used in distinct industries to supply purified water, which is used as an ingredient to most industrial products. The dominant users of industrial purified water generation systems include the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

    For years, NEWater has developed and supplied purified water systems custom-built for industrial use. They generate high-grade purified water, which is used to mitigate contamination of industrial products, cleaning of vital equipment, and recycling of wastewater.

    Figure 4 Industrial purified water generation system.

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    Can Purified Water Generation Systems be Used in Homes?

    Yes. NEWater provides distinct water purifier machines for home applications. These systems offer households a reliable supply of healthy, fresh drinking water thereby protecting them from water-borne diseases. Typical purified water generation systems for home usage are small-sized, portable, and easy to operate.

    Installation is uncomplicated and their productivity rate is more than sufficient for typical households or office compartments. Reinforce your fresh drinking water supply by procuring a premium home water purifier machine at a fair price from NEWater.

    Figure 5 Water purifier machine for home.

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    What is the Quality of Water Generated by Purified Water Generation Equipment s?

    Purified water generation systems filter out huge chunks of contaminants present in water thereby producing high-grade purified water. Deployment of several complementary purification mechanisms such as reverse osmosis and UV radiation can result in the production of ultrapure water.

    The quality of purified pharmaceutical water is often regulated by local and international health organizations. Purified water quality can be established by monitoring its electrical conductivity, TOC, and enzyme concentration. Purified water generation machines often produce purified water with a conductivity rate of 5.5 μS/m.

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    How Much Does a Purified Water Generation Plant Cost?

    The distinctiveness in designs, dimensions, and purified water quality accounts for the difference in purified water generation plants’ prices. Once you have your eyes set on a specific purified water generation plant, you can send a quotation inquiry using our website. We guarantee the best prices in the market.

    Additionally, the overall cost of purified water generation systems takes into account the labor, installation, power consumption, and upkeep expenses. The purification processes deployed influence power consumption and consequently impact operational costs. Although total cost valuation is difficult, the approximate cost of purifying water using purified water generation plants is 10 to 20 dollars per 1,000 gallons.

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    What Should I Consider Prior to Purchasing a Purified Water Generation System?

    The water treatment solutions market offers a diverse range of purified water generation systems. Lack of adequate information or guidance could lead to misinformed decisions when purchasing a purified water system. Underneath, we briefly expound on key factors that should see you procure the perfect purified water generation equipment.

    Expected purified water quality.

    Purified water generation systems have distinct abilities to produce different qualities of purified water.  Similarly, different commercial, industrial, and commercial applications necessitate different water qualities. Your prospective system should produce purified water that meets the demands of your application and set quality standards.

    Production Rate.

    How many gallons of purified water do you intend to generate in an hour or a day? The purified water system you intend to purchase should comfortably generate enough purified water for your project.

    It is also important that you consider the applicable purification processes, power consumption rate, and investment cost of the system.

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    What is the Purification Rate of Purified Water Generation Systems?

    Purified water generation equipment has different effectiveness rates when it comes to purifying water. Often, the system is customized to generate purified water exhibiting specific qualities and eradicating specific contaminants. The purified water produced typically has a TDS level of 500 parts per billion or less and a PH ranging from 5-7. This implies that the purification rate of purified water generation systems ranges from 99% to 99.9%.

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    Are Your Purified Water Generation Equipment Certified?

    Purified water for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory experiments, and other sensitive applications often has to meet various quality standards. To make certain systems available on the market have the capacity to produce high-quality purified water, relevant regulatory institutions carry out certification.

    Essentially, NEWater is ISO 90012015 certified meaning our industrial production processes and equipment are of excellent standards. Secondly, our purified water generation machines have a high-tech product certification, which is a testament to the high innovation levels depicted by our systems.

    Figure 6 Skid-mounted purified water generation system.

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    Where Can I Buy a Premium Purified Water Generation System?

    Credible, experienced, and transparent manufacturers/ suppliers are hard to come by, especially in the water treatment solutions industry. Manufacturers keep on mushrooming but very few can be trusted.

    NEWater is your ideal shopping partner given our vast experience in producing and delivering purified water generation machines locally and globally. Shopping from NEWater entitles you to a myriad of after-sale services including warranty protection, doorstep delivery, and lifetime repair services.

