Stainless Steel Water Tank

Figure 1 Stainless steel water tank

Product Standards

The stainless steel assembled water tank is designed, manufactured, and accepted following the technical parameters, technical conditions, and technical standards of the 02S101 building standard atlas. Quality standards and acceptance standards are implemented for quality control under the ISO 9001 quality system standard, and the product must comply with GB 9684-88 “Sanitary Standards for Stainless Steel Food Container” and GB 17219-1998 “Safety Evaluation Standard for Life Drinking Water Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials”.

Stainless Steel Assembled Water Tank Structural Features

The stainless steel assembled water tank is made by assembling and welding unit rectangular concave-convex plates formed by hydraulic stretching with a forming mold. It has corrosion resistance, crack resistance, beauty, and durability.

The plate material selected for the tank is high-quality food-grade stainless steel, and there are three different specifications of plates; 1000x1000mm, 1000x500mm, and 500x500mm. 

The tank is designed with a reinforced internal structure, and the tank body is assembled from plates using argon arc welding. 

The cross joints where the plates are spliced are designed with dual-directional reinforcing tie rods. 

Vertical reinforcing columns are installed between the side plates and the bottom plate of the tank, and each layer of the side plates is reinforced with columns on all four sides.

All materials are made of SUS304-2B stainless steel and are equipped with standard inlets, outlets, overflow, and drainage.

Flanges are provided for customer connection. Each water tank is equipped with two sets of ladders, one inside and one outside.

The material of the inner wall ladder is SUS304-2B stainless steel, a basic component of each water tank.

Water Tank Module Specifications

Water Tank Module Specifications

L x W x Thickness Unit (mm)





1000×500×1.2 1000×1000×2 (less commonly used)



1000×500×2 (less commonly used)

500×500×1.2 500×500×1.5

Figure 2 Water Tank Module Specifications


Water Tank Accessories

1. Manhole: φ550 manhole, made into a 1000×1000×1.5 module, with two ladder ears on one side, hole diameter φ12, and a lockable mechanism.

2. Ladder: Made of 30×30 polished stainless steel square tube or 36×24 polished stainless steel rectangular tube, with a width of 380mm, a height of 300mm per section, and a distance of 220mm from the tank body. The upper part is connected to the manhole ears with M10 bolts, and the lower part is covered with a rubber or plastic sleeve where it contacts the tank body and the ground (if a ready-made product is not available, this feature will be omitted).

3. R1/2 interface on the side of the water tank: Equipped with a 1/2 ball valve and a liquid level sensor, with an accuracy of 0.1m and a range of less than 5m.

4. Internal reinforcement: The reinforcement plate is a 40×30mm channel steel folded from stainless steel scraps. During the process of gradually assembling the water tank module into a complete tank, the four corners of each water tank module must be reliably welded with the opposite module’s corner seam to ensure the overall strength of the tank. The reinforcing plates are staggered at the intersections but cannot be bent.

5. Channel steel base: Considering the need for a drainage pipe to be led out from the bottom of the tank, the base is generally made of 14# channel steel, with a one-meter square mesh made of the same type of channel steel in the middle.

Note: Special specifications can be produced according to customer requirements.

Water Tank Specifications

Figure 3 Water Tank Specifications

Stainless Steel Assembled Water Tank 

I. Assembly

This water tank is designed and manufactured based on the SS177 design requirements and the accumulated experience of our factory in designing and producing various materials and different specifications and models of water tanks over the years.

It has a beautiful appearance and extremely strong seismic resistance, with all performing better than other structural water tanks. Standard blocks of 1000×1000, 1000×500, and 500×500 are punched from stainless steel plates and assembled by welding, and then assembled on site.

Figure 4 Stainless Steel Assembled Water Tank

II. Features

The capacity of this water tank can be assembled into any desired specifications, which can be selected by the designer. The designer can request the length, width, and height requirements of the tank for processing and production.

Instructions For Use:

1. The stainless steel water tank is secondary equipment for storing domestic water and can only be used to store domestic water (fire water) and cannot be used to store liquids with high content of acid, alkali, sulfuric acid, or hydrochloric acid.

2. During use, do not place other heavy equipment on the top of the water tank, and do not hit or draw on the surface or pipe fittings of the water tank with hard objects. If there are any problems, notify the manufacturer’s technical maintenance personnel in advance. The welding personnel who perform the maintenance should be professionals specializing in argon arc welding, and the water should be drained during maintenance.

3. Maintenance personnel should observe the use of the main components and accessories inside and outside the water tank monthly, and promptly report any problems to the manufacturer.

4. Do not open the access cover of the water tank at will to prevent secondary pollution of the water quality. The water tank should be cleaned and maintained 1-2 times a year.

Figure 5 Stainless Steel Water Tank Features

Note: The picture is for reference only. The product can be customized based on actual needs.

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