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    NEWater: Sea Water Maker Manufacturer in China

    NEWater is the top seawater maker manufacturer in China. We have specialized in manufacturing and supplying seawater makers for over 2 decades. If you’re needing a seawater maker for your business, NEWater can always accommodate your needs. We will provide you, with a high-end quality seawater maker. All of our seawater maker and other water treatment we produce is certified by international quality standards. Take a look at our top-rated seawater maker below:

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Sea Water Makers

    Fresh Water Maker for Sea Water

    We manufacture Fresh Water Maker for Sea Water that are used for the treatment and purification of saline sea water.

    Sea Fresh Water Maker

    Our Sea Fresh Water Maker is used on both large and small vessels offshore, all around the world.

    RO Water Maker

    RO water maker uses reverse osmosis technology to efficiently filter salt and magazines.

    Your Sea Water Maker Manufacturer & Supplier in China

    NEWater is known for its efficient and innovative designs globally. Our sea water makers are a product of environmental protection formulation and their manufacturing process is supervised by our highly trained team of environmental protection engineers. Our saltwater makers treat saline water and remove practically all impurities including ions and organic matter. They also employ resins to remove unnecessary ions and replace those ions with either healthy salts or H and OH ions.

    Our seawater manufacturer at NEWater is one of the many water treatment and purification equipment we manufacture, which are produced in accordance with the highest industry standards. We are committed to our clientele and our mission to protect and conserve our natural environmental resources, and we have been able to highlight this through the provision of various certificates, rewards, and patents throughout our 20-year tenure.

    video cover
    Sea Water Maker Work Process

    NEWater Sea Water Maker Work Process

    The raw water pump pressurizes the water to increase the supply pressure to the pre-treatment system. To decrease mechanical damage and pollution to reverse osmosis membrane elements, multimedia filters remove contaminants such as dirt, sand, suspended particles, colloids, and organisms such as algae from the water.

    To safeguard the high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane, a precision filter is used to prevent suspended particles that have not been entirely removed or that have been created during the pre-treatment from entering the reverse osmosis system.

    NEWater Salt Water Maker Features

    1. The system can continually produce water and has a high level of automation.
    2. There is no need to use chemicals to regenerate the system, and it is simple to operate and maintain.
    3. Membranes from well-known brands are imported as core components of the RO system.
    4. Automatically turns on when the water level is low and turns off when the water level is high.
    5. The system flushes RO membranes automatically, reducing the contaminated speed of the membranes.
    Sea Water Maker Features
    Sea Water Maker Applications

    NEWater Sea Water Maker Applications

    • Use of drinking water in coastal villas and seaside villa houses;
    • Use of drinking water by island families, restaurants, and hotels; inflatable water islands, and island drinking water purifier
    • Drinking water from salty alkali lakes and rivers in various Middle Eastern countries;
    • Use of subsurface drinking water in the desert, as well as an underground water purifier
    • Use of marine drinking water, marine boats, marine ships, army boats, army ships, marine lights boats, and marine drinking water maker

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    NEWater – Your No.1 Source of Sea Water Maker

    If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, reliable, and reputable seawater maker, NEWater is always the best choice. We manufacture and design seawater makers with high-standard qualities. You can always rely on the complete range of seawater makers we offer.

    A NEWater seawater maker is designed and manufactured for continuous or heavy-duty service within on/offshore applications that require a marine desalination system. It is very popular in the global market for its compact and durable design.

    sea water maker

    Such features allow the unit to install easier in any size area. In addition to the features, the NEWater seawater maker comes with a powder-coated frame that has high-grade corrosion-resistant. It allows the system to divide into multiple assemblies for easier mounting.

    The NEWater seawater maker is equipped with the following components:

    • Duplex SS centrifugal-type (for corrosion resistance and high performance)
    • Programmable computer controller
    • 1000 PSI fiberglass membrane housings (for durability)

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Sea Water Maker

    Distinct onshore and offshore applications are reliant on fresh product water, which is continually diminishing. With seawater makers communities, boat operators, and small businesses along the coast gain unlimited access to potable water. By utilizing seawater, marine watermakers guarantee an indefinite supply of fresh water at reasonable costs. Underneath, we attempt to answer the internet’s frequently asked questions on sea water makers.

    Figure 1 Seawater maker.

    What is a Sea Water Maker?

    A seawater maker is a desalination device deployed in both offshore and onshore applications to generate usable product water from seawater. Typically, marine watermakers utilize reverse osmosis technology to separate dissolved salts from freshwater consequently decreasing the water’s TDS concentration.