    Our engineers offer free technical consultation and will readily guide you through the selection, installation, and operation of the system.

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    Do You Customize Purified Water Generation Systems?

    In addition to our standard purified water generation system, we manufacture customized purification machinery to sufficiently accommodate diverse applications. Initially, we design customized plants using computer 3D technology and only proceed to the actual production upon your authorization.

    For a premium, customized system, NEWater demands you provide the following data.

    • Your desired capacity and production rate.
    • Your location’s prevalent power frequency and voltage options.
    • The desired purified water quality and imminent application.

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    Do You Manufacture Mobile Purified Water Generation Systems?

    NEWater mounts purified water generation systems on mobile metal rails or skid mounts to enhance portability. We understand there are numerous applications that demand portable purified water generation systems hence we provide specialized units. Generally, water purifier machines for home usage are small-sized and portable in nature.

    Portable purified water generation equipments facilitate the smooth operation of emergency response services and temporary applications like construction. Our systems are excellently designed and have uncomplicated user interfaces.

    Figure 7 Portable purified water generation system.

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    Do You Ship These Systems Overseas?

    As a global manufacturer and supplier of purified water generation systems and related products, our supply routes stretch to over 200 global destinations. Shipment modes and routes are often determined by the size of the plant and expected delivery dates. Our delivery duration is unmatched ranging from 3 to 7 days for conventional small plants and 2 to 3 months for large systems.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms?

    The payment structure offered by NEWater is designed to offer our customers convenience and flexibility. Payment for conventional small-sized purified water generation machines is mandatory prior to shipping. For skid-mounted, containerized, and conventional large plants, we offer a more flexible payment structure.

    Upon placing your order, we oblige a 50% initial payment. After you have inspected the video samples of the system, you are obliged to make a 30% payment and clearance of the remaining 20% is mandatory before shipping.

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    Can Solar Energy Power Purified Water Generation Systems?

    The deterioration in fossil fuels and consequent high prices is driving the widespread adoption of solar-powered purification systems. The solar energy is absorbed by integrated solar collectors and converted into electrical energy using photovoltaics.

    The energy is in turn utilized to power the high-pressure pumps in reverse osmosis or provide the heat to prompt evaporation in the distillation process. Battery storage may be necessitated to remedy the absence of adequate solar energy during rainy days or at night.

    NEWater provides a variety of solar-powered distillation and other water treatment systems.

    Figure 8 Small solar purified water machine.

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    What is the Power Consumption Rate of Purified Water Generation Systems?

    Energy consumption in purified water systems differs greatly depending on the purification process, productivity rate, and generated water quality. Purifying highly contaminated water tends to consume more power compared to less alkaline or contaminated feed water.

    Ideally, power consumption in different countries or regions tends to differ because of the difference in power voltage and frequency options. Energy consumption in a 1,500 liters per hour system utilizing RO and ultrafiltration is roughly 9 kilowatts.

    Distillation processes such as multi-effect distillation and multi-stage flash distillation exhibit higher energy consumption. Thanks to innovation, energy recovery in purified water generation machines is saving users millions in electricity bills.

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    How Much Water Can Purified Water Generation Systems Generate in a Day?

    Customization permits manufacturers to provide specialized purified water generation equipment with adequate productivity rates for diverse applications. Standard purified water generation machines can produce different amounts of purified water per hour ranging from 100 liters per hour to 20,000LPH. As such, prospective buyers have a pool of options when it comes to capacity and production rate. For larger or smaller capacities, contact NEWater’s engineers and get yourself a customized purified water system.

    Figure 9 Two-step RO purified water generation system.

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    What are the Limitations of Purified Water Generation Systems?

    Purified water generation systems are greatly lauded for their immeasurable benefits to industries, commercial enterprises, homesteads, and the ecosystem at large. However, they are not the perfect solution for water purification. Underneath, we look at the various limitations exhibited by the application of purified water generation systems.

    • High investment costs as well as operational costs.
    • High power consumption rate.
    • Production of highly concentrated waste products such as brine, which are a threat to the environment.

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    Which Contaminants do Purified Water Generation Systems Eradicate?

