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    NEWater: Quartz Sand Filter Manufacturer in China

    Incorporated in 2001, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quartz sand filters. Our range of filters caters to various demands of industrial, commercial, and related industries. You can find vast options, including main features – diameter, shape, finishes. Also, we can customize our filters based on your design. Backed by our cutting-edge technology and expert team, we are able to turn your prototype into a product. Let NEWater do the work for you.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Qusrtz Sand Filter

    Aqua Quartz Pool Filter Sand

    Aqua Quartz pool filter sand is environmentally safe. It does not have any harmful chemicals, and it gets backwashed easily without causing any clogging.

    Multimedia Filters

    As the name suggests, these filters are able to perform a multimedia water filtration process through the sand of various sizes and gravity.

    Carbon Sand Filter Tank

    These filters are highly functional. Along with sand filtration, these use activated carbon to make the water free of microorganisms, pathogens, and harmful minerals.

    Cooling Tower Sand Filter

    Our cooling tower sand filters can purify ocean water so that you can use that in cool appliances. Thanks to an advanced mechanism, these are powerful enough to eradicate dirt and debris from the water.

    Quartz Sand Filter Tank

    If you want chlorine-free water, get one of our quartz sand filter tanks installed. It also can remove metal ions from water.

    Commercial RO Filter

    Our commercial RO water filters are perfect for various applications and are suitable for various industries. These remove impurities from water using reverse osmosis technology.

    Your High-quality Quartz Sand Filter Supplier in China

    NEWater quartz sand filters are ideal for purifying heavily polluted water, such as in industrial and commercial environments. We have a variety of options classified according to different criteria (such as diameter, shape, and finish). Our cutting-edge technology can develop sand filters according to your design. The stainless steel materials used in the product are all food-grade, corrosion-resistant, and resistant to the influence of solvents such as acids and alkalis.

    Our sand filters can desalinate water and remove turbidity. By adopting a high-tech reverse osmosis system, the filters can remove dissolved organic and inorganic impurities in the water. After the contaminated water is purified by the quartz sand filter, the peculiar smell and odor are removed, and it can be used again.

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    Quartz Sand Filter

    NEWater Quartz Sand Filter

    1. High precision sand filter can expand the filtration area of multi-layer filter media.
    2. Multiple pollutant discharge control modes: automatic control, pressure control, manual control.
    3. Sequential filtration when cleaning dirt, constant flow filtration when cleaning uninterrupted water supply.
    4. Advanced control system can adjust its working mode and operation status to adapt to various water quality conditions.
    5. The medium filtration control system has the function of operation status output and fault alarm output.
    6. The filter is made of austenitic stainless steel with very low carbon content.
    7. Sand filter usually consists of a high-quality steel cartridge, unique water collection device, sophisticated control system, and contaminant release device.
    8. The flange has great adaptability.

    NEWater Quartz Sand Filter Advantages

    • Reduce the turbidity of raw water.
    • Effective retention of suspended matter, odor, and heavy metal ions in water.
    • Extend the service life of post-stage filtration equipment.
    • The equipment is safe and reliable and can operate stably.
    • The sand filter is easy to maintain and set up inspection stations, and the filter media is easy to replace.
    • It can be operated automatically with local and remote control.
    Quartz Sand Filter 1

    NEWater Quartz Sand Filter Applications

    1. For the treatment of industrial water, home water, and the municipal water supply system.
    2. The removal of suspended solids and solids in industrial sewage.
    3. For industrial water supply with low water quality standards, as pretreatment equipment in an ion exchange softening and desalting system, and as coarse filtration equipment.
    4. Swimming pool recycling treatment systems, cooling circulating water purification systems, and other similar applications.

    NEWater Uses Safe and Reliable Transportation Methods

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    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    #1 Quartz Sand Filter Supplier in China

    NEWater is an ISO 9001 quartz sand filter manufacturer in China. Since established in 2005, we endeavor to offer a wide range of quartz sand filters fit for every purpose.

