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  • Prevent water stains on vehicles and protect paint finishes.
  • The removal of dissolved solids leaves just clean water.
  • Tailored to your specific specifications.
  • ISO9001:2015 compliant.
  • Transport security on a global scale.
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    NEWater: Your Trusted Spotless Car Wash System Provider

    NEWater has been providing the greatest spot-free car wash system. Strategic and operational design for a pristine vehicle wash system can be tailored to your specific needs. You will also receive the most cost-effective spotless car wash filter, which removes any harmful compounds and hardness from water sources to avoid undesirable car stains and so reduces maintenance requirements while increasing equipment longevity. Our technical expertise can design and construct your Spotless Car Wash System, and it can be shipped to any location in the world. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Spotless Car Wash System

    Car Wash Water Softener

    NEWater’s Car Wash Water Softener is the ideal water softener to use in conjunction with detergents for a clean rinse.

    Hard Water Filter for Car Washing

    Water contaminants such as metals, minerals, and other potentially dangerous substances are all but eliminated by the NEWater Car Wash Hard Water Filter.

    Water Purification Systems for Home

    The Water Softener System from NEWater is successful in eliminating calcium and magnesium from the water source.

    Water Purifier Plant

    Our Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Style can remove up to 99% of most water pollutants, making it safe to drink while also being kind to the environment.

    Commercial Water Softener Systems  

    Commercial Water Softener System can filter harmful minerals and run trouble-free for years with no maintenance.


    NEWater’s Water Softening Equipment is developed to remove certain minerals from hard water, hence eliminating residual buildup and decreasing expenses.

    Trusted NEWater Spotless Car Wash System Manufacturer in China

    NEWater is the leading manufacturer of the most effective solution for spot-free car washing. Using a spotless vehicle wash filter from NEWater, water stains caused by TDS may be eliminated quickly and efficiently. To manufacture an integrated product and to continuously improve in accordance with the criteria of your industry, we pay close attention to every aspect.

    NEWater guarantees that its goods are of the greatest quality. Our design and production processes are backed by a highly qualified technical team that closely conforms to the criteria indicated in the data you provide. Additionally, we provide installation and commissioning services that cut your operational expenses by 50%.

    video cover
    Spotless Car Wash System

    NEWater Spot free Car Wash System Features

    The Spotless Car Wash System from NEWater effectively prevents the accumulation of stains on automobile surfaces. Many different businesses have used them, and they’ve been customized to meet their unique demands. There are two options for NEWater’s Spotless Car Wash System: a 100-gallon medium-output machine or a 300-gallon portable unit. As a result of its interchangeable resin cartridges, it produces water with a dissolved solids level of zero TDS (total dissolved solids). As soon as it crosses the threshold, its particular feature alerts you to the need to replace the cartridges. To guarantee that water is properly cleansed, total dissolved solids (TDS) meters are used.

    NEWater Spot-free Car Wash System Advantages

    • Remove at least 90% of the dissolved solids to prevent water spots.
    • The absence of water spots results in significant time and financial savings.
    • This will help to increase production efficiency.
    • Reduces the cost of upkeep.
    • Ensure the long-term viability of your equipment.
    Spotless Car Wash System advantages
    NEWater R&D2

    Customize your Spot-free Car Wash System

    Datas for system

    NEWater Uses Safe and Reliable Transportation for your Spot-free Car Wash System

    shipping and packaging


    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    How Long does the General Production Cycle Need to Wait?

    NEWater’s treatment types of equipment are divided into a large system and a small system according to the water volume. The equipment is divided into portable water-making equipment, small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container-type equipment. According to different water volumes and customer requirements, we provide customized services.

    Conventional small equipment takes 3-7 days, and large equipment takes 2-3 months. This is based on your requirements and water volume.

    If I Need to Customize Equipment, What Data Need to be Provided?

    1. As the voltage and frequency of different countries are different, we first need the local voltage and frequency of electricity.
    2. How many gallons the water requirement per hour is
    3. The water quality of the source water and what requirements need to be met
    4. If you need to provide on-site installation services

    Does the Equipment Need to be Installed On-site?

    1. Portable and small equipment — This is plug and play, it doesn’t need to be provided installation services. According to our instructions, you can install by yourself.
    2. Small modular equipment, skid-mounted equipment, and container equipment-we will reserve the interface for docking. If there are installation workers, we will provide installation instructions and installation instructions. If necessary, we can also send someone to install it.
    3. How to provide installation instructions —— We have installation instructions and installation videos. If necessary, we can provide free remote software to help you with remote video installation instructions.

