Reverse Osmosis System for Food Factory

With the intensification of global pollution and people’s pursuit of higher quality of life, the water treatment requirements of the food and beverage industry have become more stringent. Ordinary municipal tap water or deep underground well water is now difficult to meet the needs of people. The vast majority of the food and beverage industry currently implements a food hygiene and safety licensing system, which stipulates that the process water and finished water used need to be purified water, usually pure water.

In food and beverage production, in order to remove raw water contains a large number of ions, microorganisms, bacteria, precipitation, etc. in order to ensure the production of sanitation, preservation, and normal fermentation; therefore the need for raw water treatment is necessary. Common water requirements: pure water conductivity below 10us/cm, softened total hardness less than (in terms of CaCO3), 30 mg/l.

Advantages of NEWater:

1. Integrated process
Based on the mature technological innovation of integrated purified water process, our projects have been successfully applied to 300+ industrial water treatment projects in 50+ industries with high efficiency.

2. Core components application
The system is made of high-quality components, which can also be selected and customized according to your needs. Our systems are successfully used in industrial & commercial purified water treatment projects with safe and reliable quality.

3. Economic plan
After determining your water treatment needs, we will customize the system on a one-to-one basis. Finally, we will provide you with accurate process plan technology, and a total economic cost analysis report, including system installation cost/system chemical cost/system operation cost, etc.

4. Modular manufacturing
Our purified water systems are strictly manufactured through more than 30 processes, and the modularity of the system allows it to be assembled on-site, upgradeable, and movable.

NEWater as a custom system manufacturer with 20 years of experience in water treatment, we are committed to providing professional one-stop solutions for industrial pure water systems. We have successfully applied our products in 300+ industrial water treatment projects in 50 industries at home and abroad. If you have water treatment needs in food processing, please contact us now!




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