    If you’re looking for a filter for areas where heavy pollution is, as, in the industrial environment, a NEWater quartz sand filter is your best choice. Provide superior precision, protect all workers from dust and pollution.

    NEWater manufacture quartz sand filters using various types of material. We will consider a lot of factors when it comes to designing, like if used for separating solids from liquids, and more.

    Figure 1 Quartz sand filter


    For most, we use food-grade stainless steel materials. Full of great properties such as non-toxic, odorless, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistance. It has also great resistance against acid, alkali, and chemical solvents.

    This is the fantastic product you need for your plant. Enhance your current product line, thus you can ask for a special design along with your unique requirements.

    At NEWater, you can get an industrial-grade quartz sand filter at a more competitive price. Plus, you can guarantee quality products., we manufacture filters based on a number of parameters. When you choose to buy from NEWater, your finances will never be wasted.

    Figure 2 Quartz sand filter

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Quartz Sand Filters.

    The meager reservoirs holding freshwater are continually depreciating thereby exposing more people and industries to water scarcity. Consequently, millions of people have been starved of options and therefore have to rely on polluted water, which exposes them to risks of contracting waterborne diseases.

    Water filtration is one of the most widely sought-after remedies to water meagerness and water pollution. Beneath, we scrutinize a unique water filtration technology dependent on quartz sand filters and their distinct applications in water treatment.


    Figure 3 Quartz sand filter

    What is a Quartz Sand Filter?

    A quartz sand filter is a unique water filtration medium reliant on quartz sand to eliminate turbidity, organic elements, odor, and suspended solids at a specific pressure. Quartz sand is the filtration barrier that forms the core of the quartz sand filter. Typically, quartz sand filters are manufactured with varying sizes and can effectively treat water from distinct sources.

    Additionally, the granules of quartz sand deployed as the filtration medium are adjustable in size with smaller diameters facilitating the removal of finer impurities. The deployment of quartz sand filters in water treatment can be supplemental or unaccompanied depending on the product water requirements.

    What are the Advantages of Quartz Sand Filters?

    Quartz sand filters are technically advanced water filters with unmatched effectiveness in eradicating suspended particles and water turbidity. They are also proficient at eliminating an array of impurities such as organic elements, chlorine, unpleasant odor, and microorganisms.

    With the right customization, quartz sand filters can perfectly suit a range of applications including drinking water treatment and boiler feedwater generation. Water filtration using quartz sand filters is comparatively inexpensive and setting them up is pretty undemanding.

    What are Quartz Sand Filters Made of?

    At the core of a quartz sand filter is a colorless or white silicate mineral largely comprising SiO2 that acts as the filtration barrier. The quartz sand granules are intelligently distributed in a pressure vessel where they act as the primary filtration bed. The pressure vessel consists of elaborate service pipework, which facilitates the entry and emission of feed water, filtered water, and wastewater.

    Pressure gauges to monitor the operating pressure and inform the user of excessive pressure drop or increment are also fitted onto the quartz sand filter. A control interface made of PLC is also a primary component of quartz sand filters. This allows for the automatic operation of the quartz sand filter.

    Figure 4 Quartz sand


    What is the Working Principle of Quartz Sand Filters?

    Quartz sand filters operate similarly to pressure sand filters with the distinguishing factor being the composition of the filter bed. Essentially, raw water is pumped into the vessel housing the quartz sand filter and steadily dispersed atop the quartz sand filter bed. Owing to gravity or external pressure, the inlet water progressively trickles down the filter bed.

    As it trickles down, the suspended elements in the water are seized by the quartz sand granules through adsorption, diffusion, Van der Waals force, or direct diffusion. Consequently, the filtered water is harvested at the bottom of the pressure vessel. After continued filtration, backwashing is carried out to force out the amassed impurities. The following video breaks down the composition of a sand filter and expounds on its working principle.

    Where is Quartz Sand Filter Mainly Used?

