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    NEWater: The Name of Trust in Water Desalination Machine Manufacturing

    Convert seawater into drinkable water with one botton! NEWater desalination equipment are plug-and-play, from transportation to installation to maintenance, you don’t need to invest any time and effort. We rely on an independent technical research and development team to ensure that it provides the best seawater desalination system design according to your water treatment needs. You can also provide relevant information to get our advice for equipment purchasing. We have no MOQ requirements. Let us provide you with a solution today!

    NEWater Brings for YouSeawater Desalination Equipment for Different Fields

    Portable Desalination System

    The portable seawater desalination system is small in size and easy to carry, and the daily water production is usually suitable for the daily water consumption of 2-3 people. Whether it’s personal use for mountaineering, outdoor activities, camping, or off-grid home use, small boats, and yachts, it’s a great choice.

    Solar Seawater Desalination Machine

    Adopt energy recovery device to reduce energy consumption. Clean energy is pollution-free. The use of solar desalination equipment can achieve healthy water anytime and anywhere without being limited by the site and power supply. It is suitable for off-grid households, remote areas, and emergency places. The capacity size can be customized.

    desalination system for home

    Our seawater desalination system designed for families can solve your various water problems, such as heavy odor, high hardness, high salt content, and a large number of bacteria and microorganisms harmful to human body. Make sure your home water is healthy. Desalination equipment with high energy efficiency, high reliability and low maintenance costs is provided according to your home situation.

    Sea Water Purification System

    The seawater filtration system designs the composition of the system according to your water intake and the water quality requirements of the produced water. We provide one-to-one system design services to ensure that your cost investment and post-maintenance are reduced.

    desalination device

    Whether it is a large, medium or small ship or yacht, we can provide high-quality seawater desalination equipment according to your needs. The space these devices occupy will depend on the space on your boat. We ensure that the mass and footprint of the equipment is minimized while providing sufficient potable water.

    Seawater Desalination Plant

    Large-scale seawater desalination plants can meet projects with large water treatment requirements. The water treatment capacity of our seawater desalination projects includes 60TPD, 100TPD, 200TPD, 300TPD. If you have other water treatment needs, please contact us!

    Boat Membrane Brackish Sea Water Filter Power and Desalination Plants Equipment Saltness Machine Unit Cost Price

    The best choice for desalination equipment to remove mineral components in brine! Regardless of the water quality of the brine, entrust it to our desalination plant and we will ensure that it produces the water that meets your needs.

    o reverse osmosis seawater desalination machine container type

    The compact seawater desalination system has always been a popular product in seawater desalination equipment. Its compact design makes installation and maintenance very easy. At the same time, these plants are convenient for transportation and movement.

    Evaporative Desalination

    We are a professional manufacturer of evaporative seawater desalination equipment. Just give us the project situation and water treatment requirements, and we can provide a quotation for a complete set of equipment (pipes and other accessories) to help you connect the equipment to the line in a plug-and-play manner.

    Foremost Choice for Seawater Desalination System in China

    NEWater established itself in China in 2001 and entered the Chinese market as a high-tech and superior quality water treatment system manufacturer. Over the past 20 years, we have continued to expand our business and are also committed to helping our customers minimize the cost of seawater desalination. As of now, we have a customer base of more than 1,000 companies around the world.

    Our desalination plants are able to handle different types of water not just seawater, ensuring you get the best quality desalinated water for your use. These devices will be customized according to the preferences and needs of customers, including capacity, energy supply method, appearance, assembly form and so on. Of course, we can also provide you with optional seawater desalination equipment parameters and quotation lists at any time.

