Small Water Softener

  • Reduction of Turbidity
  • The lower hardness of water
  • Domestic and commercial usage
  • Water softening treatment
  • Cost-Effective

Feedwater:       Springwater, deep well water, seawater, etc.
The conductivity of produced water:         1.0~10.0µS/cm
Voltage:       380V+N50Hz(can be customized)
Productivity:                                                   500L/Hour
Capacity:                                                         200L~10000L
Desalination rate:                                         >98%

Concentration:                                              2000ppm(NaCl)
Water:                                                             6.5 to 7.5PH
Recovery:                                                        50%-75%
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Your Trusted Small Water Softener Manufacturer in China

Hard water can be quite a nuisance for people on the go. While traveling in your RV or mobile home, dealing with scaling and corrosion of plumbing can acquire a great cost, we provide Small Water Softeners that are ideal for you. They can easily be customized to your application area, the size of the installation site, and your budget.

Hard water is water that is composed of high mineral content, that is formed through deposits of chalk and limestone, and is mainly composed of magnesium and calcium carbonates, sulfates, and bicarbonates. Our Small Water Softeners remove a large part of this mineral content, reducing the turbidity, conductivity, and thus hardness of the water.

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NEWater Small Water Softener Technical Parameters:

Auto control valve brand
Outlet hardness
Softening salts
Working pressure
Softening material
Ion exchange resin 
Control method
ManuaL, Automatic, PLC
Working temperature
Regeneration way
Time or Flow
Brine tank
Working electricity
Softener tank
FRP or SS304
Water softener
Regeneration device
Brine tank
1 year

Accessories for Water Softeners

 Small Water Softener Flow chart:

Water Softener Flow chart:

water softner flow chart

water softner flow chart 2 water softner flow chart 3









Feed Water:

Feed Water

NEWater small water softeners can solve all kinds of problems caused by hard water:

water softner apllication


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7 Advantages of NEWater Small Water Softners

  • High efficiency
  • Small footprint
  • Low resistance loss
  • Wide range of applications
  • Easy cleaning
  • High adaptability
  • Energy saving
small water softner
Small water softner produce process

Why Does NEWater's Small Water Softner Come with a One-year Warranty?

Because we have our own factory in China, there is no problem of poor quality control. From production, quality control, packaging, we are our own control, before the delivery of the product is the last time by our experienced engineers quality control. And we have sold our water softeners to more than 20 countries, with a positive feedback rate of over 85%.

This gives us the confidence to offer a one-year warranty.

NEWater Can Promise You

NEWater water treatment solution provider

Small water softner factory
How Will Your Small Water Softener Be Transported?

How Will Your Small Water Softener Be Transported?

Portable Water Softener

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    NEWater Small Water Softener 

    Water softeners are becoming more and more important in people’s lives and can be said to be an indispensable part. Water softeners mainly use ion exchange resins to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, reduce water hardness, and bring health to people. Our Small Water Softeners have a compact design, making it easy for them to be installed under the sink of your RV for example. They can also be customized according to your needs. The water is pumped into the installation site and is pumped through the device, being softened in the process.

    Small Water Softener

    Our small water softeners remove a large part of this mineral content, reducing turbidity, conductivity, and thus the hardness of the water. The water production process is advanced, with a floating bed counter-current regeneration process, stable water quality and production, continuous water production, salting, regeneration, and cleaning with softened water. All processes are very similar from one water softening plant to another, but due to actual process or control needs, there may be additional processes that we can customize to suit your needs.

    NEWater Small Water Softener is composed of a tank that contains ion exchange resin beds, that may either be mixed bed or dual bed. The water when it passes through the device has its ions removed that are then replaced with either sodium chloride or potassium chloride.  These Small Water Softners have an easily accessible mouthpiece allowing for easy addition of the salt, that is needed for the replenishing of the resin beds and regeneration.

    Water Pretreatment System

    This softening process prevents limescale build-up, rust stains, and streaks from forming. Not only does it maintain and extend the life of appliances and pipes, but it also improves the taste and smell of water, ensuring that it tastes good for consumption and is beneficial to human health. Therefore, water softening is a necessity.

    Our Small Water Softeners are easy to carry and handle, have a swift and easy regeneration process, and can be easily installed, which is minimized even further by us providing guided instruction videos for programming and installing the device.


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