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    NEWater: Ultrafiltration System Manufacturing Leaders

    Your ultrafiltration equipment manufacturer NEWater promises the production of odorless, colorless, and pathogen-free filtered water, without a hassle. Our highly trained staff ensures that you receive the best quality water treatent systems, manufactured using membranes of optimum quality. And along sides all this, we ensure a comparatively low cost of running the system. We provide 24/7 service to allow all your questions to be answered!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Ultra Filtration Systems

    UF Filter

    We manufacture UF filters, which remove impurities along with pathogens from your water.

    UF Membrane Filter

    At NEWater we manufacture UF membrane filters that have high-quality filtration performance with high flux.

    Ultrafiltration Water Treatment

    We manufacture ultrafiltration water treatment units that make use of membranes with low pore diameters.

    Ultrafiltration Machine

    Our ultrafiltration machines produce high-quality potable and consumable water from the water being treated.

    Ultrafiltration Water Filter

    We provide ultrafiltration water filters that remove microbial and viral factors along with chemical impurities.

    Whole House Ultrafiltration System

    Our whole house ultrafiltration system is a versatile unit allowing the provision of usable water for domestic use.

    Ultrafiltration Equipment

    We manufacture ultrafiltration equipment that has both chemical resistance and temperature tolerance.

    Industrial Ultrafiltration Systems

    Our industrial ultrafiltration systems are customizable according to the requirements of the customer.

    Ultrafiltration Membrane

    Uses hollow fiber membranes to filter water from the inside to the outside. Spiral wound RO membrane, filtering from the outside to the inside.

    Your Ultrafilteration System in China

    NEWater’s ultra filtration systems conduct water treatment and allow for water reclamation. And their application is essential in a number of varying industries, for their proper functioning. We have helped these industries save offer 50% of their investment cost and our on-site aids also guarantee that there is no loss or risk during the installation process.

    We here at NEWater are proud to state that we have received multiple authoritative certifications highlighting our commitment to environmental protection, reducing the increasing strain on our limited freshwater resources, and providing our customers with safe usable water for their varying requirements.

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    NEWater Ultrafiltration Equipment Main Component List

    1. Standard back flushing pump (with the electric machine) and high-pressure pump.
    2. Security filter and integrated membrane housing.
    3. Automatic chemical self-washing mechanism.
    4. Supervisory meters such as concentrated water pressure gauge, flow meter, and conductivity apparatus.
    5. Automatic or manual control.

    NEWater Ultrafiltration Technology

    Our ultrafiltration equipment is a cost-effective way to filter water that can’t be handled using traditional methods. As it can accomplish more work in half the space of traditional procedures, UF pretreatment was chosen as standard equipment. In the treatment of high-silt density index (SDI) waters, UF pretreatment can extend the life of reverse-osmosis membranes. It requires less capital, has lower running expenses, does not require coagulants, and utilizes few chemicals.

    uf technology ultrafiltration
    ultrafiltration system display

    NEWater Ultrafiltration System Product Advantages

    • Made of high-quality materials that are abrasion and corrosion-resistant.
    • Operation is fully automated, steady, and high-performing. The maintenance is convenient and cost-effective.
    • With innovative technology, a logical method, a small structure, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
    • PVDF is the membrane’s primary material, and it has excellent chemical stability, permeate flux, permeate quality, and fouling resistance.

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    Ultrafiltration System from NEWater

    At NEWater our ultra filtration systems are employed in various companies as essential parts of their operations. Our ultrafiltration units basically use a membrane for water treatment. These membranes are made of semi-permeable material that separates the water from the impurities when hydrolytic pressure is applied to the liquid. Initially suspended solids of high molecular weight are separated, and as the bore size of the membrane becomes progressively smaller impurities of smaller molecular weight are separated from the recycled water.

    Our ultrafiltration systems remove a variety of impurities including plastics, organic matter, silica, bacteria, endotoxins, viruses, and silt. Our devices do not require any chemical coagulants or resins and guarantee a high capacity of filtration with regard to the removal of impurities and microbial pathogens. They are also easily programmable and are environmentally friendly. Our Ultrafiltration Systems will remove essentially most of the turbidity from the water!

    We provide around-the-clock customer service to ensure that all your concerns are addressed!