    Owing to their impeccable effectiveness in eliminating turbidity and suspended constituents from water, quartz sand filters are highly coveted water treatment systems. The inclusion of supplemental water treatment systems like reverse osmosis and UV sterilization further broadens the application scope of quartz sand filters.

    Their application fields typically range from domestic water filtration expeditions to industrial water filtration. The underlying list sheds light on the distinct sectors needful of quartz sand filters.

    • Wastewater treatment.
    • Filtration of drinking water.
    • Reverse osmosis pretreatment.
    • Swimming pools.
    • Cooling water and boiler feedwater treatment.

    What Do I Need to Look Out for When Purchasing Quartz Sand Filters?

    Ordinarily, purchasing a quartz sand filter is rarely an impulse buy. Serious thoughts and planning precede the purchase of a water filtration system. For better planning, a prospective buyer needs to grasp some technical aspects of quartz sand filters and NEWater makes certain you can easily access this information. From an expert’s point of view, purchasers of quartz sand filters need to pay attention to the following variables if they intend to make a flawless purchase.

    • The composition of the respective raw water.
    • The grade of product water needed.
    • The quantity of filtered water desired in an hour/ day.
    • The investment and operational costs.

    Figure 5 Swimming pool filter


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    Which Impurities Does a Quartz Sand Filter Remove?

    The universal reverence of quartz sand filters is chiefly a consequence of their adeptness in eradicating an extensive array of objectionable waterborne pollutants. Customarily, they remove up to 99% of suspended and undissolved elements in raw water hence their preference in reverse osmosis pretreatment. Additionally, the quartz sand granules seize varying proportions of other pollutants like:

    ● Organic matter.
    ● Colloidal particles.
    ● Bad odor.
    ● Metal ions.
    ● Chlorine.
    ● Microorganism.

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    How Much Does a Quartz Sand Filter Cost?

    Typically, the cost of filtering water using quartz sand filters is impressively low. The cost of purchasing the necessary equipment is equally affordable and the cumulative operational cost is seemingly cost-efficient thanks to their broad lifespans. Distinct equipment commands varying prices owing to the differences in dimension, construction material, and specifications.

    The operational costs, which primarily encompass installation, consumables, and sand filter replacements are considerably efficient.  The average water filtration cost using quartz sand filters totals $0.068 per liter. Most reverse osmosis systems deploy quartz sand filters in pretreatment courtesy of their affordable investment and operational expenditures.

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    What are the Varying Types of Quartz Sand Filters?

    Owing to the differences in the application of quartz sand filters, NEWater manufactures varying filters. These differences are then compounded in distinct classifications such as:

    • Industrial quartz sand filters.
    • Commercial quartz sand filters.
    • Gravity sand filters.
    • Slow sand filters.

    Gravity sand filter.

    Gravity quartz sand filters are essentially reliant on the force of gravity to force the raw water down through the quartz sand filter bed. They basically treat non-pressurized water and eradicate enormous amounts of suspended solids and turbidity. Their primary application is municipal drinking water filtration.

    Slow quartz sand filters.

    These are sand filters reliant on chemical, physical, and biological processes to eliminate suspended particulates and microorganisms. Ideally, they are ideal for small and medium-sized filtration applications and their operational costs are quite reasonable.

    Figure 6 Industrial Quartz sand filter


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    What is the Average Size of Quartz Sand Filters?

    Owing to the diversity in application scales of quartz sand filters, NEWater manufactures them in varying sizes. Ideally, we provide small-sized, medium, and enormous quartz sand filters to facilitate their use in small and humongous water filtration projects. Moreover, we customize the size of the quartz sand granules appropriately to perfectly match the exclusive demands of your application.

    Typically, double and single filter mediums use quartz sand measuring approximately 0.5-1.2 mm while 3-layer filters necessitate quartz sand measuring 0.5-0.8 mm. For precision, we personalize the size of the quartz sand filter to suit your project’s demands.

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    How are Quartz Sand Filters Different from Multimedia Filters?

