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    NEWater: Compact Reverse Osmosis System Manufacturing Leaders

    Our turnkey reverse osmosis skid can provide you with pure water steadily. Our RO skids typically remove 90% to 99% of all dissolved impurities, including organic matter, heavy metals, viral and bacterial pathogens, and more, due to how a reverse osmosis system works. Impure water, including brackish water, can be used to reduce stress in freshwater bodies.

    As your professional reverse osmosis skid manufacturer, we provide you with a one-stop service solution, from system design, and production to installation and maintenance, you do not need to spend a lot of time and energy. The equipment is compact and can easily change the operating site. Customize your skid mounted RO system today!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse RO Skids

    RO Cleaning Skid

    We manufacture RO Cleaning Skids that are quite efficient and have a low energy and chemical consumption.

    RO Membrane Skid

    NEWater manufactures exceptional RO Membrane Skids that make use of high rejection membranes, that retain a great degree of impurities.

    RO Pump

    We manufacture RO Skid Pumps are composed of a core power of South Pumps, that are highly efficient and have reduced energy consumption.

    SS Skid for RO Plant

    Our SS Skids for RO Plants are manufactured with the quality of your source water you’re your particular application area in mind.

    RO CIP Skid

    Our RO CIP Skid employs high-quality components including their vessels, pumps, and membranes.

    RO EDI Skid

    NEWater’s RO EDI Skids use reverse osmosis technology along with post-treatment methods to remove harmful contaminants.

    Your Best RO Skid Supplier & Manufacutrer

    At NEWater, our RO skids are well-treated and come with a lifetime post-installation service. They ensure reduced energy consumption and protect the environment. In addition to all these advantages, they also have friction resistance, which reduces the overall relative fuel consumption. They also have various industrial applications such as chemical plants, semiconductor plants, boiler water treatment, etc.

    The NEWater secondary RO skid has passed the GMP clean workshop water certification, and the product has also passed the European CE certification. Customized systems now enjoy 20-day delivery service and one-year quality assurance.

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    RO Skids Characteristics

    RO Water Skids Characteristics

    1. A production water conductivity meter continuously evaluates water quality online.
    2. Input water and dense water pressure meters, monitor the RO differential pressure, and set a washing reminder.
    3. A low-pressure switch protects the high-pressure pump from water supply interruptions.
    4. Highly automated, can run and generate water constantly.
    5. Regeneration does not necessitate the use of chemicals, and it is simple to operate and maintain.
    6. Automatically turn on when there is a lack of water and turn off when there is no water or when the water tank is full.

    NEWater RO Skids Advantages

    • UV disinfection of permeate water recirculation
    • The type of skid mouthed container and the type of skid mouthed skid mouthed skid mouth
    • HMI human-machine interface, which runs automatically and is controlled by a PLC.
    • There is no need to heat, which saves energy and reduces noise.
    • Consistent operation, excellent desalination and recovery rates, and no pollution
    • Structure is compact, which reduces the amount of space required for installation.
    • Longer service life, cheaper maintenance costs, and less energy usage
    • Easy to operate with a user-friendly design that washes the RO membrane when turned on and off.
    RO Skids Advantages
    RO Skids Applications

    NEWater RO Skids Applications

    1. World Health Organization (WHO) Safe Drinking Water and Farm Irrigation Water
    2. Boiler feed water and cooling tower water in power plants and the mining industry
    3. Water supply for the food and beverage industry’s bottling water production line
    4. Pure water for the electronics, chemical, and textile industries
    5. Application of desalination and purification of river water
    6. Desalination of brackish water with high salinity and desalination of saltwater

    How NEWater Ships Your RO Skids

    shipping and packaging

    NEWater R&D2

    Customize Your RO Skids

    Datas for system

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    RO Skids Manufacturer

    If you’re searching for a reputable, top-rated, and cooperative RO skids manufacturer in China, Newater is your perfect choice! We have more than 15 years of history in satisfying the needs of our water purification and filtration customers worldwide.  Whether it is system startup, troubleshooting, or operator training, Newater has a professional team of engineers, CAD designers, programmers, and trainers to help your company grow and ready to solve your water treatment challenges. Contact us today!

    RO Skids Best Manufacturer in China

    Newater is your professional RO skids manufacturer and supplier in China. We are your one-stop provider for top-quality water purification and management solutions. We consistently embraced honest business practices at every stage in the design, build and service delivery.