    100 TPD Sea Water Desalination Plant
    Seawater Desalination System Main Component List

    NEWater Seawater Desalination System Main Component List

    1. Back flushing pump (with electric machine) or high pressure pump (CNP/NANYUAN BRAND);
    2. Security filter/integrated membrane housing/5m precision filter
    3. As requested by the customer, DOW/Hydraulics/CSM membranes;
    4. Chemical self-cleaning mechanism/baking finish or stainless steel frame
    5. Monitoring meters, such as a concentrated water pressure gauge, a flow meter, and a conductivity device
    6. Manual or automatic control (RUNXIN Valves)

    NEWater Seawater Desalination System Features

    • High desalination rate, consistent performance, safety and dependability, no need for frequent cleaning, and no pollution to the environment.
    • Simple to run and maintain due to its compact form and small volume.
    • To prevent the machine from breaking down, the machine sets up high and low-voltage protection.
    • The device fault warning and notification is useful for promptly diagnosing the causes and doing maintenance.
    • An online conductivity meter continuously monitors the quality of the outflow water.
    • The seawater filtering part’s parts and pipes are composed of 316L stainless steel and PPR corrosion-resistant material.
    Seawater Desalination System Features
    Seawater Desalination System Applications

    NEWater Seawater Desalination System Applications

    NEWater seawater desalination equipment has provided professional water treatment design solutions for more than 50 industries at home and abroad, and has accumulated many successful project cases.

    Our machines are used in all walks of life, including industrial, chemical, medical, electrical, beverage, daily drinking, laboratory, and food industries, among others, not only in the field of pure water, but also brackish water, seawater, and wastewater.

    How NEWater Ships Your Seawater Desalination System

    shipping and packaging

    shipping & packaging (1)

    Why NEWater is Your Best Desalination System Equipment Manufacturer

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    The Basic Process Flow of the Seawater Desalination System:

    seawater desalination data sheet

    1. The water supply pump draws seawater into the pretreatment system.
    2. After adding bactericide and flocculant through the chemical dosing system, it enters the quartz sand and activated the carbon filtration system for filtration.
    3. The seawater enters the high-pressure pump after passing through the pretreatment system. Under the action of the high-pressure pump, it enters the rolling membrane with a high desalination rate.
    4. Increase the pressure by controlling the pressure regulating valve so that part of the pure water in the seawater penetrates the membrane and enters the porous collection tube. Pure water flows out of the equipment through the hose, while the salt is blocked on the membrane surface and discharged from the equipment with most of the seawater.

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System Manufacturer

    Get the best deals on seawater desalination systems at Newater. We have a wide range of desalination machine available for you to choose from. As an expert and reputable company, we are producing seawater desalination equipments manufactured from the highest quality materials. Our seawater desalination system is designed to meet industry standards. Get an instant quote now.

    Your Seawater Desalination System Supplier in China

    Newater is one of the leading manufacturers of seawater desalination systems in China. We are providing this water refinery system in a small and larger size. Newater offers a seawater desalination system with maximum flexibility upon applications.

    Our seawater desalination system is made from high-quality equipment. As an expert reputable company, we designed seawater desalination system to generate seawater into potable water.

    This water system has been delivered to our satisfied customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. The quality and performance have been tested and guaranteed.

    seawater desalination system-1

    Newater seawater desalination system is perfect for different applications including commercial uses. It has an alarm control panel, disinfection, pH adjustment, membrane assembly, high-pressure pump, and intake.

    We also created a seawater desalination system that has a pre-treatment filter, feed water pump, CIP clean system, and cartridge filter.

    In manufacturing seawater desalination systems, all the components are certified and approved by industrial standards. Each water system has gone through our strict quality control to meet the specific performance required.

    Newater can assure you that our seawater desalination system is safe, reliable, and durable.

    seawater desalination system-2

    Our seawater desalination system is available in different capacities and feeds water TDS. Our seawater desalination system can be purchased in both standard and custom designs. The demands for seawater desalination systems are increasing. Newater has the capability to provide your ideal water refinery system for affordable prices.

    Using high equipment from brands like Toray, Dow, and many more, Newater is able to develop a seawater desalination system that has maximum reliability.

    Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we can assure you that our seawater desalination system can boost your company’s sales internationally.

    Newater is composed of multi-lingual and knowledgeable experts that carefully test the water system before shipment. Since 2001, we are already engaged in water refinery systems. Newater grows continuously and has built more than 1, 000 water systems. You can put your trust in us in this field.

    seawater desalination system-3

    Our seawater desalination system and after-sale services do not choose types of customers. In this industry, Newater totally avoids discriminating against customers.