    The purification process utilized in a purified water generation system determines the type of contaminants to be ejected from the feed water.  Additionally, the varying purification mechanisms have differing pollutant rejection rates meaning they influence the quality of purified water derived.

    Reverse osmosis filtration particularly eradicates colloids, debris, dissolved salts, minerals, bacteria, viruses, and other protozoa present in feed water. Further polishing or treatment using ultraviolet radiation or ultrafiltration effectively eliminates disease-causing microorganisms thereby producing high-quality purified water.

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    Are There Turnkey Purified Water Generation Systems?

    It only takes a few minutes to set up turnkey purified water systems and commence water purifications. Ideally, these systems are plug and play meaning they do not necessitate installation. Operation is made conveniently easy due to the use of an uncomplicated user interface and automation of most functions.

    NEWater’s turnkey solutions are custom-built to accommodate your project’s unique demands and minimize installation costs and labor expenses. Their productivity rate is programmed meaning they rarely demand human supervision.

    Contact our engineers today to inquire about turnkey purified water generation plants or to place an order.

    Figure 10 Turnkey purified water generation system.

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    Do You Manufacture Custom Repair Parts for Purified Water Generation Systems?

    Finding high-quality spare components and accessories for purified water generation systems can be difficult. NEWater ensures you have instantaneous access to premium repair parts irrespective of your geographical location. We manufacture a diverse range of repair parts and reinforce our supply by outsourcing certain components from world-leading manufacturers.

    Compatibility is a worrying issue when it comes to purchasing spare components and NEWater tackles it by manufacturing custom repair parts. Our prices are reasonably affordable and we provide global delivery services.

    Our catalog of repair components for purified water systems includes RO and ultrafiltration membranes, media filters, industrial sand filters, water sterilizers, and water pump guns.

    Figure 11 Repair components for purified water generation systems.

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    Are Your Purified Water Generation Systems Warranty Protected?

    For the first 12 months, your purified water generation system will be entitled to free repairs and/or replacements in case of any technical malfunction.  Thanks to our warranty policy, you have adequate time to familiarize yourself with our purified water system.

    The warranty policy also states that malfunctions resulting from human misdoings are not entitled to warranty protection. Generally, warranty protection is a sign of the manufacturers’ dedication to customer satisfaction and a show of the products’ quality.

    Any queries you have regarding our warranty policy will be sufficiently answered by our customer support team, which is available 24/7.

    Figure 12 Multi-effect distillation purifier.

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    How Durable is a Purified Water Generation System?

    For users to recoup their investment capital for purified water generation systems, a longer lifespan is mandatory. Thankfully, purified water systems have a long enough service life often ranging from 15 years to 20 years. Frequent and quality maintenance of the system and its key components greatly extends the system’s lifespan.

    Appropriate pre-treatment and chemical dosing geared to reduce the scaling and corrosive effect of feed water on equipment prolong the system’s service life. For utmost durability, NEWater utilizes high-quality materials mainly non-corrosive stainless steel. Acquire your purified water equipment from NEWater and you will not have to worry about premature breakdowns.

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    Do You Offer Repair Services for Purified Water Generation Systems?

    To avert losses brought about by defective purified water generation systems, NEWater has a team of esteemed technicians who offer instantaneous repair services upon request. We have designed a lifetime repair package that ensures users of our water treatment solutions have immediate access to technical aid from our engineers.

    Additionally, our warranty policy caters to technical malfunctions experienced within the first 12 months of purchase. To access NEWater’s repair services, kindly contact our support team via email at

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    How Can I Consult NEWater on These Systems?

    NEWater has a 24/7 customer support network committed to providing professional aid to our customers promptly. Consequently, we have established various communication channels to accommodate customer interaction. Using the following avenues, you can provide feedback, make suggestions, critique, or make inquiries about our products or services.


    Phone: +86 188-5927-5056.

    WhatsApp:  +86 188-5927-5056.

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    Do You Provide On-site Installation Services?

    Yes. Our technicians provide on-site installation services for conventional large water treatment systems. Skid-mounted and containerized plants are assembled at the factory and are often plug and play meaning they do not necessitate professional installation services.

    Similarly, small-sized machines are easily installed and with the aid of our installation guide, the process is unsophisticated and quick. We also provide installation guidance via video tutorials, video calls, and phone calls.

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