Ultrafiltration Membrane

  • Strong antioxidant ability
  • Bursting strength: 1.3MPA
  • Good hydrophilicity
  • Large flux with 90% fibers porosity
  • High interception rate: 99.9999%

Membrane material:    modified PVC, PES, PVDF
Housing material:    UPVC
MWCO:    6000,10000,50000,100000 Daltons
Micron Rate:    0.1-0.002micron
Turbidity of output water:    <0.1NTU
SDI of output water:    <1
Removal rate of bacteria:    99.9%
Productivity:    2000L/Hour, 3000L/Hour
Filtration can be from outside to inside or from inside to outside, depending on your choice.

Your Trusted Ultrafiltration Membrane Manufacturer in China

There is a race globally to meet stringent water quality standards. And to ensure a reliable and consistent standard of water, treatment of water is essential. Our Ultrafiltration Membranes are manufactured to help you meet these standards and stand out amongst the competition in terms of quality.

Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration technique, making use of reverse osmosis. It is used in the treatment of alternative water sources, such as saline water, wastewater, brackish water, and groundwater, among others. And for the production of potable water. These membranes exclude impurities that come in the 0.02 to 0.05-micron range.

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NEWater Ultrafiltration Membrane Parameters:



quantity of loading

membrane filaments

Membrane area


Filtration accuracy


Pure water flux


Design flu






100000 1025 60-160
UF-90-H-50K 50000 820 50-120
UF-90-H-10K 10000 410 30-100


6000 307 20-80
High antipollution UF-90-R-100K



100000 775 40-90
UF-90-R-50K 50000 620 30-80
UF-90-R-10K 10000 310 20-70
UF-90-R-6K 6000 232 10-60
outline dimension dia90×1192mm
Inlet and outlet



shell material


Fiber Specifications

Fiber Material Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
Membrane Technology TIPS
Membrane Configuration Hollow Fiber
Nominal Pore Size 0.1 μm
Fiber I.D./O.D. 0.7 mm/1.3 mm


Module Specifications

Flow Configuration Outside-in
Housing Material U-PVC/ABS
Potting Material Epoxy Resin
Sealing Type/Material O-ring/EPDM
A Port Size
Rp3/8’’ Female Thread
B/C/D Port Size
ANSI 2’’ Coupling
Effective Area 80 m2
Module Volume (Water) 55 L
Weight (Water-filled/Empty) 100/45kg
Packing Weight

125 kg

NEWater Ultrafiltration Membrane Flow Chart:

Ultrafiltration Membrane Flow chart Ultrafiltration Membrane Flow chart

NEW’a’te’rUF membrane application

(1) Drinking water purification

(2) Ultrapure water preatement

(3) Municipal sewage and industrial wastewater reuse

(4) Special solution sepraration, concentration,etc

UF memberane application


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Ultrafiltration Membrane Experts in China

NEWater is definitely your ideal Ultrafiltration Membrane producer and manufacturer. We control the quality of our products from the source to achieve unparalleled quality control in other industries, and offer the most cost-effective factory price and one-year warranty in a highly competitive industry.


UF memberane factory4
UF memberane factory

NEWater Can Promise You

  • Source manufacturers
  • Competitive factory prices
  • One-to-one guidance
  • The strict quality control process
  • One year warranty

Kinds of UF Water Filter Elements

NEWater not only provides you with high-quality ultrafiltration membranes, but we also support the supply of replacement parts for different types of ultrafiltration water purifier elements.

All of them are subject to strict quality control to ensure excellent quality.

Kinds of UF water filter elements
UF memberane packaging & shipping

UF memberane packaging & shipping

In order to ensure the shipping time and safety of the goods, we recommend air freight, but also sea freight can be used.

Your choice of courier methods includes FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc.

For more information, please contact us.

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    NEWater Ultrafiltration Membrane  

    As mentioned earlier, our Ultrafiltration Membranes exclude particles in the 0.02 to 0,05-micron range, and these contaminants include colloids, organics, viruses, and bacterial pathogens among others. And this process is carried out by pressurizing the water and pushing it through these partially permeable Ultrafiltration membranes.

    The concept of reverse osmosis is employed in this water treatment process, pressurizing the water allows it to overcome its natural osmotic potential, thus pushing through the semipermeable membrane. The impurities are retained and are referred to as retentate and the water passes through and is referred to as the permeate or filtrate.

    Our Ultrafiltration Membranes are usually used as a pretreatment step in desalination processes and reverse osmosis processes. They are able to lower the chemical cleaning frequency and are able to make the process faster, in both cases lowering the cost of carrying out the process and the downtime. They also help alleviate fouling of the membrane, and to prevent there being buildup in or clogging of the membranes.

    Our Ultrafiltration membranes are composed of durable and stable polymers, and have a high pore density and smaller pore diameter, to ensure efficient removal of contaminants. And ensure that standards such as minimum turbidity levels and density levels are met.

    Our Ultrafiltration Membranes are manufactured under the surveillance of environmental protection engineers with multiple years of experience, they have a small carbon footprint, allow for alternative water sources to be used in various application areas, rather than limited natural resources and they don’t make use of harmful chemicals in the treatment process, such as coagulants, polymers, pH adjustment chemicals, among others.


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