    NEWater provides a myriad of first-rate seawater makers accommodative of both onshore and offshore applications. With capacities ranging from 150 to 1,600 gallons per day, our seawater makers support multiple scales and scopes of applications.

    What are the Main Application Fields of Sea Water Makers?

    Seawater makers are essentially applicable in most relatively small applications that necessitate high-grade potable water. The simplicity and cost-efficiency of these portable desalination machines make them ideal for personal and commercial offshore/onshore projects.

    The application of seawater makers at the domestic level results in the provision of fresh drinking water and high-quality utility water. NEWater has manufactured and supplied high-grade marine watermakers for the following application fields.

    • Boats and other water vessels.
    • Household applications.
    • Beach houses, resorts, and hotels.
    • Small businesses.
    • Emergency response.

    Which Technologies are Used by Salt Water Makers?

    When it comes to seawater desalination, there are numerous ways to skin a cat. However, reverse osmosis is the primary desalination technology deployed by seawater makers. Reverse osmosis watermakers eradicate the dissolved solids in seawater by exploiting pre-filters and high-rejection reverse osmosis membranes.

    First, the seawater is pretreated using distinct technologies like sediment filters, chemical dosing, or water softening. The pretreated water ensures the threat of membrane fouling or equipment corrosion is eliminated. At high pressure, the water is consequently forced through the perforated RO membranes.

    Owing to the diminutive nature of the RO membrane pores, over 99% of the dissolved solids as well as other pollutants are retained. Fresh product water flows through the perforations ready for instantaneous use or refinement to attain higher quality. Familiarize yourself with the process of seawater desalination by watching the following video.

    An alternative desalination technology deployed in marine watermakers is the use of distillation processes. Essentially, the seawater is heated to the point of evaporation whereby freshwater converts to vapor thereby alienating the salts and other suspended solids. After condensation, the steam is collected as potable water.

    What are the Distinct Types of Sea Water Makers?

    To amply satisfy the heterogeneous demands of users, NEWater manufactures distinctive marine watermakers. The difference in our distinctive seawater makers is often based on the application specializations, design, and operation module. Let us look at our prominent seawater makers.

    Home watermakers.

    These are modular or compact reverse osmosis devices specialized to generate utility or drinking water for diverse domestic applications. Our home water makers are characteristically mobile, easy to operate, and very efficient in their power consumption.

    Figure 2 Home watermaker.

    Boat Desalinators.

    We provide efficient desalination systems for boats with varying daily capacity ranges. Our boat watermakers make voyages boundless given there is an infinite supply of potable water. They are primarily modular or skid-mounted and their operation is pretty uncomplicated.

    What are the Benefits of Using Sea Water Makers?

    The quality of product water generated by seawater makers and the efficiency with which they generate it makes it almost impossible to quantify their benefit to society. The incorporation of modern innovation has only served to elevate the efficiency and convenience of seawater desalination machines. The following are essential rewards users of seawater makers continue to reap.

    • Boat water makers help users economize on space.
    • Home water makers provide high-quality product water fit for human consumption and other utility uses.
    • The energy consumption of seawater makers is quite efficient.
    • The RO membranes deployed have impressive rejection scores.

    What are the Primary Components of Salt Water Makers?

    The composition of seawater makers is chiefly designed to facilitate the desalination technology in force. Therein, distillation seawater makers comprise distinct components compared to reverse osmosis water makers. Underneath, we are going to briefly break down the chief components of a RO desalination unit.

    High-pressure pump.

    This is the initiator of the reverse osmosis process. RO water makers have a high-pressure pump responsible for exerting pressure on the seawater hence compelling water to flow to low-concentration regions from higher concentrations.

    Semi-permeable membranes.

    The RO membranes in a seawater maker are responsible for retaining the dissolved salts, microplastics, and microbes harbored in the seawater. They have high rejection rates and their life expectancy is approximately 3 years.

    Figure 3 Seawater maker reverse osmosis membrane.

    Control panel.

    This is a user interface from where you feed in commands to your seawater maker. It is intelligently and simply designed to facilitate smooth operation.

    Quite often, a seawater maker will also include a pretreatment unit, a post-treatment system, and a membrane-cleaning skid.

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    How Much Does a Sea Water Maker Cost?

    For a comprehensive understanding, the cost of a seawater maker is looked at from two angles, the operational costs and the cost of equipment. The difference in equipment designs, functional capabilities, and size results in distinct price tags. For accuracy, NEWater freely provides equipment price tags upon request.