    We aim to provide water systems to our clientele around the world. We are enhancing the safety of the environment while giving safer drinkable water.

    Newater has the widest range of water refinery systems with balance quality and cost. For more information, you can check on us anytime. We can give you the best solution to skyrocket your business. Get in touch with us now, and book your orders.



    Seawater Desalination Systems from NEWater

    Water resources are very scarce. If seawater can be used through some operations, water resources can be made more abundant. Our seawater desalination system can effectively desalinate seawater and is suitable for various applications, including industrial applications. It includes a warning control panel, sterilization, pH adjustment, etc. We have the ability to provide you with the best desalination system at a reasonable cost.

    NEWater seawater desalination equipment can help you with high-quality reverse osmosis and desalination of ocean water. Our RO membrane can make the seawater desalination system remove the salt and pollutants from seawater to create drinkable water. Seawater is siphoned into the desalination Systems from the sea and goes through pre-treatment filtration to eliminate the vast majority of the enormous and little particles.

    We guarantee you the production of portable desalination systems, solar desalination systems, seawater desalination plants, desalination systems for homes, desalination Systems for boats, and much more. Our seawater desalination machines are protected, dependable, and tough. If you are thinking of exchanging a few words with us, contact NEWater today!

    Seawater Desalination System-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    With the ever-growing need for fresh and clean water to support the entire human population, Seawater Desalination Systems are handy tools. Arid and semi-arid areas are currently the biggest consumers of seawater RO desalination systems but the market is estimated to spread globally.

    The high efficiency rates and ability to operate at broad scales make them a worthy investment. Supplementing desalination machine with contemporary technology will further heighten their productivity and resourcefulness.

    Seawater deselination system

    What is a Seawater Desalination System?

    A seawater desalination system is a water treatment structure that converts briny water into fresh and clean water suitable for human consumption. These systems rely on desalination, which is generally the process of eradicating or reducing salt and unwanted minerals quantities from seawater. The underlying principle in seawater desalination involves exerting pressure on feed water as it passes through a semi-permeable membrane thereby eliminating dissolved ions.

    The membranes deployed contain very small pores estimated to be about 10A, which only permit pure water to pass through. Seawater desalination systems effectively remove colloids, microorganisms, and dissolved salts.

    With a desalination rate ranging between 97 to 98 percent, these plants are able to continuously supply high-quality water, without consuming too much power or harming the environment.

    What are the Advantages of Using Desalination Machine?

    Desalination machine are popular in purifying water unfit for human consumption thanks to their reliability and efficiency. Although there are other elaborate water filtration systems, seawater osmosis desalination systems are relatively advantageous.

    The following are some benefits exhibited by Seawater Desalination Systems:

    • They have high-quality pressure pumps, which make less noise and are durable.
    • They are highly efficient and consume relatively low energy.
    • They are fitted with premium RO membranes with a salt rejection rate of up to 99.8%.
    • They have strong anti-pollution abilities.
    • The frame pipes and pipe fittings are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure the equipment is durable and has low maintenance costs.
    • They are easy to operate and maintain.

    Where are Seawater Desalination Systems Applied?

    Desalination Systems are available in different scales, which diversifies their application. They guarantee safety and are resourceful in eradicating dissolved salts and contaminants. As such, water distributors use seawater desalination equipments to provide clean water for industrial and commercial use.

    Here are some of the industries that utilize freshwater generated by Seawater Desalination Systems:

    ●Residential facilities.
    Boat desalination.
    ●Military applications.
    Hotels and restaurants.

    Seawater Desalination Systems Application

    What are the Main Components of a Seawater Desalination System?

    Irrespective of the size or customized specifications, seawater desalination systems are founded on certain typical constituents. The quality and effectiveness of these components may differ depending on the manufacturer of your seawater RO desalination system.

    Thanks to these shared components, most desalination machine employ a set mechanism to convert seawater into freshwater. Underneath are the common components of our seawater osmosis desalination system:

    • Feedwater is sourced at the sea or ocean.
    • Pre-treatment is carried out first.
    • Pumps with immense pressure intensity.
    • Semi-permeable membranes.
    • PH regulators.
    • Post-treatment.