    The filtration material deployed in quartz sand filters is largely quartz sand while multimedia filters constitute varying materials (anthracite, sand, and garnet). The filtration media in quartz sand filters is customarily made of one material whereas the filtration media in multimedia filters comprises three or more different materials. Furthermore, multimedia filters exhibit higher filtration rates (10-25 microns) while quartz sand filters lessen the concentration of suspended matter to 25-50 microns.

    Figure 7 Multimedia filters.


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    Can Quartz Sand Filters Be Used in Industrial Water Treatment?

    Industrial quartz sand filters are typically exploited by varying industries to fulfill distinct purposes. NEWater manufactures custom-made industrial quartz sand filters with enormous capacities and relatively high flow rates.

    These filters are perfect for use in industrial wastewater treatment systems, boiler feed water generation, and industrial reverse osmosis pretreatment. For efficient and personalized industrial quartz sand filters reach out to NEWater.

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    How Effective Are Quartz Sand Filters?

    Quartz sand filters are undoubtedly one of the most impressive filtration systems for eradicating suspended constituents. Their reliance on finely sized quartz sand granules elevates their effectiveness in eradicating finer particles.

    A customary quartz sand filter cuts down the concentration of undissolved and suspended elements to 25-50 microns. In addition, the effectiveness of quartz sand filters can be supplemented by preconditioning processes like flocculation and coagulation. The filtered water derived characteristically has a suspended solids concentration lower than 5ppm.

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    Which Pretreatment Mechanisms Are Used in Quartz Sand Filters?

    Coagulation is a popular pretreatment mechanism employed prior to quartz sand filtration to essentially aggregate the undissolved elements through techniques like pH alteration. Another commonly employed pretreatment technique pertains to the use of flocculation to assimilate suspended particles using polymers.

    The integration of these pretreatment techniques into quartz sand filtration elevates the efficacy of the sand filters and ultimately results in high-grade filtered water. They also minimize the regularity of backwashing by mitigating rapid clogging of the filter bed.

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    Which Impurities are Not Eradicated by Quartz Sand Filters?

    Technically, there are no water filters capable of eradicating all impurities from water. The separation principle exploited by quartz sand filters (size-based alienation) only facilitates the optimal removal of suspended matter and water turbidity.

    Their effectiveness is however constrained when it comes to the alienation of viruses, bacteria, dissolved salts, and conventionally low molecular constituents. To eradicate these objectionable impurities, supplemental systems like UV sterilizers and membrane filtration equipment are necessitated.

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    How Much Water Can Quartz Sand Filters Generate?

    At NEWater, we manufacture quartz sand filters with standard capacities of up to 1300m3/hr. The quantity of filtered water generated by quartz sand filters is often a reflection of the filter’s vessel size and the state of the filter bed. When the quartz sand filters are unclogged, the filter will most likely perform optimally.

    Our standard quartz sand filters also accommodate smaller applications and this is facilitated by their characteristically smaller pressure vessels and filter beds. Moreover, our engineers tailor the production capacities of the quartz sand filters to match your application’s specifications.

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    Which Mechanisms are Used to Capture Particulates in Quartz Sand Filters?

    For quartz sand filters to function optimally, external pressure or gravity forces are needed. As the inlet water drips down the quartz filter bed, the contaminants are seized through distinct processes. Underneath is a brief list of the distinct mechanisms employed by quartz sand filters to seize and retain suspended particulates.

    ● Surface charge attraction.
    ● Van der Waals force.
    ● Diffusion.
    ● Direct collision.

    Figure 8 Quartz sand filter operation.


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    Can I Get a Customized Quartz Sand Filter?

    NEWater’s quartz sand filters are essentially manufactured as personalized solutions tailored to perfectly meet the demands of your application. Our commitment to manufacturing customized quartz sand filters stems from our understanding of the different tastes shared by our clients. We exploit distinct technologies and materials in customizing quartz sand filters including three-dimensional modeling.