    The operational costs are equally a reflection of numerous factors. Charges accrued by installation, chemicals, repairs and replacements, asset depreciation, and power usage account for the seawater’s operational cost. Factoring in the foregoing variables suggests that desalinating seawater using a small reverse osmosis system costs $0.5 to $1.20/m3.

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    What Considerations Should I Ponder Before Buying a Sea Water Maker?

    The availability and accessibility of essential information regarding water treatment systems have made the purchase of vital equipment like seawater makers relatively easy. To ease your shopping experience, we have summarized key factors that should inform your seawater maker purchase.

    The configuration of your seawater.

    Different oceans and seas harbor water with distinctive qualities. By testing samples of your respective feed water, you will establish its composition and concentration. With this information, you can proceed to purchase a befitting seawater maker.

    The projected quality of product water.

    Understanding the quality of water certain watermakers can generate and the impurities eradicated will help you settle on a perfect system. You also need to determine if the permeate meets the quality requirements for your respective application.

     Desalination technology.

    Water treatment systems utilize diverse technologies and these technologies suit different applications. Technologies you can opt for in seawater makers include reverse osmosis, evaporation, and distillation.

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    Which Impurities Do a Salt Water Maker Eradicate?

    Seawater makers are essentially water filtration devices utilizing the process of reverse osmosis to eliminate objectionable pollutants. In the pretreatment system, sediment filters and multi-media filters are exploited to eliminate suspended particulates, seaweed, and colloids. A water softener system can also be deployed to nullify high calcium, iron, and magnesium concentrations.

    Consequently, reverse osmosis membranes are employed to eradicate dissolved salts, ions, organic chemicals, microbes, and constituents whose molecular weight is below 150-250 Daltons. Typically, RO watermakers get rid of 95-99.7% of these objectionable impurities thereby providing high-grade product water.

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    Do Sea Water Makers Produce Drinking Water?

    Seawater makers are technically seawater to drinking water machines. They eliminate impurities that harbor the consumption of seawater and in turn supply fresh healthy drinking water. Research has shown that seawater makers diminish the TDS concentration of seawater by 90-99%.

    The final product depicts TDS levels ranging from 300-600ppm, which is the range recommended by health specialists. Moreover, the permeate can also be refined through remineralization and UV sterilization.

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    Which Pretreatment Technologies are Employed in Sea Water Makers?

    Seawater occasionally contains volatile pollutants or huge particulates that could potentially foul RO water makers. As such, a befitting pretreatment system is integrated with seawater makers to mitigate the negative implications of volatile seawater. With respect to seawater, the following are commonly exploited pretreatment technologies in seawater desalination.

    • Multi-media filters.
    • Water softener systems.
    • Microfiltration and nanofiltration.
    • Ion exchange.
    • Sediment and carbon filters.

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    Which Post-treatment Processes are Deployed in Salt Water Makers?

    It is possible to improve the quality of potable water provided by seawater makers by integrating a refinement process. Post-treatment entails polishing the resulting permeate to meet specific targets. Ultraviolet sterilization gets rid of up to 100% of microbes, viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing organisms.

    Objectionable ionic impurities and dissolved gasses necessitate the deployment of an electrodeionization unit. EDI helps lower the acidity of the product water as well. Remineralization is also widely utilized to polish potable water from seawater makers by reinstating vital minerals.

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    How Much Water Can Seawater Makers Generate in a Day?

    NEWater provides sea water makers for different scales of applications hence they have distinct daily capacity ranges. Our typical seawater makers for homesteads and boats have the ability to produce 150 to 1,600 gallons per day.

    Additionally, we provide reverse osmosis water makers for diverse commercial applications. Our standard commercial seawater makers support capacities of up to 10,000 GPD. To diversify our market reach, we also manufacture seawater makers with personalized capacities.

    Figure 5 5000 LPD seawater maker.

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    Where Can I Purchase a High-Quality Sea Water Maker?

    From NEWater’s wide array of high-quality seawater makers, you are certain to find the perfect solution for your product water application. Our highly esteemed engineers chiefly undertake the production of our water treatment equipment internally utilizing state-of-the-art raw materials and technologies.

    We also manufacture customized water makers with varying designs and functional capabilities. By exploiting modern technologies, we are able to cut down on production costs consequently resulting in lower prices.

    Our specialists will provide technical information and analysis to guide you in your purchase of seawater equipment. Price quotations of our systems are easily acquired, simply visit our website and send your inquiry.

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    Do You Manufacture Sea Water Boat Watermakers?