    What Techniques are Utilized in Seawater Desalination Equipments?

    To achieve acceptable water quality, seawater desalination systems operate by exploiting three techniques.

    Reverse Osmosis.

    Reverse osmosis is regarded as one of the most effective water purification techniques. Seawater desalination machine operating on reverse osmosis technology rely on exerting pressure on seawater via a perforated membrane. The membrane allows access to freshwater only thereby blocking dissolved ions and unwanted minerals.

    Figure 3 RO Seawater Desalination.


    Electrodialysis is a chemical process that alienates salts from seawater via a distinct membrane thereby generating fresh water. It is not as popular in seawater desalination systems as reverse osmosis since it does not eradicate some impurities such as silica.


    On the flip side, seawater desalination systems reliant on evaporation operate by evaporating seawater using heat. Evaporation can be slightly expensive since it requires a lot of energy.

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    How Does a Seawater Desalination System Work?

    The reliance of humans on seawater desalination as a freshwater source continues to rise. This is because of the high effectiveness rates depicted by seawater desalination plants. For a better understanding, we are going to look at how a Seawater Desalination System works.

    • Using high-pressure pumps, seawater is injected into the Seawater Desalination System.
    • The water is then directed into a pre-treatment chamber where bigger specks are removed.
    • Consequently, the water free of large particles is then pressured via perforated membranes where organic and inorganic impurities are alienated.
    • You are then left with fresh water and the alienated water is redirected to the ocean.

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    What Types of Seawater Desalination Systems do You Provide?

    NEWater has a customer base ranging from small-scale users to large-scale users.  We, therefore, tailor our desalination systems to meet the needs of our varied customer base. Here are the various types of desalination machine, NEWater supplies:

    Small Seawater Desalination Devices.

    Our small seawater desalination equipments are smaller but can support relatively heavy usage ideal for industrial use. These systems are customized to support continual desalination without faltering in productivity.

    Small desalination plants are fast and easy to assemble and they save up on space. As a result, they are suitable for use in homes, hotels, and boat desalination.

    Integrated Medium and Large Seawater Desalination Systems.

    We provide desalination machine enormous in size and suitable for both medium and large-scale distillation of seawater. Our large-scale desalination plants are mainly used for commercial purposes or distributing water to homesteads.

    These systems utilize resources such as power and space economically and they are extremely reliable. They are made to conveniently desalinate high amounts of seawater and can do so continuously. This makes them ideal for use to supply residential complexes with water and enhance irrigation among other applications.

    Large-scale Seawater Desalination System.

    Skid-mounted Desalination Systems.

    We install desalination systems on rails as per our client’s demands. Production of skid-mounted desalination systems is carried out on an order basis to allow customization. The main advantage of skid-mounted desalination plants is that they are highly mobile and easy to transport. Consequently, they are mainly used in offshore applications, hotels, agriculture, and power supply stations.

    Skid Mounted Desalination System.

    Containerized Desalination Systems.

    NEWater customizes seawater desalination systems with high-pressure pumps and mounts them on forty feet containers. We equip these plants with a pre-treatment system and a post-treatment system to regulate the PH levels of seawater.

    Our containerized desalination plants are compact in size, cheap to operate, and highly resourceful. Additionally, they can be used for varied reasons such as supplying clean water for food and beverages, hotels, and hospitals.

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    How Costly is a Seawater Desalination System?

    Unlike in older days, seawater desalination systems have adopted resourceful innovation, which has significantly lowered the cost of acquiring and maintaining them. Desalination machine running on reverse osmosis technology are quite affordable, durable, and require less maintenance if properly taken care of.

    Here are some cost determinants for desalination systems based in China as an illustration.

    Cost of equipment.

    Seawater desalination equipments demand different price tags depending on the size and specification of the equipment. For accurate price quotations kindly, contact NEWater. Additionally, a desalination system processing 10,000 tons a day is likely to consume 0.005 yuan/ton of water. The respective maintenance cost of equipment is roughly 0.04 yuan/ton of water.

    Energy Consumption.

    RO desalination plants use approximately 2.25 yuan/ton of water. However, the cost of power consumption may differ in different destinations depending on the electricity billing strategies in place.