    When ordering a personalized quartz sand filter, you need to state your preferred size and flow rate, the configuration of your feed water, and the potable water quality your application demands. Moreover, our prices on custom-built quartz sand filters are customer-oriented and we provide doorstep deliveries.

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    Can Quartz Sand Filters Generate Drinking Water?

    Water meant for human consumption needs to exhibit extremely low levels of objectionable contaminants. For quartz sand filters to produce high-quality drinking water, a supplemental mechanism has to be incorporated. Therein, it is not surprising to find drinking water systems incorporating quartz sand filters to specifically remove turbidity and undissolved matter.

    In fact, quartz sand filters are commonly deployed in municipal and home water filtration plants as pretreatment for other systems. The microorganisms that survive the filtration process are effectively eliminated by UV water sterilizers while the dissolved salts are significantly diminished by RO systems.

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    How is Backwashing Done in Quartz Sand Filters?

    Backwashing is a cleansing procedure that involves reversing the customary flow of water through the filter bed. In certain instances, the process of backwashing incorporates compressed air to elevate its effectiveness. The first step in backwashing quartz sand filters involves casting off the filter media and pouring out the water.

    Subsequently, the air-scour cycle, which pertains to the injection of compression air to broaden the quartz sand granules, is enforced. Clean water is then pumped upwards and it seizes the suspended particles on its way out. The rinsing process then commences and cleaning is carried out until the backwash water turbidity exhibits the desired quality.

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    When is Backwashing Necessitated in Quartz Sand Filters?

    After extensively filtering water, the seized particulates build up on the quartz sand filter bed consequently deteriorating the filter’s productivity. There are varying indicators of when your quartz sand filter needs backwashing but monitoring the attached pressure gauges is the most effective.

    Ordinarily, a pressure differential of 8-10psi in comparison to the starting level is a signal that your pressure sand filter needs backwashing. A reactive approach to backwashing sees the user sterilize the filter after noticing a decrease in the quality of the filtered water.

    Figure 9 Quartz sand filter backwash


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    Which Payment Methods Can I Use to Pay for Quartz Sand Filters?

    NEWater has adopted numerous internationally accepted payment methods to convenience the payments of our multinational customer base. The liberty of choice solely lies on you and you can make the transaction from the comfort of your location. Here are our accepted payment methods.

    • Cash in advance.
    • Online payments e.g. PayPal.
    • Letter of credit.
    • Credit cards and debit cards.

    Our payment terms are quite flexible given that we receive both cash payments and partial payments. The installment payments apply to large quartz sand filters while small-size equipment commands cash in advance.

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    What is The Warranty Validity for Quartz Sand Filters?

    NEWater’s quartz sand filters have warranty protection valid for 12 months. This warranty policy protects users from accruing pointless costs repairing or replacing defective quartz sand filters. The defects catered to by our warranty policy are categorically technical-based. We do not repair quartz sand filters with defects induced by human mishandling.

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    What is the Difference Between a Slow Sand Filter and an Upflow Sand Filter?

    Comparatively, slow sand filters utilize biological processes while up-flow sand filters utilize physical barriers to treat water. Nonetheless, both slow sand and up-flow sand filters minimize turbidity and the concentration of suspended particles in water.

    Filtration in up-flow sand filters sees feed water introduced at the bottom of the vessel and the water flows upwards while the quartz sand simultaneously seizes the suspended particles. Slow sand filters, on the other hand, sees the feed water injected at the top of the vessel, and the water trickles down steadily leaving behind the undissolved elements.

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    Are There Portable Quartz Sand Filters?

    We manufacture Portable water filtration systems which are assembled in advance to ease installation and facilitate movability. Our portable quartz sand filters are ordinarily mounted on metallic frames (skid-mounts) and their setup is time-conscious. We primarily manufacture them upon order placements and deliver them ready for instantaneous application.

    Our home quartz sand filters are characteristically mobile courtesy of their small size and insubstantial weight. Portable quartz sand filters are highly versatile and their applications include swimming pool water filtration, construction sites, and personal applications.

    Figure 10 Portable quartz sand filter.