    For ages, NEWater has provided boat operators with a diverse range of boat desalination systems. Our intelligent designs permit our seawater boat watermakers to economize on essential space and continually desalinate huge volumes of seawater. They are characteristically mobile and produce high-grade product water for regular boat maintenance and human consumption.

    Our modular and compact boat desalination machines are quite affordable and their operational costs are relatively low thanks to the incorporation of energy recovery innovation. The capacity ranges supported are diverse hence accommodating small boats, fishing boats, yachts, and big water vessels.

    Figure 6 Skid-mounted boat watermaker.

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    What is the Maximum TDS Score of Sea Water Makers?

    Sea water makers are viable desalination solutions for highly saline water with TDS rates of up to 42,000 ppm. To facilitate smooth desalination of extremely salty seawater, for instance, Red seawater, upgrades of up to 50,000ppm are enforced.

    Principally, salt water makers are tasked with lowering the TDS concentrations of seawater to fresh water standards. Customary water makers generate product water with TDS scores of 1000ppm and below.

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    How Much Power do Sea Water Makers Consume?

    Technically, reverse osmosis desalination is a process powered by pressure, which is generated by high-pressure pumps. Therein, power is obliged to generate adequate feed water pressure. Typically, seawater RO watermakers are pretty power-efficient, frequently consuming less than 3.5kWh/m3 of energy.

    However, sea water makers will consume varying sums of energy because of the difference in concentration of distinct feed water. The utilization of solar seawater makers is also an intelligent and eco-friendly way of economizing on power expenses.

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    Do You Provide Turnkey Salt Water Makers?

    Turnkey sea water makers are revolutionizing seawater desalination in offshore and onshore applications. NEWater’s drive to provide convenient and efficient desalination solutions has given rise to numerous turnkey watermakers. These devices are assembled and interconnected intelligently to facilitate centralized and eased operation.

    It takes a few moments to get our turnkey seawater makers up and running hence saving on time and installation expenses. The automatic control panel allows users to pre-program commands and minimal human intervention is necessitated.

    Figure 7 Turnkey commercial watermaker.

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    What are the Shortcomings of Sea Water Makers?

    There are hardly any limitations associated with the use of seawater makers. But even so, they are seemingly some miles off from being the perfect desalination technology for marine applications. The primary limitation leveled against seawater makers is their emission of highly acidic wastewater (brine). Other shortcomings include:

    • They are comparatively expensive to purchase and operate.
    • The brine threatens marine life.
    • Huge amounts of the feed water are not converted to product water.

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    Do You Provide Solar Sea Water Makers?

    Solar seawater makers facilitate the cost-efficient generation of potable water for communities and water vessels in marine settings. NEWater manufactures solar desalination systems supportive of reverse osmosis and distillation technologies to aid communities to combat water scarcity.

    Solar watermakers are revered for their efforts to mitigate environmental pollution given that up to 8kWh of fossil power is saved for each m3 of seawater desalinated using solar energy. Our solar watermakers can generate 1m3 to 1,000m3 of product water per day and have maximum TDS scores of 42,000ppm.

    Figure 8 Solar seawater maker.

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    Can You Customize My Salt Water Maker?

    Yes. Our seawater makers are exclusively built to provide a reliable solution to your potable water project. When ordering your customized seawater, our engineers will prompt you to expound on the TDS concentration of the seawater, your desired potable water quality, and power supply options. Our production processes are complemented with 3D modeling to make certain we precisely capture all your demands. We provide video samples for approval and constantly engage our clients.

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    Do You Manufacture Home Sea Water Makers?

    With our economical home watermakers, households, and small communities in coastal regions and water-deprived areas can gratify their freshwater demands. Upwards of 75 million persons currently rely on seawater desalination and NEWater has played a major role in reinforcing freshwater supply by providing highly resourceful watermakers.

    Our mobile home watermakers support capacities of up to 1600 GPD and produce high-grade potable water. They can be powered by electrical connections, solar energy, and generators. Common applications of our home seawater makers include homesteads, resorts, hotels, clinics, and small businesses.

    Figure 9 Modular seawater maker.

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    Do You Provide Commercial Sea Water Makers?

    Our 380-10,000GPD seawater makers are appropriate seawater desalination solutions for distinct applications including commercial projects. Our commercial water makers typically have a maximum TDS level of 45,000ppm and chiefly rely on reverse osmosis.

    They are highly proficient in retaining dissolved salts, microorganisms, minerals, and metals. Therein, they guarantee optimum seawater desalination for extended periods and allow users to recoup their investment swiftly.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms for Sea Water Makers?