    If you choose Newater, you can ensure to experience the best service and solution. We use modern equipment from reliable companies such as Grundfos, Hydranautics, Toray, Dow, etc. Also, you will never be disappointed with our strong workforce consisting of knowledgeable, and highly skilled teams of engineers, chemists, CAD designers, technicians, administrative professionals, etc.

    20m3/day-50m3 Per Day Mobile Marine Seawater Desalination Machine RO Skid for drinking water

    Newater RO Skids are designed and manufactured to deliver clean and pure water ideal for multiple usage requirements and different industrial process purposes. RO equipment is built onto a rigid framework called skid to hold the equipment in place.

    The skid allows for precise placement of all the elements – electrical controls, membrane, filtration, pumping equipment, and chemicals. It enables easy transportation and safeguards the RO unit against any damage. Newater provides fully operational high-grade RO Skids for consumers all over the world.

    200000L Per Day Agricultural Irrigating Full RO Skid Desalination Plant for Brakish Water Salt Rejection

    Moreover, Newater will develop the latest and helpful RO skids water system which are designed for customers’ detailed configuration. We offer custom design and hardware specifications to assist your various applications.

    Many customers trusted us around the world, and we become more popular in providing customers with tailored RO skids water treatment solutions. We guarantee to check and test our assembled units in our advanced controlled factory environment before being shipped.

    1 Customized Supplier Loop Water Distribution System Distribution Skid for Injection Water Purified Water and Pure Steam

    For more than 15 years, Newater is specializing in high-performance water treatment technology. We provide a huge line of proprietary products to meet individual requirements in the field of water treatment, such as RO skid design, membrane-based water treatment systems for seawater desalination, waste removal, water purification, industrial water supply, oil recovery, etc.

    When choosing the right manufacturer of your water system, choose Newater. You`ve surely chosen a company that will do the best and dedicated to providing clean water into your new system.

    For more information on Newater RO skids, contact us today. We have a customer-friendly sales and service team willing to support your business.


    Packaged Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skids from NEWater

    Our RO skids are designed to remove impurities and contaminants from water including salt, minerals, and microbial pathogens, among others. The first step is the deionization of the water, which basically reduces the hardness of water, preventing scale buildup. This is achieved through the use of resins to remove both positive and negative ions.

    These ions may be replaced with H and OH ions, which when combined make water. After this the reverse osmosis process begins, where the water is put under pressure, using pumps, to cross the membranes, leaving the impurities behind.

    NEWater’s ro water skids use a process referred to as osmosis, where water moves down a concentration gradient, in this case, the gradient is formed due to the contaminant content of the water, and it moves down this gradient through partially permeable membranes with varying pore sizes, purifying it as the water passes!

    Our team of customer service representatives is to help you 24/7!

    The Ultimate FAQ for RO Skids.

    The pressure on freshwater reservoirs to support domestic, industrial, and commercial applications is immense. At present, accessible freshwater reservoirs are incapable of meeting the global demand for fresh product water. Therein, more people are turning their attention to water treatment technologies like reverse osmosis for freshwater generation.

    To facilitate reliable freshwater generation via reverse osmosis, manufacturers like NEWater have availed of advanced RO skids. In this article, we particularly focus on reverse osmosis skids and their deployment in water treatment.

    Figure 1 Reverse osmosis skid.

    What is a Reverse Osmosis Skid?

    A reverse osmosis skid refers to water treatment equipment dependent on pressure and membranes to alienate pollutants such as dissolved salts and microorganisms. Skid-mounted reverse osmosis systems are identifiable by their metallic frame or rail.

    The chief reverse osmosis components are interconnected and mounted on a metal skid thereby easing installation and enhancing portability. They are versatile, highly durable, and extremely resourceful in water treatment.

    Reverse osmosis skids are customized to treat varying concentrations and compositions of feed water. Essentially, you can acquire a reverse osmosis skid that accommodates TDS levels ranging from 1000ppm to 45,000ppm.

    How do Reverse Osmosis Skids Function?

    Skid-mounted reverse osmosis plants improve the quality of feed water by utilizing reversed osmosis. Technically, the flow of water is inverted using high pressure thereby forcing water to move from a concentrated ground to a less concentrated ground. Underneath is a breakdown of the reverse osmosis process employed in reverse osmosis skids.

