RO Purifier Machine

  • Removes dissolved solids, ions, and large molecules from the water
  • Comes with high-quality semipermeable membranes
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduces the maintenance cost
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Energy efficient

Raw water:     tap water, surface water, lake water, well water, etc.
Conductivity of produced water:         <10-20μS/cm or lower
Power:                                                          220v / 380v 50hz / 60hz
Capacity:                                                     250-2000 litres per hour
Flow rate:                                                   500-20000L/H
Desalination rate:                                     99%
Support customization

Your Reliable RO Purifier Machine Manufacturer in China

As an independent manufacturer and designer of RO Purifier Machines, NEWater meets international quality standards and has earned multiple patents for its excellent quality. NEWater specializes in creating equipment for water purification, including RO Purifier Machine.

We offer RO Purifier Machines that can be customized to meet the needs of various applications. These machines are easy to operate, and stable in operation, and save energy and maintenance costs.

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NEWater RO Purifier Machine Parameters:

Power supply
AC220V / AC380V / 415V±5% 50HZ / 60HZ (customized)
RO stage
According to the client’s demands
Desalt rate
Operation pressure
PH of raw water
Conductivity of raw water

The NEWater RO Purifier Machine Follow Chart:

Figure 2: Operation flow diagram of the reverse osmosis device


water source

NEWater high-precision water deionizer system suitable for various occasions:appilication


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Custmize Your RO Purifier Machine

RO Purifier Machines from NEWater can be customized in terms of device size, color, and power usage, giving you a variety of options. We guarantee to provide you only high-quality products, and all equipment with a one-year guarantee and lifetime service.

RO Purifier Machine types
RO Purifier Machine application

Why Choose NEWater as Your RO Purifier Machines Supplier?

The RO Purifier Machines designed and produced by NEWater for customers are turnkey projects, so you don’t need to worry about any installation and operation issues. We can also provide on-site installation, remote control, or video guidance services. Just to give customers a better experience.

Professional RO Purifier Machine Manufacturer

NEWater water treatment solution provider

RO Purifier Machine factory
RO Purifier Machine factory factoryMachine shipping

How We Transport Your RO Purifier Machine?

shipping and packaging

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    NEWater RO Purifier Machine

    Today, pure, clean, and safe drinking water is not readily available. Many minerals are naturally present in water and are important for the human body, but consuming too much of them can cause many diseases. A good water purifier removes excess salts, suspended particles, and microorganisms and retains their essential vitamins and minerals. NEWater RO purifier machine can provide you with the best quality of healthy and safe drinking water.

    Well Water Purification Machine

    The NEWater RO purifier machine filters out impurities ranging from sediment to microorganisms by sucking away contaminated raw water and then distributing clean water. Water purifiers remove viruses and bacteria that filters cannot.

    NEWater reverse osmosis (RO) purifier machine filters water in multiple stages by combining activated carbon, and also particle filtration. Here, tap water is passed through a membrane (a polymer film) with very small pores, which removes minerals and microorganisms from the water. The collected impurities are then flushed away through an outlet pipe.

    We design and manufacture different sizes of high-performance RO purifier machines at NEWater. The RO purifier machine acts as a filtration system that removes dissolved solids, ions, and large molecules from water.  The process is accomplished by applying pressure to the water using pumps. The semipermeable membrane lets the pressurized water pass through and overcome its osmotic pressure. When the water passes through the filter, the impurities are retained and can either be removed or stored.

    Most Popular Highfine Pharmaceutical RO Membrane Purifier Water Treatment Machinery Pure Water RO Purification System

    NEWater offers RO Purifier Machines with advanced pressure-driven technology, PLC automation control panel, vertical pump, and RO membrane reverse osmosis filtration. During the purification process, our RO Purifier Machine can remove salt, chloride, fluoride, sediments, arsenic, and other harmful chemicals from the water. Furthermore, by using a post-filter method, we ensure that your water is free from microbes and maintains the right pH.

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