Self-Cleaning Filter

  • You can change inlet and outlet port positions
  • Uninterrupted water supply even during the self-cleaning process
  • No need for opening the filter and washing the cartridge
  • Uses system pressure for self-cleaning
  • Cost-effective and prevents regular equipment replacement

Application:      Water filtration
Power:      0.5Kw
Voltage:      220V/380V or customize
Capacity:      100T/H
Flow rate:      20-1500 m3/h
Productivity:      2000L/Hour
Micron Rate:     1-200um
Working pressure:      2bar-16bar
Advantage:       Automatic self-cleaning
Warranty:      1 Year
Size and color can be customized

Trusted Self-Cleaning Filter Supplier in China

NEWater self-cleaning filters continuously remove contaminants from your water, improving water quality. Our self-cleaning filters or strainers can be customized for small and large applications. They are also very cost-effective. They will reduce your operational costs related to energy and water as they can clean themselves with very little fluid. Further, they do not need regular maintenance, and they can protect the pipes and other downstream equipment from scale build-ups and decaying. Our self-cleaning filters do not interrupt the water flow even when the cleaning work is happening incrementally.

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NEWater Self-Cleaning Filter Parameters:

Filter Flow
20-1500 m³/h
Max working pressure
Min working pressure
Pressure loss
< 0.1 bar
Water temperature range
0 ~ 95 °C
Filtration Micron
Filter element
SS wedge mesh filter
Filter element Material
SS 304 / SS316 mesh
Filter housing material
Carbon steel ST37-2/SS304/SS316
Backwash time
10~50 seconds
Water consumption during backwash
1% of filtered water
Control way
Differential Pressure/PLC Timer/Manual
Cleaning way
Drive way
Motor drive
Sewage way
Rated operating voltage

detailself cleaning filterdetailself cleaning filter

NEWater Self-Cleaning Filter Flow chart:

Self-Cleaning Filter Flow chart

Self-Cleaning Filter Flow chart


sel cleaning filter application


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We Only Provide You with Cost-effective Self-Cleaning Filter

NEWater promises you that our self-cleaning filters are all produced by our own source manufacturers to ensure quality control and that all products meet international production standards. Only to provide you with the best quality, economical and reliable water treatment products.

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self cleaning factory

NEWater Can Promise You

  • Source manufacturers
  • Competitive factory prices
  • One-to-one guidance
  • The strict quality control process
  • One year warranty

NEWater Self-cleaning Filter Product Display

NEWater self-cleaning filters are customizable to your needs, whether it’s the size of the unit, the size, or the color, it’s all up to you.

Just tell us what you need and we will customize it for free.

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shipping & packaging

How We Transport Your Self-Cleaning Filters

In order to ensure the shipping time and safety of the goods, we recommend air freight, but also sea freight can be used.

Your choice of courier methods includes FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc.

For more information, please contact us.

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    NEWater Self-Cleaning Filter:

    NEWater self-cleaning filters come with strong cylindrical filters. These filters or screens separate harmful particles from a water source and trap those particles/debris inside. That debris or particles build up layers inside and create a differential pressure across the inlets and outlets. As a result, the water flowing through the cleaning equipment becomes rapid for vacuuming the debris from the screens and removing it.

    Self-Cleaning Filter

    NEWater self-cleaning filters lessen energy consumption by using the existing water pressure for cleaning. They come with sprinkler-style hydraulic motors in place of electronic motors for operations. They also feature flush valves. These are perfectly designed and can initiate a flushing cycle on a timed basis or by high differential pressure.

    Some of our self-cleaning filters also have control systems with alarm functions. These alarms make the users alert if and when there is a malfunction in the self-cleaning filters. Further, the LCD displays of the control systems show how many times a filter has been cleaned using the backwash mechanism.

    Automatic Backwash Self-Cleaning Filter

    Many businesses prefer NEWater self-cleaning filters as their backwash systems do not bring the entire water flow to a halt and make them go reverse. On the contrary, the advanced point-of-suction backwash cleaning mechanism helps perform an incremental scanning and cleaning of the filters without disturbing the main water flow through the filters.

    So, our self-cleaning filters are used in applications where a continuous flow of water is required, like industrial, irrigational, and municipal filtration systems. Besides, as these filters are capable of protecting pipes and equipment from scale accumulation, they are used for protecting the nozzles in irrigation filtration systems.

    Moreover, NEWater self-cleaning filters can perform a backwash cycle within minutes. It is more time-saving compared to other sand, bag, or cartridge filters that may need a couple of hours to complete the cleaning process. Also, we can customize the size, orientation, and water filtration degree of our self-cleaning filters, based on your requirements.


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