    Figure 2 The process of reverse osmosis.


    First, the feed water is pretreated using sediment filters and other applicable processes like ion exchange and chemical dosing. The pretreatment stage seeks to eliminate debris, large particulates, lethal chemicals, and metals capable of corroding the RO equipment and fouling the RO membrane.

    Membrane filtration.

    The conditioned water is subsequently forced through the reverse osmosis membranes at a specified feed water pressure. Typically, the semi-permeable RO membranes have perforations measuring 0.0001 microns, which facilitate the rejection of 90-99% of dissolved solids. The RO membranes also decrease the concentration of bacteria, viruses, metals, and chemicals.


    The RO skid outlet produces two distinct streams of water, brine, and permeate. In some applications, the permeate meets the threshold but in other applications, further conditioning is necessitated. Technologies often utilized in RO post-treatment include remineralization, electrodeionization, and ultraviolet radiation.

    What are the Basic Features of RO Skids?

    Reverse osmosis skids are specialized systems with distinct attributes that facilitate their optimum functioning. Although there are distinct reverse osmosis skids, they all exhibit common primary features.

    NEWater deploys contemporary technology to manufacture a comprehensive range of RO skids. Below are the primary attributes of skid-mounted reverse osmosis manufactured by NEWater.

    • High recovery rates.
    • High impurity removal scores (90-99.7%).
    • Distinct flow rates.
    • High operating pressure.

    What are the Advantages of Using Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    Reverse osmosis systems are the most utilized water treatment systems globally. This proves their worth to households, commercial enterprises, and industries. Equipped with contemporary innovation, modern RO skids offer more than high-quality product water. The following are key benefits users of reverse osmosis skids are reaping.

    • Reduced footprint.
    • Inexpensive to maintain owing to their low energy and chemical consumption.
    • Generation of high-grade potable water thanks to their high-rejection membranes.
    • Impressive recovery rates.
    • Easy installation.

    Are There Different Kinds of Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    For every potable water application, NEWater has a specialized reverse osmosis skid. Generally, reverse osmosis systems are categorized based on the feed water treated, designs, and application fields. NEWater’s high-quality reverse osmosis skids include:

    Figure 3 Seawater reverse osmosis skid.

    Brackish water RO skids.

    Across the world, brackish water is commonly utilized as an alternative source of fresh water. Reverse osmosis skids facilitate the reduction of salt concentration levels in brackish water to acceptable freshwater standards. Brackish water RO skids have TDS levels ranging from 1000ppm to 15,000ppm.

    Seawater RO water skids.

    Seawater accounts for over 70% of the global water hence the widespread application of seawater RO skids. Unlike brackish water RO skids, these systems are characterized by high TDS tolerance rates (often 35,000 ppm). They are chiefly utilized in coastal cities and regions neighboring the sea or ocean.

    Figure 4 Brackish water reverse osmosis skid.

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    How Much Does a RO Skid Cost?

    Presently, reverse osmosis is perceived as a cost-efficient water treatment solution. Numerous factors influence the operational and investment costs of reverse osmosis equipment. For users, comprehending the investment and operational costs of a reverse osmosis skid is mandatory. In this excerpt, we break down the comprehensive cost of producing product water using a reverse osmosis skid.

    Cost of equipment.

    RO skids command distinct prices based on their complexities, designs, and dimensions. At NEWater, we provide free price quotations on RO skids upon request.

    Power Consumption.

    The primary operational cost of RO skids stems from their power consumption. However, the deployment of energy recovery devices and the use of energy-efficient RO membranes have lowered power expenses. For a typical RO skid, the average energy cost is 2.25 yuan per ton of water.


    Certain RO skids require a human operation, which comes at a price. The wages and salaries spent on a system’s operation range based on the quality and quantity of input. The estimated labor fee for RO skids is 0.2 yuan/ton of water.


    Reverse osmosis skids necessitate regular maintenance to consistently keep performing at a high level. The cost of changing an RO membrane is 0.05 yuan per ton while general equipment maintenance totals 0.04 yuan per ton of water. Overall, the cost of treating seawater using an RO skid totals 4.54 yuan per ton of water.

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    What Factors Should I Ponder Before Buying a Reverse Osmosis Skid?