    How to Charge for Installation Service

    1. We provide free installation instructions, with instruction manuals and installation videos
    2. Remote video installation guidance. If it is a large piece of equipment and the customer needs to install it by himself, then we will also provide free remote installation guidance service, but we need to plan a good time, within our working hours. Our working hours are from 9 o’clock to 18 o’clock Beijing time
    3. We send workers to install it. This needs to be based on the size of the project. If we have been designated to install it in the early stage, the installation service abroad will belong to our scope of work, and no additional charge is required.
    4. If we need to send someone to install it temporarily, we need to provide different charges according to different countries, installation technical requirements, and different types of technical work. Welcome to inquire.

    How to Transport the Equipment?

    There are several types of transportation, sea, air, and express

    1. If it is a small device and requires fast speed, we can provide door-to-door service by air and express, the normal transportation cycle is 5-10 days.
    2. If it is skid-mounted or container equipment, it is more appropriate to use the shipping method. The normal transportation cycle is 20-40 days.

    Whats Your Payment Method?

    Small equipment needs payment to delivery

    For skid-mounted equipment and container equipment, 50% is prepaid, 30% is charged after video inspection, and 20% is charged before shipment.

    Of course, we provide you with flexible ways of cooperation. Become our agents, and have more flexible support. Welcome to contact us.

    Do You Provide Maintenance Services?


    1. NEWater provides free installation guidance and a one-year product warranty service. During the warranty service period, if there is an equipment problem, we provide free equipment repair or replacement services. If it is a manual operation, a fee will be charged. We can provide the required equipment replacement.
    2. We provide life-long after-sales service. NEWater has a full set of equipment and accessories, which can be replaced. Don’t worry about the failure of after-sales and maintenance.
    3. During the warranty period, NEWater provides all kinds of professional technical support, and if necessary. We also provide remote video guidance services.
    4. After the warranty period, NEWater also provides life-long after-sales maintenance, which requires a certain amount of manual service. There are also many matching accessories that can be replaced, so there is no need to worry about the later operation of the equipment.

    Do You Provide Design Services?

    Yes, we do.

    For conventional small equipment, NEWater has standardized equipment. For large-scale skid-mounted and container equipment, we can design a process that meets the needs according to different water quality requirements.

    At the same time, we carry out three-dimensional drawing designs according to different requirements and then communicate with customers to confirm.

    After the design confirmation is completed, we then proceed to custom processing. So you don’t have to worry about our design and production capacity. We will provide you with the most professional technical support.

    NEWater Spotless Car Wash System

    NEWater is an industry leader in reducing operational expenses and providing the most adaptable solutions for Spot-free Car Wash systems. Our spotless car wash filter generates clean, ultra-pure, mineral-free water, which leaves no water stains. Ideal for cleaning automobiles, boats, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, etc.
    Our team of professionals will work with you one-on-one to guarantee that your product is of the highest quality and meets your demands. NEWater’s spot-free car wash systems are meticulously developed to eliminate apparent stains. Our spotless car wash filter eliminates all dissolved solids and hardness in the water source, creating water with 0 TDS. The Spotless Car Wash System from NEWater guarantees stain-free solutions while reducing maintenance expenses and extending equipment life.
    For inquiries regarding the Spot-free Car Wash systems, please contact us at

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Spotless Car Wash Systems.

    After a complete wash-down, the visible stains left in your car, boat, or motorcycle can be incredibly annoying. This might result in dissatisfied customers and a significant loss of sales for firms that provide car cleaning services. All of the aforementioned consequences, however, can be avoided by simply installing a high-quality car wash system.

    In essence, the system eliminates harmful contaminants like minerals and dissolved salts, which cause coloring and spots. Below, we’ll look at modern pristine car wash systems, their purification technology, and its numerous advantages.

    Figure 1 Spotless car wash systems.

    What is a Spotless Carwash System?

    A flawless car wash system is a water treatment machine built primarily to filter water for car cleaning. Typical immaculate vehicle wash systems remove undesired pollutants from raw water, such as dissolved salts and aggressive minerals, resulting in clean water. Water deionizers and reverse osmosis systems are the two most common water purification systems used to cleanse water for car washing.

    These devices can be used in both residential and commercial vehicle washes. They come in a variety of sizes and have a large production capacity. Vehicle wash water treatment systems avoid premature fouling of car wash equipment in addition to promoting spot-free cleaning.

    NEWater designs and produces high-quality immaculate car wash systems for business and household use. Our units are well-designed to provide compactness, portability, and ease of use. The installation process is usually simple and quick. Contact our skilled engineers, and we will design an exclusive car wash water treatment system that is tailored to your application’s size and scope.

    What Are the Chief Benefits of Using Spotless Car Wash Systems?