    Procuring your seawater maker from NEWater entitles you to discounted prices and lenient payment terms. We also permit payment via distinct and internationally accepted methods. For small seawater makers, the full payment should be cleared before shipment.

    Payments for specialized and conventionally huge desalination systems are pretty flexible given we accept installment payments. First, a 50% deposit is mandated during order placement, a 30% payment is required post-inspection and the final 20% is mandated before delivery.

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    How do I Install my Sea Water Maker?

    Installation of modular and compact seawater makers is quite unsophisticated. Our water makers come with installation guides, which progressively take you through the installation process.

    You can also request video tutorials or practical guidance from our engineers whenever you are stuck. For enormous water treatment plants, our specialists provide on-site installation services.

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    Do You Provide Custom Repair Parts for Salt Water Makers?

    Compatibility issues and the availability of low-quality accessories often limit the purchase of seawater makers’ custom repair parts. However, getting your accessories from NEWater shields you from the aforementioned challenges.

    We have top-notch production facilities, which enable us to independently manufacture our custom spare components. We also utilize our industry relations to procure premium components from leading manufacturers thereby gratifying all your needs under one roof.

    As a certified manufacturer, all our watermaker components are certified for local and international use. We offer exclusive discounts and shipment services within and outside our borders.

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    How Durable are Sea Water Makers?

    Reverse osmosis seawater makers have life spans ranging from 15 to 20 years with pretreatment and operational conditions accounting for the discrepancies. Moreover, they support heavy-duty desalination over extended timeframes, and the quality of the product water generated is rarely watered down.

    The high-rejection membranes utilized also exhibit long lifespans often averaging 3 years. The optimum life expectancy of seawater makers is met once a befitting pretreatment mechanism is incorporated and regular maintenance is undertaken.

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    Do You Provide Mobile Sea Water Makers?

    The conventional small-sized nature of seawater makers means they are technically mobile. However, we do manufacture mobile seawater treatment systems mounted on wheeled skids. This permits their application in distinct locations and minimizes installation expenses.

    Mobile seawater makers are chiefly utilized in emergency response, beach houses, water vessels, and small commercial entities. Thanks to their unsophisticated installation and turnkey operation interface, the use of portable watermakers is impressively economical.

    Figure 10 Portable seawater maker.

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    Which After-Sale Services do You Provide on Salt Water Makers?

    NEWater values first-time and return customers hence we provide a multitude of post-purchase services as an appreciation gesture. Our mission is to have happy clients at the end of the day and testimonials from our past customers indicate that our after-sale services are doing the trick.

    First, we offer prompt and secure door-to-door delivery services to all our seawater maker buyers. Secondly, we have a warranty policy that covers our entire watermaker appliances for 12 months, in case of a technical hiccup. NEWater’s additional after-sale services include:

    • Day and night customer support.
    • Eternal repair services.
    • Installation services.
    • Technical consultations and feed water testing.

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    Which Other Sea Water Treatment Machines do You Provide?

    As the number of persons and industries reliant on seawater progressively hikes, the demand for seawater desalination equipment proliferates. As an enterprising manufacturer of water treatment systems, NEWater currently provides distinct desalination equipment for divergent industries.

    Our seawater desalination machines differ in the technologies they exploit to treat seawater and their eligibility in distinct application fields. Essentially, all our systems are available in customary and personalized versions. Underneath is a glimpse of our diverse seawater desalination systems.

    • Mechanical vapor compressors.
    • Multi-effect evaporators.
    • Multi-stage flash desalinators.
    • Seawater electrodeionization systems.

    sea water maker manufacturer

    Our seawater maker is specially manufactured to convert seawater into drinking water. As mentioned above, seawater maker has a compact design that makes them ideal for use on boats, yachts, resorts, and cruise ships.

    NEWater is the leading seawater maker manufacturer in China. We provide seawater makers available from 150 GPD to 1600 GPD. If your application requires commercial-grade or continuous-duty water making, a seawater maker from NEWater is the solution.

    We manufacture both standard and customize seawater makers to meet your needs. At NEWater, you can find an extremely reliable and efficient seawater maker. We can customize your ideal seawater maker according to your needs. Just send us your details and specifications now.

    NEWater sea water maker is available in many designs, styles, and sizes. You can choose different seawater makers from our design. You can ask for design assistance from our experienced design team. We stock thousands of seawater makers to support and make your business grow.

    sea water maker

    NEWater is your reliable and one-stop seawater maker provider in China. Our company owns advanced and modern technology for seawater maker production. Customized sizes for your ideal seawater maker can also be available. Let NEWater skyrocket your business! Contact us today!

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