    A lot could go wrong when buying reverse osmosis equipment especially if you have no concrete background in water treatment systems. To mitigate the risks of wrongful buys, prospective customers should familiarize themselves with the basics of RO systems.

    NEWater freely provides technical advice on water treatment solutions thereby aiding customers in making the perfect buy. We have compiled a few factors that definitely aid prospective customers in making informed decisions when purchasing reverse osmosis skids.

    • The number of gallons the RO skid can produce in a minute, hour, or day (GPM, GPD, LPH).
    • Feedwater concentration and composition.
    • The quality of portable water generated and its suitability to your specific application.
    • Power supply options, budget, and maintenance costs.

    Figure 5 Industrial RO skid.

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    Which Contaminants are Eliminated by RO Skids?

    Reverse osmosis skids utilize various technologies to eliminate harmful pollutants from feed water. Water treatment technologies like ion exchange are utilized to eradicate water hardness while filters such as sediment and media filters are deployed to eliminate dust, debris, colloids, and particulates.

    The additional deployment of post-treatment technologies like electrodeionization and ultraviolet radiation enhances the impurity rejection rate. Impurities alienated from freshwater via reverse osmosis include dissolved salts, protozoans, metals, chemicals, and minerals.

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    What is the Impurity Removal Rate of Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    The appropriate deployment of a reverse osmosis skid guarantees a 90-99.7% removal rate of impurities. The stronghold of reverse osmosis plants is their impeccable salt rejection rates. The 0.0001 micron-sized RO membrane perforations make certain huge volumes of dissolved solids in feed water eliminated. Typical RO systems ultimately generate water with TDS scores ranging from 300-600ppm, which is classed as high-quality potable water.

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    What Types of Source Water Can be Treated Using RO Skids?

    Earlier, we mentioned that reverse osmosis skids are specialized to treat distinct forms of feed water. With the right customization, respective reverse osmosis systems can treat virtually all forms of feed water.

    The reverse osmosis technology is highly sought-after in distinct water treatment applications thanks to its effectiveness and cost-efficiency. At NEWater, you are guaranteed to find tailored RO skids for the following sources of feed water.

    • Seawater
    • Brackish water.
    • Tap water.
    • Groundwater and wastewater.

    Figure 6 Household reverse osmosis skid.

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    What are the Primary Components of Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    A reverse osmosis skid is a combination of interconnected components that work in tandem to ultimately produce high-quality product water. The following are basic components that make up a functional reverse osmosis skid.

    The RO skid.

    This is the metallic structure that houses the other RO components. Common RO skids are made of stainless steel to avert corrosion and scaling. The RO skids make your system compact, and portable, and reduce the footprint. It also acts as protection against the vibrations caused by the high-pressure pumps.

    Pretreatment chamber.

    In some instances, the RO pretreatment system comprises a complete system such as an ion exchange system. However, a typical RO pretreatment chamber consists of pre-filters and occasionally a chemical dosing system.

    Semi-permeable membranes.

    Typical RO membranes are perforated and the pores measure 0.0001 microns. The membranes alienate the dissolved solids from the feed water. RO skids are equipped with numerous RO membranes.

    Figure 7 Reverse osmosis membranes.

    High-pressure pump.

    This generates pressure necessitated to reverse the natural RO process and force the feed water through the RO membranes.

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    Can I Have my Reverse Osmosis Skid Customized?

    You can have your reverse osmosis skid personalized in design and functional capabilities for satisfactory results. NEWater develops RO solutions and equipment specialized using the information you provide. This ensures that all interested users access a productive RO skid befitting their exclusive potable water application. For a customized NEWater RO skid, kindly provide the following information when placing your order.

    • Specifications of your feed water.
    • Desired flow rate.
    • Compatible power supply option.
    • Projected application.

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    Are There Solar-powered Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    Solar desalination in large-scale and small-scale applications has proliferated in the recent past. This can be attributed to numerous factors but the outstanding factors are environmental preservation and economical reasons. Solar-powered RO skids indirectly utilize solar power to treat feed water.

    First, solar energy is absorbed by solar panels and converted into electric power by photovoltaics. Consequently, the DC power is deployed to power RO high-pressure pumps and the user interface.

    Figure 8 Solar reverse osmosis skid.

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    How Much Power does RO Skids Consume?

    Contemporary reverse osmosis RO skids are characteristically power-efficient thanks to the integration of energy recovery apparatus and efficient RO membrane technology. A key determinant of energy consumption in RO skids is the concentration of your feed water.