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    Can Quartz Sand Filters be Used in Wastewater Treatment?

    Treatment of wastewater is largely mandatory given the number of regulations constituted to regulate waste disposal. In addition, there is a growing need for recycling or reusing wastewater that can only be gratified using wastewater treatment plants. Quartz sand filters are chiefly employed in wastewater filtration to remove the suspended solids, metals, microorganisms, and undissolved particles.

    Their application in wastewater treatment often necessitates supplemental mechanisms like UV sterilization, electrodeionization, reverse osmosis, or ultrafiltration. Presently, they are commonly incorporated into industrial and commercial wastewater treatment systems. Give NEWater a call today for the perfect quartz sand filter for wastewater treatment.

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    What Should I do if my Quartz Sand Filter is Delivered Faulty?

    We have instituted various preventive measures to make certain your quartz sand filter gets delivered promptly and in a perfect state. First, we rigorously test the equipment at our facilities to nullify the risk of shipping substandard filters. During shipment, we also undertake utmost care to ensure damages are averted.

    However, the unprecedented may happen and in such a scenario, NEWater remains well-prepared and equipped to swiftly resolve the situation. In such cases, you only need to communicate via email or phone call to our customer service and state the order number, nature of the defect, and the extent.

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    What Causes Clogging in Quartz Sand Filters?

    The incessant use of quartz sand filters results in the buildup of seized particles on the surface of the filter bed. The excessive buildup of these contaminants consequently results in the clogging of the quartz filter bed. Over time, the flow rate declines and the product water quality diminishes. To remedy this, periodic backwashing is mandatory. Backwashing restores the optimal functionality of the quartz sand filter.

    Figure 11 Automatic quartz sand filter.


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    How Often Should the Filter Medium in Quartz Sand Filters be Replaced?

    Customarily, quartz sand filter media function optimally for 3-7 years before registering significant drops in productivity. The maintenance granted to the quartz sand filter determines the durability of the filter medium. Ideally, well-looked after quartz sand filters will outlast poorly maintained ones.

    The cost of replacing quartz sand filters is conveniently affordable given that quartz sand is pretty inexpensive. Frequent backwashing also prolongs the lifespan of the filter medium and facilitates sustained high-level performances.

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    Where Should I Purchase my Quartz Sand Filter?

    Although there are plentiful quartz sand filter manufacturers, finding a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer remains an uphill task. NEWater is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer with over 2 decades of experience in manufacturing quartz sand filters. We manufacture standard quartz sand filters for industrial, personal and commercial applications in varying designs and capacity ranges.

    Additionally, we tailor our quartz sand filters to suit exclusive applications and customer tastes. Quartz sand filters account for a small part of our water treatment systems meaning you can gratify all your needs under one shop. We offer exclusive discounts and guarantee shipment to over 100 countries. Place your order today from any location by simply emailing or calling us.

    As a premier supplier, NEWater offers a stunning array of quartz sand filters. You can shop products according to your exact details. We can customize the design of filters, as well as the colors, shapes, diameter, and features. Simply send us your design further discussion as follows.

    For more than 15 years, we are specializing in providing high-quality filters for a range of industries. Including chemical, medicine, food, water treatment, environmental protection, and other related industries. 100% guarantee stable, durable, and great cleaning ability quartz sand filters.

    NEWater quartz sand filters have an excellent performance, rocket your market sales. As one of the leading manufacturers in China, we keep developing innovative filters to meet evolving market demand.

    Figure 12 Quartz Sand Filter.


    We will be designing and manufacturing highly efficient yet cost-effective tools. Very convenient to use and maintain, whether the need for industrial, residential, wastewater, municipal, oil and gas filtration, or others, NEWater quartz sand filters suit you.

    All of our filters are screened to meet stringent requirements for filtration of wastewater and related applications. With an experienced workforce and advanced manufacturing facility, you can ensure the perfect product to add to your current line.

    Newater is your reliable source for quartz sand filters. Please let us know if you are interested!

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