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  • Effectively eradicates contaminants, harmful minerals, and dissolved elements from water
  • Environment-friendly and functional engineering
  • Maintains pH balance in the water
  • Powerful RO and post-treatment membranes
  • ISO9001:2015 certified
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    NEWater: Your RO Machine for Home Supplier in China

    Why is NEWater the best in manufacturing RO water purification machines? It is the best because it can design and manufacture customized reverse osmosis water solutions for different client requirements. With our years of experience and a record of manufacturing 9,000 units, we can assure the best water treatment plan for your home. Along with RO machines for home, we also engineer fuel-efficient reverse osmosis systems for versatile industrial applications. Contact NEWater and choose the safety of your home.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse RO Machine for Home

    RO Water Purifier Machine

    Looking for the most budget-friendly and fuel-efficient purifier? Then, choose our RO water purifier machines. They can maintain just the right amount of natural minerals in the water and eradicate the harmful ones.

    RO System for Home

    Our RO system for home makes water pass through reverse osmosis membranes under pressure. It purifies water derived from various sources, including seawater, brackish water, for human consumption.  

    Reverse Osmosis Container

    Our reverse osmosis containers can separate large atomic molecules from smaller molecules. They force the impure water through porous membranes for filtration.

    RO Skids

    The RO skids from NEWater are manufactured for versatile industrial applications. They help in eliminating contaminants, pathogens, and ions from the water.

    RO Water Maker

    The RO water makers from NEWater come with multistep water purification and water-making process. They can remove unnecessary conductivity, hardness, and contaminants from the water.

    Commercial RO Membrane

    NEWater RO membranes are known for their friction-resistant properties. They can retain a large number of impurities as the water passes through them.

    Your Premium RO Machine for Home Manufacturer

    NEWater is a global leader in manufacturing RO machines for homes along with other water purification units. We operate with the aim of reducing the strain on freshwater bodies by making water derived from other sources ready for consumption. Our RO machines for homes are designed with reverse osmosis membranes and post-treatment membranes to treat salinized and other unusable water. We also manufacture RO machines for small and large industrial applications.

    Further, we believe in stringent quality management and environment-friendly engineering practices. Also, we offer a doorstep delivery facility for the convenience of our customers.

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    ro machine for home design

    Customizes Your RO Machine for Home

    3d design

    NEWater RO Technology

    RO Tech

    Reverse Osmosis technology
    ro machine for home application

    NEWater RO Machine for Home Applications

    1. The system can produce water continuously with a high degree of automation.
    2. The core component of the RO system is the membrane imported from the USA, and the desalination rate can reach 99%.
    3. It automatically turns on when the water level is low and turns off when the water level is high.
    4. The system automatically flushes the reverse osmosis membrane to reduce the rate of membrane contamination.
    5. Multi-stage pump has a water shortage protection function, and the product water conductivity meter can continuously monitor water quality online.
    6. Low energy consumption, low operating cost, and long service life.
    7. No need for chemical regeneration, no environmental pollution.

    How NEWater Ships These RO Machines for Home?

    shipping and packaging

    shipping and packaging (1)

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    How Long does the General Production Cycle Need to Wait?

    NEWater’s treatment types of equipment are divided into a large system and a small system according to the water volume. The equipment is divided into portable water-making equipment, small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container-type equipment. According to different water volumes and customer requirements, we provide customized services.

    Conventional small equipment takes 3-7 days, and large equipment takes 2-3 months. This is based on your requirements and water volume.

    If I Need to Customize Equipment, What Data Need to be Provided?

    1. As the voltage and frequency of different countries are different, we first need the local voltage and frequency of electricity.
    2. How many gallons the water requirement per hour is
    3. The water quality of the source water and what requirements need to be met
    4. If you need to provide on-site installation services

    Does the Equipment Need to be Installed On-site?

    1. Portable and small equipment — This is plug and play, it doesn’t need to be provided installation services. According to our instructions, you can install by yourself.
    2. Small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container equipment-we will reserve the interface for docking. If there are installation workers, we will provide installation instructions and installation instructions. If necessary, we can also send someone to install it.
    3. How to provide installation instructions —— We have installation instructions and installation videos. If necessary, we can provide free remote software to help you with remote video installation instructions.

    How to Charge for Installation Service

    1. We provide free installation instructions, with instruction manuals and installation videos
    2. Remote video installation guidance. If it is a large piece of equipment and the customer needs to install it by himself, then we will also provide free remote installation guidance service, but we need to plan a good time, within our working hours. Our working hours are from 9 o’clock to 18 o’clock Beijing time
    3. We send workers to install it. This needs to be based on the size of the project. If we have been designated to install it in the early stage, the installation service abroad will belong to our scope of work, and no additional charge is required.
    4. If we need to send someone to install it temporarily, we need to provide different charges according to different countries, installation technical requirements, and different types of technical work. Welcome to inquire.