    Depreciation in the value of the equipment.

    Depreciation of fixed assets such as desalination plants is estimated to be RMB 0.12 per ton of water. This figure proves that your seawater desalination equipment will sustain its value over time.


    Using China as an illustration, labor costs are approximately 0.2 yuan/ton of water. Labor costs are however exclusive to your region’s wage structure.

    In theory, replacing RO membranes is roughly RMB 0.05/ton of water given the membranes are highly durable. In general, the cost of a desalination system is estimated to be 4.54 yuan per ton of water.

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    What Storage Capacities are Held by Seawater Desalination Systems?

    Desalination systems have customized capacities meant to support the unique demands of different applications. Large-scale desalination plants are capable of generating hundreds of millions of freshwater barrels in 24 hours. These kinds of capacities have seen desalination machine adopted by specialized water distributors.

    NEWater produces a seawater osmosis desalination system when orders are placed and this enables us to customize capacities. We are also stocked with standard-capacity seawater desalination plants. For specialized capacities contact us via our website and state your customizations.

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    Can I Drink Water From a Seawater Desalination System?

    Yes. Globally, institutions mandated with providing drinking water and water for human use are continuously relying on seawater desalination systems. Desalinated seawater is free of dissolved salts and other harmful pollutants, which makes it absolutely fit for consumption.

    Countries in the middle east rely on desalinated seawater for human use including drinking. As a matter of fact, seawater desalination equipments are slowly replacing other distillation methods due to their effectiveness. Additionally, they are certified by health organizations.

    Figure 7 Drinking desalinated seawater.

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    What are the Standard Features of Desalination Machine?

    Seawater desalination RO systems are evidently distinct from other desalination plants. You can tell them apart by looking at their unique and distinguished features. Here are some of the basic features that characterize Seawater Desalination Systems:

    • Great desalination percentages.
    • Resistance to rust.
    • Uncomplicated operation manual.
    • Durability.
    • Comprehensive desalination systems.
    • Cost-efficient to maintain.

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    How Do You Determine the Best Seawater Desalination System?

    Given the stakes involved, poor selection of a seawater osmosis desalination system could have catastrophic effects. As such, you need to be well-informed and equipped before purchasing a Seawater Desalination System. To begin with, you need to be aware of the concentration of your seawater.

    To achieve this, you can send samples of the water to trusted laboratories for testing. With accurate information on the concentration of your seawater, you can proceed to select a desolation plant capable of handling such concentration.

    You also have to look at the capacity, desalination rate, and energy consumption before acquiring a Seawater Desalination Plant. NEWater provides specialized desalination plants of superior quality such as skid-mounted and containerized desalination plants. At the same time, they are also provided with a one-year warranty, so there will be no quality concerns.

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    What Powers a Seawater Desalination System?

    Seawater Desalination Systems principally rely on electricity and thermal heat as sources of energy. For environmental conservation, some desalination machine are powered by renewable energies such as solar photovoltaics and geothermal power.

    Desalination systems have different voltage demands mostly ranging from 220V~440V/50~60HZ. Power consumption can be customized for various international production environments. Seawater Desalination Systems are heavy consumers of power hence renewable energy sources are recommended. There are emerging technologies that are paving the way for power conserving Seawater Desalination Plants.

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    Is Pre-treatment Necessary in Seawater Desalination Systems?

    For desalination equipment incorporating reverse osmosis, pre-treatment is a vital and indispensable step. Pre-treatment allows your seawater desalination plant to eradicate debris and microorganisms, which might block your perforated membrane.

    Effective pre-treatment especially in reverse osmosis saves you the time, labor, and associated costs of unclogging your membranes. Pre-treatment is also the first desalination step given it helps get rid of unwanted particles. Pre-treating seawater potentially prolongs the service of your desalination membranes.

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    Do Seawater Desalination Systems Necessitate Post-treatment?

    Water generated by Seawater Desalination Systems is often treated with relevant chemicals to regulate PH levels and their quality. The permeate may also exhibit low magnesium and calcium proportions which makes them corrosive. To mitigate corrosion, the permeate is treated by adding respective percentages of both magnesium and calcium.

