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Raw water:   tap water, surface water, lake water, well water, etc.
Conductivity of produced water: <10-20μS/cm or lower
Power:   220v / 380v 50hz / 60hz(customizable)
Capacity: 250-2000 L/H
Flow rate:  500-20000L/H
Desalination rate:   99%
Recovery rate:  60-70%
Membrane housing:    300psi 4040
Support customization.

Your Trusted Water Purification Equipment Manufacturer in China

Here at NEWater, we manufacture a range of Purified Water Machines, that employ methods such as reverse osmosis, carbon filtering, ultraviolet oxidation, electrodeionization, along with the standard methods used industry-wide. With the methodology used, being customized to your needs and requirements.

All forms of our Purified Water Machines, conduct the process of removing undesired biological contaminants, suspended solids, chemical compounds, inorganic materials, and gases from the water. This process is employed not only to disinfect water for human consumption, but also for commercial and industrial applications.

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NEWater Water Purifier Machine Process

The incoming water is pumped through the raw water pump into the quartz filter and activated carbon filter. Quartz filters can remove turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloids, etc. The activated carbon filter can remove color, free chlorine, organic matter, harmful substances, etc. Finally, the hardness of the water is reduced by softening the filter to achieve preliminary filtration of the water.

The pretreated water will enter the precision filter to further filter large particulate matter and reduce damage to the membrane. A high-pressure pump will pump the pretreated water into the reverse osmosis system. The NEWater RO membrane has a desalination rate of 99% and can remove more than 99% of ions, bacteria, particles, and 98% of organic matter. Ensure the purity and health of the produced water.

Water Purifier Machine for Plant Details
Water Purifier Machine for Plant parts

Main Components of Purified Water Machine

RO Membrane.
High-pressure pump.
Electrical conductivity meter.
Over high pressure or over low-pressure protection failure.
304 stainless steel Glass fiber.

Water supply standard:
-Electrical conductivity: not more than less than 10us/cm
-Bacterial count: no more than 20
-Suitable for medium-sized enterprise investment.

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    NEWater Purified Water Machine 

    Purified water is highly versatile and is used in a variety of areas, from industrial applications to its use in laboratories. It has in recent years been produced in a range of purities, by a variety of methods. Our Purified Water Machines initially make use of a standardized process to ensure that the additional treatments that are conducted, are done so on an optimal level. This process occurs in the following series, starting from pumping water from the source, to the pretreatment system then coagulation and flocculation, and then sedimentation. After this comes the filtration, deionization, and disinfection process.

    Water Purifier Machine for Plant flow chart

    The first set of processes conducted begins with the water being pumped into the machine, coagulation units are used to lump the suspended impurities together, and these clumps are then pushed together during the flocculation process, with the help of paddles. This debris once it reach a certain weight begins to settle, this is aided by our slanted sedimentation tanks, allowing large sediments to be left behind and the raw water to move ahead, for further filtration and treatment.

    Once the water moves towards filtration and deionization, the process can be customized according to your application areas. These may be rapid sand filters, carbon filters, reverse osmosis, among others. In rapid sand filters, the water moves through the multilayer vertically, allowing for the removal of smaller impurities. On the other hand, carbon filters usually granular activated carbon or anthracite coal is used in areas where water has to be rid of unwanted odors and taste to be used. And lastly, in reverse osmosis membrane filters are used, these filters have varying bore diameters and make use of pressurized water to retain impurities once the raw water overcomes its osmotic potential and passes through.


    Large industrial filtration water purifier system RO reverse osmosis water treatment equipment machinery plants

    After filtration, our Purified Water Machine moves on deionization. This process may be carried out depending on your application area and may employ electrodeionization, distillation, or the use of ion exchange resins. In the electodeionzation, water is passed through positive and negative electrodes, attracting anions and cations respectively. Whereas when it comes to exchanging resins, we provide both mixed bed and dual bed resins, based on your area of use. Distillation on the other hand, can also be used for softening the water, to prevent limescale buildup on appliances.

    The final process is disinfection of the water, here varying methods are provided as options to our clients. These include ozone disinfection where it acts as an unstable oxidizing agent, being toxic to microbial organisms including cysts and pathogens. UV radiation is also provided as an option and is used as both ionizing agents, and is also highly effective in inactivating cysts and endospores.

    Our purified water machines can provide your family with high-quality healthy drinking water to ensure the health of your family and pets, removing impurities, corrosion, scale, bacteria and unnecessary ions. All while reducing your installation and maintenance problems. Contact us now for more equipment details.


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