    How to Transport the Equipment?

    There are several types of transportation, sea, air, and express

    1. If it is a small device and requires fast speed, we can provide door-to-door service by air and express, the normal transportation cycle is 5-10 days.
    2. If it is skid-mounted or container equipment, it is more appropriate to use the shipping method. The normal transportation cycle is 20-40 days.

    Whats Your Payment Method?

    Small equipment needs payment to delivery

    For skid-mounted equipment and container equipment, 50% is prepaid, 30% is charged after video inspection, and 20% is charged before shipment.

    Of course, we provide you with flexible ways of cooperation. Become our agents, and have more flexible support. Welcome to contact us.

    Do You Provide Maintenance Services?


    1. NEWater provides free installation guidance and a one-year product warranty service. During the warranty service period, if there is an equipment problem, we provide free equipment repair or replacement services. If it is a manual operation, a fee will be charged. We can provide the required equipment replacement.
    2. We provide life-long after-sales service. NEWater has a full set of equipment and accessories, which can be replaced. Don’t worry about the failure of after-sales and maintenance.
    3. During the warranty period, NEWater provides all kinds of professional technical support, and if necessary. We also provide remote video guidance services.
    4. After the warranty period, NEWater also provides life-long after-sales maintenance, which requires a certain amount of manual service. There are also many matching accessories that can be replaced, so there is no need to worry about the later operation of the equipment.

    Do You Provide Design Services?

    Yes, we do.

    For conventional small equipment, NEWater has standardized equipment. For large-scale skid-mounted and container equipment, we can design a process that meets the needs according to different water quality requirements.

    At the same time, we carry out three-dimensional drawing designs according to different requirements and then communicate with customers to confirm.

    After the design confirmation is completed, we then proceed to custom processing. So you don’t have to worry about our design and production capacity. We will provide you with the most professional technical support.

    RO Machine for Home from NEWater

    Like our other reverse osmosis purification systems, NEWater’s home reverse osmosis machines are manufactured with the importance of water circulation and desalination in mind. They ensure increased productivity at a lower cost, providing the most powerful water purification solution for your home.

    Our reverse osmosis machines for the home allow further purification of water through post-treatment methods. We use effective reverse osmosis technology to purify water. Once the incoming water is pushed through the membrane at high pressure, all impurities large and small are filtered out to remove microorganisms, viruses, and unwanted dissolved elements from the water, and also to adjust the correct pH balance of the water.

    In addition, NEWater reverse osmosis machines for homes use multiple filters to remove odors and smells from the water. Our equipment is energy efficient, easy to operate, and consistently produces high-quality water. We also offer you a complete after-sales service.

    NEWater is here to provide you and your family with healthy, quality drinking water. For a safe and lasting water purification solution for your family, contact NEWater!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for RO Machines for Homes.

    Product water is an essential commodity that no home can cope with. To cover for the deficit caused by the depreciating freshwater supply, more homes have resorted to water treatment. Contemporary water treatment mechanisms make it possible for homes to convert virtually any source of feed water to potable water.

    Reverse osmosis systems are some of the greatly sought-after water treatment solutions by homes. Beneath, we elaborate further on RO machines and their specific application as home water treatment solutions.

    Figure 1 Reverse osmosis machine for home.

    What is an RO Machine for Home?

    A reverse osmosis machine is a water treatment device primarily used to reduce or effectively eradicate total dissolved solids (TDS) and other undesired elements using membrane filters. Reverse osmosis machines for homes are in turn, specialized to offer economical and reliable water treatment solutions to households. They are mainly referred to as home water makers and are characterized by their mobility, compactness, and high salt rejection scores.

    RO machines for homes make use of pressure drawn from pressure booster pumps to force the contaminated water through high rejection RO membranes. The semi-perforated membranes separate the objectionable elements from the water using size alienation thereby delivering high-grade potable water. Additionally, they can be deployed to purify tap water, desalinate seawater and brackish water as well as treat well water.

    What do RO Machines for Homes Eradicate from Water?

    The water treatment processes employed by household reverse osmosis machines generally eradicate an extensive array of waterborne pollutants. The reverse osmosis membrane is the chief alienation component in reverse osmosis systems and it eradicates constituents using size-based exclusion. Ideally, undesirable elements whose molecular weight ranges from 150 Daltons to 250 Daltons are seized by the membrane pores and ejected from the system as wastewater or brine.

    The microscopic sizing of the perforations means that huge concentrations of the dissolved solids including dissolved salts are significantly removed. Here are some of the other objectionable elements eliminated from water by RO machines for homes.

    • Viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes.
    • Minerals and metals.
    • Organic chemicals.
    • Microplastics.
    • Sediments and colloids.
    • Bad smells and tastes.

     How Do RO Machines for Homes Operate?

    Just like typical reverse osmosis systems, RO machines for homes eliminate unwanted pollutants from water using reverse osmosis membrane filters. They are often assimilated with a pretreatment chamber whose sole purpose is to precondition the feed water and ultimately protect the chief RO components from premature fouling. Typically, sediment filters are employed to remove sediments, colloids, particulates, dust, and other suspended solids while carbon filters and chemical dosing systems are deployed to remove chlorine, VOCs, and organic chemicals.

    The preconditioned feed water is then pressurized and forced through the reverse osmosis membranes. To generate sufficient pressure, which has to exceed the prevalent osmotic pressure, a pressure booster pump is necessitated. The membrane alienates the dissolved solids and retains them in the concentrate stream while the water and low molecular weight solutes permitted access through the membrane pores are held in the permeate stream.

    The permeate is collected and can be instantaneously used depending on the quality demands of the application. Where a higher grade of potable water is mandated, an appropriate post-treatment process can be incorporated. Here is an illustration of the reverse osmosis process.


    Figure 2 Modular reverse osmosis system for home.

    Which Water Sources Can RO Machines for Homes Treat?

    Earth’s water is held in varied reservoirs and each source produces water with varying properties. Additionally, not all sources are accessible to earth’s inhabitants thereby leaving us with a limited number of water reservoirs. The majority of homes across the world draw their utility or drinking water from taps, rivers, or underground wells.

    The water derived from certain reservoirs such as seas, oceans, underground wells or rivers has varying concentrations of pollution. Its use prior to treatment is limited hence most households have resorted to water treatment systems. NEWater provides specialized RO machines that are largely used to treat:

    • Seawater and brackish water.
    • Groundwater.
    • Rainwater.
    • Tap water.
    • River water.

    What is the Average Flow Rate of RO Machines for Homes?

    The flow rate of a reverse osmosis machine depicts the quantity of water your system can generate over a stated timeline. The typical measurements of flow rate are gallons per minute (GPM), gallons per day (GPD), or liters per hour (LPH). At NEWater, we equip our household RO systems with varied flow rates to match the dissimilarity in our clients’ demands.

    Our standard household RO machines have flow rates commencing at 2 GPM. Through customization, we can deliver a reverse osmosis device with your stipulated service flow rate. However, the flow rate can steadily slow down because of changes in pressure, feed water temperature, or clogged membranes.

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    What is the Cost of RO Machines for Homes?

    The cost of reverse osmosis machines for homes hinges on numerous factors, which are primarily compounded as operating costs and investment costs. The investment cost entails the costs incurred in purchasing the home water maker equipment. The price tags accorded to varying household RO machines differ significantly based on essential factors such as system features and pretreatment equipment. The price range is typical $150 to $20,000 but you can get accurate quotations by sending NEWater an inquiry through our website.

    It is also paramount that you take note of the operating costs, which typically entail installation, power usage, labor, and repairs. All these variables will differ tremendously based on factors such as feedwater properties and production scale. On average, the cost of treating water using reverse osmosis ranges from $0.29 to $2.38 per m3.

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    ➣ Which Types of RO Machines for Homes Do You Manufacture?

    NEWater is an accomplished manufacturer of household water treatment systems with a lengthy and impressive history spanning over 2 decades. Our craftsmanship in manufacturing reverse osmosis systems has seen us develop varying types of RO equipment for homes. Underneath is a brief description of our diverse RO machines for homes.

    ● Well water reverses osmosis systems.

    Households reliant on private wells can count on our well water RO units to effectively eliminate objectionable minerals, dissolved solids, bacteria, and other microorganisms. They are perfect solutions to brackish well water and often produce premium-grade potable water.

    Figure 3 Whole house well water RO plant.

    ● Marine watermakers.

    Coastal homes, beach houses, and small restaurants can exploit our marine water makers to turn the nearby seawater into potable water. We equip our marine watermakers with TDS levels of up to 42,000ppm, which tolerate extremely salty seawater.

    ● Reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

    We manufacture RO drinking water systems, which generally eradicate dissolved solids, harmful microorganisms, and unwanted ions from tap water, well water, or rainwater to provide safe drinking water. These systems are equipped with the necessary pretreatment and post-treatment systems that ensure the water generated meets the quality standards set out by the respective public health institutions.

    ● Double reverse osmosis machines.

    NEWater manufactures one-stage, two-stage and three-stage household reverse osmosis systems, which minimize the wastage of water. In addition, we manufacture one pass and double pass RO machines for homes, which elevate the quality of RO permeate generated and increase the recovery rate.