    Brackish water RO skids have a lower energy consumption rate (0.4-4kWh/m3) compared to seawater RO skids (3-6.6kWh/m3). Another factor that may result in distinctive power consumption rates is the prevalent power supply option, which differs in different countries.

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    Which Pretreatment Technologies are Used in RO Water Skids?

    There are numerous pretreatment technologies feasible with reverse osmosis systems. Quite often, the configuration and concentration of your feed water determine the ideal pretreatment for your RO skid. A series of two or more pretreatment mechanisms can be deployed in RO pretreatment for optimum results. Underneath are commonly utilized RO skid pretreatment processes.

    • Sediment and media filters.
    • Water softener processes like ion exchange.
    • Chemical dosing is like chlorination.
    • Ultrafiltration and microfiltration.

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    What is the Average Flow Rate for RO Skids?

    NEWater’s reverse osmosis skids are endowed with distinct flow rates to adequately satisfy the potable water demands of small, medium, and large-scale enterprises. The flow rate is a fundamental component of RO skids given it determines the quantity of product water derived over a specified period.

    Typically, the flow rate of reverse osmosis systems is measured in gallons per minute, hour, or day. Our conventional small RO skids have diverse flow rates ranging from 380GPD to 18,000GPD while our large-scale RO skids support flow rates ranging from 600 GPD to 900,000GPD. With customization, RO systems can be equipped with flow rates of the client’s choice.

    Figure 9 High-capacity reverse osmosis skid.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms on RO Skids?

    NEWater has adopted lenient payment terms to cushion users against financial inconveniences when paying for RO skids. This is in addition to our competitive price points. You can choose to make payments for your RO skid in installments or as a whole.

    When making installment payments, NEWater demands that you pay the first installment (at least 50% of the cumulative amount) when placing your order. The second installment of 30% should be made after you have inspected the RO skid and the final installment should be cleared before your RO skid is shipped.

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    Are There Reverse Osmosis Skids for Household Applications?

    Conventional small-sized RO skids with small and medium flow rates perfectly accommodate distinct household demands for potable water. Reverse osmosis skids have predominantly been utilized in beach houses and households in coastal regions to remedy freshwater scarcity.

    Additionally, reverse osmosis skids are viable treatment solutions for well water, tap water, and brackish water. This means that small-sized versions can be deployed in homes to improve the quality of water at affordable rates.

    Figure 10 Household reverse osmosis skid.

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    Which Post-treatment Processes are Deployed in Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    Reverse osmosis membranes have exemplary impurity rejection scores and this often results in the eradication of fundamental minerals from water. To remedy this, a post-treatment process referred to as remineralization is deployed to restore vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

    Moreover, the product water generated by RO skids might not meet the standards of certain applications such as pharmaceutical water hence the need for post-treatment.  Viable RO post-treatment techniques include ultraviolet radiation, electrodeionization, and carbon filters.

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    Can Reverse Osmosis Skids Produce Safe Drinking Water?

    For ages, reverse osmosis has been utilized to generate fresh drinking water from seawater, brackish water, and groundwater. Personal RO skids eliminate dissolved salts, whose excessive intake can cause dietary illnesses and microorganisms that threaten human life.

    According to WHO, healthy drinking water should have a TDS level of 300-600ppm, a magnesium concentration of 10 mg/L, and a calcium concentration of 30 mg/L. Reverse osmosis systems often generate potable water exhibiting the above-mentioned qualities.

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    Are There Industrial Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    Industries are the biggest consumers of reverse osmosis skids. This is primarily because most industrial processes have high-quality product water as an ingredient, consumable, or cleaning agent. Industrial reverse osmosis skids are characteristically high-capacity equipment that incorporates other treatment technologies for optimum results. Examples of industrial RO systems include:

    • Industrial seawater RO skids.
    • Industrial brackish water RO skids.
    • Wastewater reverse osmosis RO skids.
    • Pharmaceutical RO skids.

    Figure 11 Industrial RO skid.

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    Where Can I Purchase a Superior Packaged Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skids?

    At NEWater, you are guaranteed a customized water treatment solution capable of consistently generating high volumes of quality product water. NEWater is a comprehensive RO systems manufacturer founded 2 decades ago in China.