    Spotless car wash systems are generally utilized to provide purified water that allows for spot-free vehicle cleaning. Their use reaps several benefits, which explains why they are so popular in today’s world. The key benefits achieved from the adoption of immaculate car wash systems are briefly discussed below.

    ● Spot-free cleaning.

    Both reverse osmosis and water softener vehicle wash systems remove unwanted impurities that cause spots and stains. Water softeners remove hardness minerals, while reverse osmosis systems remove 90-99.7% of total dissolved solids (TDS) (calcium and magnesium).

    ● Elevated efficiency.

    Water purification systems for car washing remove contaminants such as calcium and magnesium, which reduce the cleaning detergent’s effectiveness. This lowers operational costs by reducing soap usage.

    ● Lower maintenance costs.

    Because hardness-causing minerals and dissolved salts are proactively dealt with in a clean vehicle wash system, the possibilities of scale build-up and corrosion are considerably reduced. This reduces the likelihood of equipment fouling, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

    ● Longevity.

    The average lifespan of a reverse osmosis immaculate vehicle wash system is 20 years, while premium water softeners are guaranteed to last 10 years. They perform properly and create spot-free cleaning water during their long lifespans, delivering quick returns on your investment.

    ● They look after the car wash equipment.

    Spotless car wash systems produce pure water that is devoid of salts and minerals. This prevents salts and scales from accumulating on the car washing machine, reducing the risk of fouling.

    Figure 2 Potable car wash water treatment system.

    Which Processes Are Exploited in Spotless Car Wash Systems?

    Spotless car wash systems are simply water purification devices that remove impurities from the water. They do so by employing various water purifying techniques. The various water purification technologies used in immaculate vehicle wash systems are described here.

    ● Water softening.

    Water softening is a cleaning technique that removes minerals that cause hardness. Processes like ion exchange, nanofiltration, and chemical dosing are frequently used. Hardness ions are exchanged with sodium (Na+) or potassium (K+) ions in ion exchange water softening. The cation exchange filter is used to do this. Nanofiltration is a membrane filtration technique that uses semipermeable membranes with porosities of 0.2 to 2 nanometers. Here is a quick video explaining the water softening process .

    ● Water deionization.

    Ion exchange water softening is analogous to water deionization. It does, however, rely on anion IX and cation exchange resins. Hydroxide (OH-) ions are suitable for anionic resins, while hydrogen (H+) ions are ideal for cationic resins. After the raw water has been cleaned of cationic contaminants by cation resins and anionic pollutants by anionic resins, deionized water is produced. This can happen in a single pressure vessel (mixed-bed deionization) or in two pressure vessels (dual pressure deionization) (two-bed deionization).

    ● Reverse osmosis.

    Pressure is used to force feedwater through partially permeable membranes in reverse osmosis, a thorough water treatment process. The use of reverse osmosis in car wash water treatment systems is primarily for lowering dissolved solids concentrations (TDS). Minerals, dissolved ions, viruses, bacteria, and chemical substances are all extracted throughout the process. The video below demonstrates reverse osmosis water purification in action.

    What Are the Distinct Types of Spotless Car Wash Systems?

    There are a variety of water filtration technologies available today. Because these systems have their own set of strengths and shortcomings, they are tailored to certain applications. A specific quality of purified water is required for spotless automobile washing, which can be produced utilizing a variety of water treatment systems. Below, we look at some of the best flawless vehicle wash systems in the globe.

    ● Deionized water car wash system.

    A purification equipment that replaces dissolved polluting ions with less-objectionable ions is a deionized water vehicle wash system. Ion-exchange technology is used to remove dissolved ions, minerals, inorganics, and metals. Deionized water systems are often divided into two categories:

    Figure 3 Spotless car wash deionizer system.

    ● Two-bed deionizers.

    Because they have two separate pressure vessels, they are sometimes known as dual-bed deionizers. The cation exchange resin is kept in the first vessel, while the anion exchange resin is kept in the second vessel next to it.

    ● Mixed-bed deionizers.

    A united anion and cation exchange resin distinguish mixed-bed deionizer car wash systems. The cationic and anionic contaminants are removed from the unified resin in a single pressure vessel. Mixed-bed deionizers are therefore more productive than dual-bed deionizers.

    ● Reverse osmosis car wash systems.

    RO vehicle wash systems are water treatment devices that use partly porous membranes to separate dissolved solids and other pollutants. Because they rely on pressure, energy consumption is one of their highest operating costs. Reverse osmosis systems, unlike deionizers, remove more contaminants, including microorganisms and organic substances. We manufacture single-pass and double-pass RO systems, and our designs are customized to meet your needs.

    Figure 4 Reverse osmosis system for car wash.