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for

    Ultrafiltration System

    NEWater Company commits to offering you efficient and high-quality ultrafiltration systems that cleanse water and provide the purest and crystal-clear drinking water by producing stable water quality no matter the water source. Our ultrafiltration equipment purify water by removing most organic molecules, pathogens, germs, bacteria, and viruses.

    What is an Ultrafiltration System?

    Ultrafiltration system is a water purification system that eliminates suspended solids, organic compounds, proteins, oils, and high-molecular-weight solutes from water through diverse membrane filtrations, like RO membrane filtration.

    It also blocks these solids, and only certain types of molecules like water and low-molecular-weight solutes are allowed to flow through the membrane.

    1Ultrafiltration System

    What Are the Advantages of the NEWater Ultrafiltration System?

    NEWater ultrafiltration unit can use electricity and can function with normal pressure, and this helps to save additional costs. Secondly, it is suitable for a wide application and portable; they are easily accessed as transportation is trouble-free.

    Thirdly, it assures you of the purest form of water for drinking and deep cleansing. Also, we provide a modular, compact system that you can benefit from by saving space and installing.

    In addition, our ultrafiltration system membranes are made of high-quality material with strong adaptability and can withstand chemicals and changing temperatures. That notwithstanding, they require minimum investments and are eco-friendly because they do not produce any wastewater at all.

    Besides, we offer the most efficient ultrafiltration equipment that does not require much maintenance and can remain in an ideal working state for many years. Further, the ultrafiltration system membrane eliminates most organic viruses, substances, and bacteria that enhance water pollution producing safe water for consumption.

    Why is the NEWater Ultrafiltration Equipment Different?

    NEWater offers an ultrafiltration system that is economical to our consumers thus saving them 50% of investment costs. Also, our ultrafiltration equipment is designed to effectively kill bacteria and germs by eliminating all the particles and any microorganisms contaminating the water.

    On the other hand, they have low maintenance because of low power consumption. It makes them efficient since few manual actions are required, as the systems operate at low pressure.

    Thirdly, we provide consistent quality with a compact size that is easy to install and carried around the needed places. Furthermore, it does not need electricity to operate as water can be filtered using natural pressure.

    Additionally, they are environmentally friendly because no chemicals are used, which means that pollutants are not released. Also, they can also deep cleanse and purify muddy water quickly, making it suitable for drinking.

    Ultrafiltration equipment is durable and can run effectively for an extended period, which significantly saves maintenance costs and unnecessary repairs. Besides, they are easy to operate and are manufactured under quality standard operating procedures.

    Again, we have the best team and engineers with 20 years of work experience who ensure our ultrafiltration system provides excellent purification and cleanses water. Its membrane has super filtration performance with high flux.

    2. NEWater Ultrafiltration System

    What Are the Application Areas of An Ultrafiltration System?

    We provide ultrafiltration systems that can be used in various fields and fit the needs of different industries. It suits applications that can be applied anywhere you want filtered water such as water recycling, drinking water treatment, standalone systems water reclamation, food and beverage processing, paper & pulp industries, plastic & resins, chemical industries, pharmaceutical manufacturing, water recycling industries, and wastewater treatment.

    You can use it to treat wastewater, concentrate proteins, separate chemical processes, separate oil/water emulsions, remove pathogens from milk, and clarify fruit juices.

    How Does an Ultrafiltration System Function?

    Ideally, ultrafiltration is a process done when there is an immediate need for purified water.

    Ultrafiltration equipment functions by using a membrane filtration process that serves as a barrier to dissociate harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from clean water.

    Suspended solids and high-molecular-weight solutes like pathogens, germs, and bacteria that are too large to pass through the membrane stick to the outer membrane surface only fresh water and dissolved minerals pass through.

    A carbon filter is put on the system to remove foul odor and taste along with the suspended solids.

    Figure 3 Layout of Ultrafiltration System Membrane

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    What Is the Difference Between Ultrafiltration Equipment and Nanofiltration?

    Ultimately, they all have the same function; the main difference between the ultrafiltration system and Nanofiltration is the membrane’s pore size.

    Ultrafiltration system filters have a pore size of 0.01 microns which blocks everything. In contrast, Nanofiltration has a pore size of approximately 0.001 microns which does not remove dissolved compounds and is generally used in industrial pure water manufacture.