    For drinking water, 30 mg/l of calcium is the approved proportion dictated by the World Health Organization.  Similarly, 10 mg/l of magnesium can be used to post-treat water generated from desalination machines.

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    How Effective is a Seawater Desalination System?

    The seawater desalination system mainly relies on reverse osmosis to purify and filter seawater. Reverse Osmosis is broadly known for being extremely effective in eradicating debris, microorganisms, dissolved ions, and unwanted pollutants from seawater. On average, seawater desalination plants deploying reverse osmosis have recorded a 99% desalination rate.

    As a consequence of this unmatched desalination rate, Seawater Desalination Systems are gradually being embraced internationally. Welcome to one of NEWater’s distributors. We provide you with the strongest technology and quality. Our best quality guarantee and competitive price will enhance your business advantage.

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    What Water Sources are Viable for Desalination Machine?

    Seawater is the primary raw material for seawater desalination RO systems. For this reason, seawater desalination Systems are strategically set up near oceans, seas, or beaches to facilitate desalination. However, there are desalination plants exclusively made for other water sources such as brackish water.

    Seawater for desalination.

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    What Contaminants are Removed by Desalination Systems?

    Seawater desalination is carried out to eradicate dissolved ions, harmful minerals, and unwelcome pollutants from seawater. The end product is often clean and high-quality water ready for human consumption, agriculture, or commercial use.

    During pre-treatment, a Seawater Desalination System eliminates seawater debris, particles, and microorganisms. Subsequently in the membranes and subsequent filters, dissolved ions, and other impurities are effectively eradicated. To this effect, you are provided with clean water for consumption from seawater.

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    What are the Disadvantages of Using Seawater Desalination Equipments?

    Despite the glaring and well-documented advantages Seawater Desalination exhibits, there are a few cons experienced along the way. The weight definitely favors the benefits but it is crucial we learn the shortcomings and try to mitigate their prevalence.

    Below are some of the shortcomings related to Seawater Desalination Systems:

    • They are relatively costly to establish.
    • They consume substantial amounts of power.
    • They eradicate some minerals vital for optimal bodily functioning.

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    How Long Does Seawater Desalination Take?

    The process of desalinating seawater varies depending on the quantity of feed water and the capacity of your seawater desalination system. The desalination duration measures the time it takes to get fresh water from the instance you pump seawater into the plant.

    Complex seawater desalination plants desalinate over 200 million gallons of seawater on a daily basis. Large equipment can obtain pure water in a few minutes to tens of minutes and small Seawater Desalination Systems generate high-quality water in real-time.

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    Do Seawater Desalination Machines Require Certification?

    Respective regulatory institutions have accorded our seawater desalination systems with all the necessary certifications. Additionally, our production processes and operations are carried out in strict obedience to the postulated production guidelines.

    NEWater is ISO 9001:2015 certified and our desalination machine and their components have a European CE certification. For safe environmental practices, our desalination equipments have an environmental management system certification.

    Furthermore, we have attained various health and safety operation certifications from the apparent bodies. These certifications are proof that our Sea Desalination Plants are high-grade and certainly safe to use.

    Figure 10 NEWater Certifications.

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    Do You Offer Sample Testing Services For Seawater?

    Yes. NEWater has a qualified unit of laboratory technicians who offer free seawater analysis and testing to our clients. However, this service is often limited to our local customers due to distance restrictions that limit international servicing.

    We have heavily invested in our sampling and analysis department because we understand the role samples play in membrane and filter selection. In addition to providing free sampling and analysis of seawater, we offer consultation services that guide you in selecting an ideal Seawater Desalination System and running it.

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    Do You Deliver Seawater Desalination Systems Globally?

    We enhance your shopping experience by delivering your Seawater Desalination System to your doorstep irrespective of your country.  NEWater collaborates with leading courier services to deliver our products to all global destinations safely and promptly.

    Some of the factors that determine the duration of your shipment include shipping method, delivery destination, and custom processes. We charge reasonable shipping fees that reflect the fees charged by courier providers.

    Figure 11 Shipping Seawater Desalination systems.

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    Where Should I Purchase a Seawater Desalination System?