    Through research and embracing technology, we have developed advanced RO skids and grown our stature as a global manufacturer/supplier. NEWater supplements its high-quality RO skids with exemplary customer services such as doorstep delivery and warranty protection.

    We provide an extensive array of RO skids for industrial, commercial, and personal applications with customizable features.

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    Do You Provide Commercial RO Skids?

    High-quality product water is an essential need for most if not all commercial enterprises. Commercial RO skids are used to generate potable water for product manufacturing, water bottling, drinking, and carrying out the final rinse.

    NEWater produces distinctive commercial RO skids intending to adequately gratify the demands of small, medium, and large businesses. The capacities of our commercial RO water skids range from 380-35,000 GPD. They also treat feed water from distinct sources like seawater, tap water, brackish water, and groundwater.

    Figure 12 Commercial reverse osmosis skid.

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    Do You Manufacture Repair Components for Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    Procure premium spare components for your packaged reverse osmosis (RO) Skids in a few steps by contacting NEWater. We are stocked with comprehensive RO components manufactured by our engineers and some outsourced from the world’s leading manufacturers.

    Our independently manufactured RO components include cartridge filters, filter housings, control valves, chemical dosing systems, and disinfection systems among others. We outsource high-quality reverse osmosis membranes from Dupont and other renowned manufacturers.

    NEWater’s RO spare components are fairly priced and we offer global door-to-door delivery services.

    Figure 13 Reverse osmosis skid spare components.

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    Can You Ship My Reverse Osmosis Skids Abroad?

    As a global manufacturer/ supplier of RO skids with a reputation for exemplary customer support, we provide doorstep delivery services in over 200 countries. We utilize international courier service providers to ensure safety, urgency, and reliability. Typical delivery of smaller RO skids takes 3-7 days while the delivery of large RO skids takes 2-3 months.

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    What is the Life Expectancy of RO Skids?

    With NEWater’s reverse osmosis skids, you are guaranteed an average of 15-20 years of exceptional water treatment solutions. By utilizing high-quality materials in manufacturing our RO skids, we are able to deliver long-lasting solutions to our customers.

    NEWater procures RO membranes from reputable manufacturers such as Dupont, therefore, guaranteeing optimum lifespans. The average lifespan of RO membranes deployed in our RO skids is 3 years. To make certain you realize the optimum potential of your reverse osmosis skid, you need to frequently service it.

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    Do Reverse Osmosis Skids Have Warranty Protection?

    NEWater reassures clients of the quality of our products by awarding 12 months of warranty protection on all our systems. As long as your reverse osmosis skid is warranty-protected, NEWater will be held accountable for technical malfunctions experienced. The warranty policy further stipulates grounds for not being liable for warranty protection such as mishandling and natural disasters. To inquire about our elaborate warranty policy, kindly email us at

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    What are the Shortcomings of Reverse Osmosis Skids?

    Despite the immeasurable pros of reverse osmosis skids, critics continue to emphasize the limitations of RO systems. In all fairness, some of the criticism directed toward RO skids is justifiable.  Beneath are several aspects of reverse osmosis skids rightfully critiqued.

    • They eliminate key minerals from water.
    • Their waste product (brine) is highly concentrated and a threat to the environment.
    • Their energy consumption can be relatively intensive.

    Through research and experimentation, NEWater continues to seek resolutions to the prevalent limitations of reverse osmosis systems.

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    Which After-Sale Services do You Provide?

    NEWater’s desire for customer satisfaction goes beyond the delivery of high-quality reverse osmosis skids. Additionally, we offer numerous after-sale services to ensure you reap the maximum benefits of using our RO systems. Underneath is a list of after-sale services you stand to benefit from by shopping from NEWater.

    • Doorstep delivery.
    • On-site installation.
    • Technical consultations.
    • Warranty protection.
    • Lifetime repair.
    • 24/7 customer support.

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    Do You Manufacture Other Water Treatment Skids?

    NEWater is ideally a one-stop-shop for all your water treatment needs. We manufacture distinct water treatment units using the latest technology and high-quality components to guarantee longevity and high productivity.

    Our target market cuts across households, industries, and commercial enterprises. We manufacture both standard and customized water treatment systems for elevated customer gratification. Our comprehensive water treatment systems include:

    Place your orders from NEWater today and enjoy fair prices. We provide round-the-clock technical consultation and customer support.

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