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    What Are the Different Varieties of an Ultrafiltration System?

    There are two types of ultrafiltration systems which are point-of-use and Point-of-entry.

    A Point-of-use is used for under-the-counter drinking water systems to process all the water running into your household, and Point-of-entry is typically used to run water applications and is installed directly to your water line that does not require water filtered as acceptable.

    They can both work together to create a complete solution for drinking water and whole-house needs.

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    What Is the Production Process of an Ultrafiltration Unit?

    A water purification system that forces pressure to separate suspended solids and high-molecular-weight solutes from water through the diverse membrane filtrations retained in the retentate by blocking these solids. In contrast, water and low-molecular-weight solutes are allowed to flow through the membrane in the permeate.

    It captures and removes physical solids from the water by passing them through a semipermeable membrane.

    It only allows water, minerals, and some dissolved solids to pass through the filter and out by passing it through porous and hollow fiber membranes that hold all unwanted particles.

    Ultrafiltration is one of the most popular choices for comprehensive under-sink water filtration.

    4.Process of an Ultrafiltration System

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    How Much Does Ultrafiltration Equipment Cost?

    Our ultrafiltration system varies according to the material used, the type of ultrafiltration equipment you need, the customization design, the size of the ultrafiltration unit, the quality of the membrane, and the water quality required.

    However, we provide free installation, with instruction manuals as well as installation videos. For large equipment and the customer wants to it by themselves, we provide free remote installation guidance service. If not possible, we send our technicians to install it. If the installation falls out of our scope of work, then there will be additional charges.

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    Does NEWater offer a Customized Ultrafiltration System?


    If a customer needs a customized ultrafiltration system, we will only require specific information on the requirements. This includes water frequency in your location, frequency of the electricity, the quality of water from the source, the requirements you need to be met, whether you need an on-site installation and any other relevant information.

    We also provide various designs from which our customers are able to choose such as those of conventional small equipment, standardized equipment, and large skid-mounted, and we can also assist design one that meets the needs according to different water quality requirements.

    Once the design is complete, it is sent to the customer for approval, then it proceeds to custom processing. So, you need not worry about customization and design. We provide the most professional technical support.

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    Should I Buy or Rent a UF System?

    We can lease it out for you for those who cannot afford a UF system. However, buying our sturdy ultrafiltration system guarantees you a long-lasting life, and you can enjoy extended warranties, which minimize any unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.

    It is cost-effective because the longer you use it, the more money you save compared to renting it frequently, and you may end up paying a higher total cost over an extended period. It also offers you the flexibility to choose a system that suits your requirement and adds value to your house.

    Renting is the best option if you need it for a short-term solution, and there is a little commission if you decide to move. Renting it out also minimizes the money spent because contractual obligations cover the repair and maintenance costs.

    However, renting limits you because you cannot fully control the ultrafiltration unit as it is not yours.

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    What is the Purpose of the Ultrafiltration Equipment?

    Typically, an ultrafiltration system is used to remove all the particles like bacteria, germs, viruses, and suspended solids from water. It also has UF system filters with a pore size of 0.01 microns, which blocks everything, ensuring excellent purification.

    It can also deep cleanse and purify muddy water quickly, making it suitable for drinking. Additionally, it assures the purest form of water which you can comfortably consume.

    Purpose of the Ultrafiltration System

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    What are the Different Types of Ultrafiltration System Membrane?

    We provide ultrafiltration systems membranes with chemical tolerance and PH stability that excellently dissociate suspended particles and microorganisms with tiny organic molecules that pass the membrane. Hence you get to choose the one you prefer most.

    There are five main types of NEWater ultrafiltration systems that use an “outside-in” configuration where the feed water stays on the exterior of the membrane fiber. The filtered water passes into the core of the hollow fiber.

    They include polyethersulfone, CSL ultrafiltration membrane, PVDF electro coat, hollow fiber, and polyacrylonitrile ultrafiltration membranes.

