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With the intensification of global pollution and people’s pursuit of higher quality of life, the water treatment requirements of the food and beverage industry have become more stringent. Ordinary municipal tap water or deep underground well water is now difficult to meet the needs of people.

The vast majority of the food and beverage industry currently implements a food hygiene and safety licensing system, which stipulates that the process water and finished water used need to be purified water, usually pure water. How to prepare purified water? We have the answer for you!

1. What are the Water Quality Standards for the Food and Beverage Industry?

In food and beverage production, in order to remove raw water contains a large number of ions, microorganisms, bacteria, precipitation, etc. in order to ensure the production of sanitation, preservation, and normal fermentation; therefore the need for raw water treatment is necessary. Common water requirements: pure water conductivity below 10us/cm, softened total hardness less than (in terms of CaCO3), 30 mg/l.

Figure 1 How the pure water treatment equipment used in Food and Beverage Industry

2. What is Water Treatment in Food Industry?

With the advancement of water treatment technology, various water treatment systems are applied to more and more application fields. Including the food and beverage industry.

Food pure water equipment generally refers to pure water equipment that produces water for use as production water in the food industry. It is a water-making equipment commonly used in the food industry to produce production water, and its water output fully complies with relevant national and industry standards. It can be used in drinking water, food, health care products, beverages, wine making, and other food production industries as production water or equipment cleaning water production equipment.

The produced water quality complies with QS certification requirements, MSDS document requirements, GB 5749-2006 standard, and GB 17324-2006 standard.

Figure 1 Beverage processing plant

3. How to Design Water Treatment in Food Industry Solutions?

High-grade stainless steel water tank → raw water pressure pump → automatic multi-media filter → automatic activated carbon filter → (automatic water softener) → precision filter → first-stage reverse osmosis → PH adjustment → high-end pure water tank → second-stage reverse osmosis → Sterile water tank → pure water pump → ozone sterilization system → ultraviolet sterilizer → microporous filter → water point

The most critical thing for the production of water such as food and beverages is to control microbial contamination. The following special designs can help you reduce contamination of water quality:
1. Use sanitary pipe fittings, valves, clamps, etc.
2. Reasonable pipeline slope, flow rate, and perfect circulation pipeline disinfection design ensure that the microbial content of the final water point meets relevant standards.
3. Pipeline welders must hold certificates to work, and welded pipelines can be inspected internally to eliminate the “soil” for microorganisms to breed.

NEWRO-5000L Water Purifier Plant

4. NEWater Water Treatment Plant in Food Industry Features:

1. Integrated process

Based on the mature technological innovation of integrated purified water process, our projects have been successfully applied to 300+ industrial water treatment projects in 50+ industries with high efficiency.

2. Core components application

The system is made of high-quality components, which can also be selected and customized according to your needs. Our systems are successfully used in industrial & commercial purified water treatment projects with safe and reliable quality.

3. Economic plan

After determining your water treatment needs, we will customize the system on a one-to-one basis. Finally, we will provide you with accurate process plan technology, and a total economic cost analysis report, including system installation cost/system chemical cost/system operation cost, etc.

4. Modular manufacturing

Our purified water systems are strictly manufactured through more than 30 processes, and the modularity of the system allows it to be assembled on-site, upgradeable, and movable.

NEWater as a custom system manufacturer with 20 years of experience in water treatment, we are committed to providing professional one-stop solutions for industrial pure water systems. We have successfully applied our products in 300+ industrial water treatment projects in 50 industries at home and abroad. If you have water treatment needs in food processing, please contact us now!



Other Applications:

1. Water used for deep processing of grain and food;
2. Processing and production of dairy products;
3. Fermentation and brewing of beer, liquor and red wine;
4. Decolorization and purification of sugars;
5. Water for beverage production and concentration and filtration of fruit juice;
6. Deep processing of aquatic products (including soaking of sea cucumbers, preparation of fresh dry ice, etc.).

Final Words:

NEWater pure water equipment adopts advanced reverse osmosis purified water treatment technology, and the pre-treatment + reverse osmosis system can effectively remove various salts and impurities in your incoming water so that the produced water meets purified water standards. The produced water quality is stable, easy to operate, low in operating costs, and easy to maintain. Contact us for a free design proposal.
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