    Figure 4 Compact RO home water maker.

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    Can RO Machines for Homes Treat Drinking Water?

    Drinking water is a primary necessity in all households and as freshwater reservoirs diminish, more families are forced to consume polluted and unhealthy water. To remedy the devastating shortage of safe drinking water, NEWater provides reverse osmosis drinking water systems, which provide households with high-grade drinking water at cost-efficient rates.

    Reverse osmosis machines for homes can ideally convert seawater, tap water, well water, or brackish water into safe drinking water. Their high rejection rates facilitate the effective removal of objectionable pollutants like dissolved salts, minerals, viruses, and bacteria. However, the RO permeate generated often necessitates polishing using processes such as remineralization, UV sterilization, or carbon filtration.

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    Do RO Machines for Homes Remove Bad Tastes and Odors?

    Technically, the unpleasant tastes and odor common in polluted water are caused by organic chemicals and microorganisms. A typical reverse osmosis system may not effectively remove these organic chemicals and microorganisms hence the need for supplemental water treatment units.

    Activated carbon filters have proven to be the most effective solution to unpleasantly smelling and tasting water. They can be deployed in the pretreatment or post-treatment phases and they effectively eradicate the organic chemicals giving your water the awful taste and odor. Moreover, activated carbon filters eliminate chlorine and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which lower your water’s quality.

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    ➣ How Can I Install my RO Machine for Homes?

    You can install your reverse osmosis machine for home by yourself or contract a professional i.e. plumber to install it for you. Self-installation is particularly made easy by the plug-and-play components we use and the attached installation manuals provided. NEWater’s installation guides are well illustrated with simple graphics and precise wording, which make them easier to comprehend.

    In addition, you can get in touch with our technicians in case you experience hurdles when installing the RO machine. Our esteemed technicians can provide you with video tutorials or provide installation instructions via video and phone calls.

    Figure 5 Installing a modular RO system for home.

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    Which Maintenance Practices Are Demanded by RO Machines for Homes?

    The productivity of reverse osmosis machines for homes is probably at its best when the equipment is new. As the machine wears out, the productivity gradually deteriorates but with adequate maintenance, you are able to arrest the deterioration. Maintenance revitalizes your RO machine thereby upholding optimal productivity for extended periods.

    Maintaining your reverse osmosis water maker commences with preconditioning your feed water. Pretreatment makes certain all constituents capable of harming the RO membrane by clogging the perforations are effectively removed. Secondly, you need to periodically clean your RO machine.

    Cleaning dislodges the elements accumulated on the RO membrane thereby arresting the drop-in service flow rate and restoring optimal productivity to your RO machine. Replacing exhausted components such as the RO membrane after approximately 3 years is also an essential maintenance practice that mitigates deterioration of performance levels.

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     Which Post-Treatment Units Can Be Used With RO Machines for Homes?

    Post-treatment allows you to modify the quality of your RO permeate in accordance with the quality demands of your application. It is often an optional process mandated by the potable water quality demands. Here are prominent post-treatment systems often integrated into RO machines for homes.

    ● UV water disinfectants.

    UV water sterilizers are chiefly employed when generating drinking water. They eradicate up to 99.9% of harmful microbes from the RO permeate thereby eliminating the threat of contracting waterborne illnesses like diarrhea or typhoid.

    Figure 6 Home UV water sterilizer.

    ● Activated carbon filters.

    They are commonly used to eliminate bad smells and tastes in the RO permeate. They typically get rid of organic chemicals, chlorine, VOCs like benzene, and pesticides. Activated carbon filters make certain the water produced has a pleasant taste and does not have an awful odor.

    ● Electrodeionization and water deionizer systems.

    EDI water systems and conventional water deionizers are also incorporated into household water treatment systems to effectively remove undesirable minerals, metals, and dissolved gasses. They facilitate the production of high purity water and by removing objectionable minerals, they avert the scaling of valuable apparatuses.

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    ➣ Where Can I Buy Spare Parts for my Household RO Machine?

    Find durable solutions to all your water treatment problems by simply procuring all your water treatment equipment and related accessories from NEWater. Over the past 20 years, we have invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure to help us manufacture and supply premium equipment and custom repair parts. To centralize and make your shopping experience convenient, we also stock essential components such as RO membrane elements from accredited manufacturers like DuPont.

    We subject all our custom spare parts to rigorous testing, which is primarily undertaken by our quality assurance team. In addition, all our components bear a mark of quality, which is a reflection of their undisputed quality. Our efficient production processes and equipment make certain we produce quality components and offer them to our clients at friendly rates. Place your order today from the comfort of your location and enjoy doorstep delivery and other amazing after-sale services.

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