    • Polyethersulfone Ultrafiltration Membrane: results in high filtration that meets our strict performance. It works by removing fine particles and bacteria from aqueous solutions to a molecular weight cut-off. It is used in sample preparation, sterile filtration, and infusion therapy.
    • CSL ultrafiltration membranes are the latest in our ultrafiltration technology. It offers substantial energy savings with chemical compatibility, has high flux over time at pressure, and backwashing enables it a longer life. It is used in oil/water separation, high solids separation, and RO pre-filtration.
    • Our PVDF Electrocoat Ultrafiltration Membrane: is among the finest in our NEWater Company designed to provide high performance and is used in electro-coating applications.
    • Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane: provides excellent filtrate quality by getting rid of viruses and germs with low operating costs. They are used in small commercial, point-of-use (POU) systems, and point-of-entry (POE) systems applications.
    • Polyacrylonitrile Ultrafiltration Membrane: is designed from robust materials enabling it to last long. It provides high performance that is tolerant to solvents and oily wastewater used in residential and commercial. It uses the most advanced membrane technology and manufacturing processes.

    6.Ultrafiltration System Membrane

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    Is it Possible to Obtain a Personalized Ultrafiltration System?

    Yes, with our innovative product design technology, we provide a customized ultrafiltration system that meets the requirement and necessities of our clients. You are only required to provide us with vital information on exactly how you want it to be designed.

    We communicate with our clients to confirm which of our three-dimensional drawing designs you want according to different requirements to analyze and then custom-make it.

    Conventional small ultrafiltration equipment takes 3-7 days, and the large one takes 2-3 months based on your specifications.

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    How Do I Order Ultrafiltration Equipment?

    You only need to make a direct inquiry to us via our website and order your ideal ultrafiltration system. We will follow it up with you until it’s delivered to your ideal location.

    50% is prepaid, 30% is charged after inspection, and 20% is set before it is delivered. We sell both locally and abroad. Choose your favorite ultrafiltration equipment and order now.

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    What are the Components that Make an Ultrafiltration System?

    Our UF system consists of various parts that ensure it is fully functional it has a pore size that ranges from 0.1 to 0.01 microns, stainless steel backwash pump, and a microprocessor.

    The other components are the control panel, motor starters, flow meter, pressure gauges, sample valves, screen filters, raw water pump, filtrate pump, and ambient Temperature 5 – 35 C, and liquid-filled pressure switch.

    8.Components that Make an Ultrafiltration System

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    What are the Key Factors to Consider When Buying an Ultrafiltration Unit?

    • The level of contamination – through knowing what is in your water, you can efficiently determine how you cleanse and purify it, and our ultrafiltration system can excellently do that.
    • The water quality – needs to be tested to ensure the water’s smell, taste, and color are appropriate for drinking.
    • The cost of the UF system you want to purchase. It should be one that fits your budget and maintenance cost, due to the need for regular service.
    • Water pressure depends on various factors like the elevation of your building or clogged filters determined by the incoming water supply. We can attach a water booster pump with an RO system if your water supply has less pressure.
    • We offer customized ultrafiltration equipment that is compact that can effectively occupy the space you have.
    • Level of energy – electricity plays a vital role in purifying water though not all ultrafiltration system uses electricity.
    • Additionally, it will depend on your average daily consumption for your family. You should compare what type of purification process and technology and choose the one that suits your requirement.

    Buy a high-quality registered product that has a warranty so that you can enjoy our services.

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    Ultrafiltration Equipment is Made of What Material?

    We make durable, high-quality ultrafiltration systems that are designed to remove microorganisms and pathogens from water. They are economical, eco-friendly, and compatible.

    The spiral ultrafiltration membranes ensure high performance by efficiently removing bacteria and most viruses.

    Its stainless-steel nature makes it resistant to chemicals and has a high tolerance to changing temperatures.

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    What are the Characteristics of the Ultrafiltration System?

    Our Ultrafiltration membrane has a pore size ranging from 0.1 to 0.01 microns, a daily capacity range of 10,000 t0 1,037,000 GPD, ultrafiltration modules with different flux rates, turbidity of up to 300ppm, and TSS of up to 100mg/l.

    9.the Characteristics of the Ultrafiltration System

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    How do You Install an Ultrafiltration System?

    Our small portable, modular UF system makes it easy to be transported to our client’s destination. You can install it personally through our free installation instructions manual and the installation videos we provide.

    For the large ones, we send our professional technician to come and install them for you. Alternatively, if you need to install it for yourself, we offer free remote installation guidance services.