    For quality and long-lasting desalination machine, NEWater is the trusted supplier you should reach out to. We have been in operation for over 20 years and our expertise in water treatment technology is unrivaled. Our desalination systems are manufactured in alignment with international quality standards and have a self-protection design.

    NEWater has consequently manufactured over 9000 water purification systems and the positive reviews are available on our website for all to see. Our quality Seawater Desalination Systems are accompanied by excellent after-sale services such as door-to-door deliveries and maintenance.

    Moreover, we do combine equipment types for higher efficiencies. For example skid-mounted and containerized desalination systems. We also have an industrious customer support team ready to help you in any way possible.

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    Do Seawater Desalination Machines Require Maintenance?

    Proper care and maintenance for Seawater Desalination Systems are extremely crucial if you want your plant to serve you for ages. The electrical components, filters, and membranes demand sustained maintenance services to prevent breakdowns or performance lapses.

    Regular maintenance, for instance, will avert clogging of your reverse osmosis membranes thereby laying the foundations for smooth operations. The cost of maintaining Seawater Desalination Plants is however significantly lowered when you take proper care of your system.

    NEWater is determined to ensure your Seawater Desalination System remains resourceful thus we offer lifelong maintenance services. Additionally, we do repairs and replacements of desalination machine for free.

    Seawater desalination plant maintenance

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    What Should I do if my Seawater Desalination System Breaks Down?

    NEWater has constituted a customer support team exclusively tasked with resolving breakdown or malfunction issues. Our Seawater Desalination Systems are warranty protected which makes us liable to make repairs or replacements in case of a breakdown.

    To air your grievance, email us at Your email notice should clearly state the nature of the breakdown, when it occurred, the cause, and the implications. Our technicians offer professional assistance via tutorial videos, phone calls, and other viable channels.

    As a seawater desalination system manufacturer, we make certain to use the best parts and reliable technology to prevent future malfunctions. We have also formulated detailed after-sales service. We can use emails, instructional videos, telephone calls, remote videos, etc. to ensure that you get the necessary help as soon as possible without worry.

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    How Long Does a Seawater Desalination System Last?

    Seawater Desalination Systems are durable and versatile plants with the capacity to offer quality services over an extended period. According to your Seawater Desalination Plant Special attention and care could considerably lengthen its lifespan. Our systems offer a long-life service life of more than 10 years thanks to our rigorous process designs.

    As a whole unit, a seawater desalination system is capable of offering lifelong services. There are, however, some components like the RO membranes that require changing after a while. According to the usage and local water quality, if properly maintained, the membrane in the desalination system can guarantee at least three years of service. Practices such as pre-treating seawater keep your membranes healthy hence they stay longer without breaking down.

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    Do You Help Install Seawater Desalination Systems?

    Yes. In cases where our experts are able to get to your seawater desalination system and set up the location, they will offer free installation services. This is mainly applicable to our local purchasers. We however attach a detailed user manual to our seawater osmosis desalination system to help you erect your plant.

    Our experts will also offer virtual installation guidance on request to our international clients. For large-scale plants, technicians may be necessitated to ensure the seawater desalination system is properly installed.

    We also structure the components of our seawater desalination systems in an uncomplicated manner to permit smooth installation. Whenever you are stuck, you can contact our technician for aid.

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    What Should I do if the Seawater Desalination System Needs to Replace Parts?

    As long-term use will cause the accessories to be aging and need to be updated. Don’t worry, NEWater has a complete set of high-quality desalination system parts, which will bring convenience to you to replace the parts.
    You can consult us and we will choose the most cost-effective accessories for you. We provide door-to-door global transportation service to deliver our parts to you safely and quickly. Also, we can guide you through the video or remote service to guide you to install.  At the same time, NEWater provides you with a one-year quality guarantee.
    Welcome to browse our website to view these parts.

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    What Kind of Water Treatment Equipment does NEWater Provide Besides Seawater Desalination Equipment?

    NEWater is a vibrant and innovative water solutions provider. Through research and utilization of newer technologies, we work to ensure existing water resources are fully utilized in an environmentally friendly manner. Here are some of our best-selling water treatment systems:

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