    ● Water softener car wash systems.

    Water softener systems are typically used to reduce the amount of hardness in the water. They remove calcium and magnesium from the water, which are the main sources of hardness. For car wash water treatment, we provide the following water softeners:

    • Ion exchange water softeners.
    • Nanofiltration systems.
    • Antiscalant injection systems.

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    How Do You Regenerate a Car Wash Water Softener System?

    Regeneration is a procedure that is used to refresh ion exchange water softeners. Eviction of trapped impurity ions from exhausted resins and subsequent injection of a regeneration solution is the standard procedure. The regeneration of a water softener system restores the system’s optimum functionality and prevents the filtered water quality from deteriorating. The basic stages of water regeneration are discussed here.

    ● Brine draw.

    The brine draw procedure starts the regeneration of a water softener. A solution made up of saltwater or brine is drawn from the brine tank and passed through the cation exchange resin. The seized calcium and magnesium ions are displaced by the regeneration solution, which eventually replaces them with Na+ or K+ ions. Reverse ion exchange is the common name for this procedure. This procedure usually takes around 30 minutes to complete.

    ● Rinsing.

    After the brine solution has been flushed through the resin, the resins are rinsed with clean water. This is usually conducted in two steps: a leisurely rinse and a rapid rinse. Slow rinsing is the initial step, which involves running water through the resins at a low flow rate. After that, the quick rinse process is started. This involves running clean water at a higher flow rate through the resin bed. Rinsing ensures that any remaining brine solution is rinsed away entirely.

    ● Refill.

    The cation exchange resin is considered recharged and ready for the next water softening cycle when the rapid rinse operation is completed. However, to compensate for the brine used during regeneration, a regeneration solution is injected into the brine tank. This guarantees that the brine tank will be ready for the next regeneration cycle. Below is a video depicting the water softener regeneration process.

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    How Effective Are Spotless Car Wash Systems?

    The quality of purified water generated can readily be used to assess the effectiveness of spot-free vehicle wash systems. Water deionizers and reverse osmosis systems used to cleanse vehicle wash water are both effective in this regard. RO vehicle wash systems regularly provide high-quality product water, which is classified as Type III purified water. Up to 99.7% of dissolved salts, microbial pathogens, chemical compounds, and minerals have been removed from this water.

    As a result, using RO permeate in car washing ensures an ultra-shiny finish with no spots or stains. Similarly, car wash water deionizer devices remove practically all dissolved ions from the water. Ions that cause hardness, minerals, metals, and dissolved salts are all examples. Deionized water or type II purified water is the precise quality of purified water they produce.

    The usage of purified water generated by immaculate car wash systems is not only attractive but it is also essential for maintaining the car wash equipment. It prevents the formation of salt deposits or scales, which cause corrosion and scaling. Get your NEWater spot-free car wash systems today and experience high outputs, cost-efficiency, and long-term dependability.

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    Which Maintenance Routines Are Necessitated by Spotless Car Wash Systems?

    You can get the most out of your immaculate car wash system if you maintain it properly and on time. It keeps the system running at peak efficiency, reduces operating expenses, and extends the life of your expensive hardware. Periodic cleaning of a reverse osmosis car wash system is required to rinse away the collected constituents. Cleaning membrane filtration systems is now particularly stress-free, thanks to systems such as membrane cleaning skids.

    Additionally, a sediment filter is required to pre-treat your feed water. The sediment filter will keep suspended materials out of the membrane, preventing it from clogging. Sediment filters can also be used as a pretreatment option for water softeners and DI water vehicle washing systems.

    Periodic regeneration is required for water softener vehicle wash systems. Backwashing the depleted resins to release trapped constituents and brine injection to restore non-pollutant ions are both parts of this process. The manufacturer is usually responsible for providing maintenance techniques and routines. We recommend that you contact your manufacturer if you experience any problems.

    Figure 5 Spot-free car wash water purification unit.

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    How Do You Install a Spotless Car Wash System?

    The design of a flawless vehicle wash system determines the installation process in large part. Some systems are preassembled and built-in self-contained pieces, making them simple to set up. Because of their plug-and-play architecture, such systems are both time-saving and cost-effective, as they save both space and installation expenditures.

    Installation is required for spotless vehicle wash systems with modular designs, but it is a simple process. When installing these systems, you have the option of hiring a professional specialist or doing it yourself. We provide detailed installation instructions in our guidebooks.

    Installation of high-volume systems can be complicated. We provide on-site installation services there. Our skilled team of technicians handles this, and our fees are competitive and customer-friendly. You can contact our customer service department if you have any problems. Installation assistance will be provided via video lessons or one-on-one calls.

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