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    What are the Key Factors Affecting the Performance of an Ultrafiltration Unit?

    Several factors affect the way the ultrafiltration system works. These are:

    The pore size affects how water is purified as it determines which solutes are blocked and what solution flows.

    When the operating temperature increases, the filtration rate is large, increasing operating pressure dilutes solutions, and a higher flow rate across the membrane means larger pumps and higher energy consumption.

    Additionally, the size of RO membranes determines which solutes pass through our ultrafiltration system quickly.

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    Approximately, How Long Can Ultrafiltration Equipment Last?

    NEWater is committed to providing high-quality products inclusive ultrafiltration systems that are durable. Generally, the life cycle of the membrane is 3 years, which mainly depends on the local water quality. Afterward, maintenance is needed to keep it functioning well.

    10.How Long Can an Ultrafiltration System Last

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    How is the Experience of Using an Ultrafiltration System?

    NEWater Company focuses on water purification. We have a professional team with a rich engineering experience of 20 years, which effectively reduces on-site installation costs.

    UF systems have been used in various applications to help households, businesses, and industries to solve the problem of water contamination that otherwise causes harm if consumed and infiltrated.

    For more than 20 years, we have been focusing on water purification research and development, and we have managed to build more than 9000 purification systems.

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    What Methods do You Use to Transport an Ultrafiltration Unit?

    NEWater Company provides door-to-door delivery worldwide by air and expresses if it is a small device and requires fast transportation between 5-10 days.

    We also use the shipping method to transport a skid-mounted ultrafiltration system that is done between 20-40 days.

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    What are the Delivery Options for the Purchased Ultrafiltration Unit?

    We cooperate with international express companies such as TNT, UPS, FedEx, etc., using shipping or air transportation. It depends on the customer’s needs and the size of the order.

    NEWater Company uses air, express, and shipping method to deliver purchased ultrafiltration to our customers. Small equipment needs payment to be paid while larger ultrafiltration system payments are made in three steps.

    50% is prepaid, 30% is charged after inspection, and 20% is charged before shipment.

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    What are the Potential Drawbacks of an Ultrafiltration System?

    They do not remove dissolved inorganics and dissolved solids.

    Damage may occur when trying to prevent hard particles from flowing through, and the odor of the water remains the same.

    It can be harmful to drinking because it does not become respective solubility; furthermore, the membrane is damages at a pressure of less than 3 bar.

    11.Potential Drawbacks of an Ultrafiltration System

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    Does the Use of an Ultrafiltration Unit Require Certification?

    Yes, there is a need for a license and ISO certification to qualify to use the UF system for business. NEWater Company has obtained environmental pollution purification and safety production licenses.

    We have also passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. We are a professional company in the production of purified water for over 20 years.

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    How Long Does it Take for Ultrafiltration Equipment to be Delivered?

    It takes us 5-10 days to deliver a small UF system through door-to-door delivery by express and air. It takes 5-10 days to provide a skid-mounted ultrafiltration system by shipping method.

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    What Services are Offered to an Ultrafiltration System and How Often Should it be Serviced?

    We impart you with water purification treatment solutions and make it easy to access our equipment as we offer global door-to-door delivery services.

    We provide a one-year warranty period. We offer free UF system repair or replacement services if it gets damaged and provide remote video guidance services and professional technical consultation. We, however, charge if a malfunction of ultrafiltration is due to human operation.

    We offer customized solutions based on our customers’ needs which assist them in efficiently solving their problems, and quickly responding to their service needs.

    We also provide free installation guidance by issuing instructions manual and installation videos that guide you on adequately doing it for yourself.

    After the warranty period, we provide life-long-after sales services and maintenance which can replace various matching accessories.

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    What are the Maintenance Practices of an Ultrafiltration Unit?

    Due to its numerous benefits, it is advisable to know how to maintain our ultrafiltration system.

    Proper care of the equipment, such as keeping the equipment clean and dry, will extend its useful life.

    Our UF system membrane should be preserved using sodium bisulfite. It is recommended that all UF filtrate produced for the first hour after preservation be dumped into the drain.

    You should check the mechanical components for any visual problems in the UF system to ensure they are repaired or replaced in case of malfunction.

    Our water pumps should be applied with the right pressure and water flow, especially if they are on elevated ground.

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