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    NEWater: High-quality UV Water Sterilizers Supplier

    Make your UV water sterilizers purchase faster and more safely with NEWater. UV water sterilizers are well-designed by our skilled long-term designers. Our excellent production produces plenty of supplies of UV water sterilizers to meet all types of businesses worldwide. We can supply UV water sterilizers to all of our customers immediately.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse UV Water Sterilizers

    UV Water Purifier

    We manufacture UV Water Purifiers that have a robust construction and are self-contained easily programmable systems.

    Sewage Treatment Plants

    Our Sewage Treatment Plants treat waste water removing organic matter-based contaminants along with harmful microorganisms.

    Commercial UV Water Purifier

    We manufacture Commercial UV Water Purifiers that can be used for high capacity ultra-purification, allowing treated water to meet the standards having been set globally.

    Industrial UV Water Purifier

    We manufacture Industrial UV Water Purifiers here at NEWater that can practically remove from 90 to 99 percent of the microbial pathogens.

    UV Disinfection System for Water Treatment

    We make UV Disinfection Systems for Water Treatment in both domestic and commercial application areas, which are of superior quality.

    UV Disinfection System for Wastewater Treatment

    We manufacture UV Disinfection Systems for Wastewater Treatment that allows water to be recycled and be made potable and useable in various application areas.

    Professional UV Water Sterilizers Supplier in China

    Your UV Water Sterilizer manufacturer and designer NEWater makes high-performance and efficient Water Sterilizers that have a disinfection capacity of over 99 percent. They can be attached to a previously assembled chain, for treatment of all forms of water, including wastewater, saline water, and brackish water, among others.

    Our UV Water Sterilizers are environmentally friendly and do not make use of harsh chemicals. They are easily programmable, use UV LEDs that provide instant full power, and do not transfer heat to the water being treated.


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    UV Water Sterilizers Works

    How NEWater UV Water Sterilizers Works

    In our system, it uses a germicidal ultraviolet wavelength to kill bacteria, viruses, and cysts (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia). UV radiation at a wavelength of 254 nm breaks the DNA of harmful germs, preventing them from reproducing. Bacteria cannot spread disease through drinking water because of ultraviolet light.

    The amount of energy (in mJ/cm2) delivered by a UV water purifier is referred to as UV dose. The higher the dosage, the more energy is used to treat the contaminated water. This energy reaches a point where it is adequate to inactivate the majority of the bacteria in water.

    NEWater UV Water Sterilizers Product Details

    With our system, The ultraviolet (UV) treatment process is a physical process that happens very quickly. DNA is mutated and/or degraded by ultraviolet light. Because the organism’s “instructions” are jumbled or missing when the DNA is broken, it becomes unable to function. An organism that lacks instructions is unable to function, reproduce, or infect others. It eventually dies after being rendered harmless.
    Water is purified in the UV disinfection process when it passes through a stainless steel chamber containing a particular UV-producing lamp. The microbes in the water receive a deadly dose of UV as the water runs past the lamp

    UV Water Sterilizers Product Details
    UV Water Sterilizers Applications

    NEWater UV Water Sterilizers Applications

    1. The food processing industry, which includes juices, milk, beverages, beer, cooking oil, and canned foods.
    2. Hospitals, diverse laboratories, and pathogenic bodily water disinfection at high levels.
    3. Buildings for households, residential, business buildings, hotels, restaurants, and water treatment plants.
    4. Cleaning and disinfection of shellfish, as well as the cleaning and disinfection of fish
    5. Thermal electricity, industrial nuclear power plants, cooling water for central air conditioning systems.

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    Why NEWater UV Water Sterilizers

    Are you looking for the most effective but cheaper rates UV water sterilizers in China? Well, NEWater can meet your demands.

    NEWater UV water sterilizers are effective for different processes to provide a clean and safe water supply for everyone anywhere. This is perfect for disinfection providing quality water through water treatment methods. It targets the water impurities without any danger and overdoses.

    NEWater UV water sterilizers can kill or remove 99% of germs and bacteria in just 10sec. after the UV light exposure. Our UV water sterilizers are offer economical solutions for any business you handled. It has great value for your business while lowering your costs.

    NEWater can support all projects. It has different applications offered for bottled water plants, water softener, cooling towers, widely supply in hospitals, restaurants, food products, farms, dairies, schools, and more.

    UV Water Sterilizers

    Here in NEWater, you can get plenty of selections such as industrial UV water sterilizers, commercial UV water sterilizers, small form factors, and more. We ensure to design UV water sterilizers to eliminate harmful substances and organisms from water.

    We, NEWater proudly offer our UV water sterilizers as post-treatment for your final applications. It is tested by many people in business for quality, appearance, effectiveness, and so on. NEWater UV water sterilizers are easier to install and offered less maintenance.

    We can help your branding business by supplying water-like bottling and more options. It is perfect for food products, food courts, and different establishments.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers.

    The presence of microbial pathogens in raw water inhibits its application in various industries. Human consumption of polluted water is particularly fatal given that the annual mortality rate from diarrhea is approximately 485,000.

    Therein, disinfection of raw water is mandatory, especially if the end application involves human consumption or industrial manufacturing. Ultraviolet water sterilization is a technology presently aiding households, industries, and commercial enterprises to combat the repercussions of microbial pollution.

    Figure 1 Ultraviolet water sterilizer.

    What is Ultraviolet Water Sterilization?

    Ultraviolet water sterilization is a disinfection process reliant on germicidal UV radiations for the effective deactivation of waterborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and algae. Essentially, UV water sterilizers utilize UV rays (at a minimum wavelength of 253.7 nanometers) to efficiently break down the DNA makeup of biological pollutants.

    The evolution of ultraviolet disinfection commenced in the 1900s with recent breakthroughs giving rise to highly productive and economical sterilization equipment. Their specificity to microbial disinfection makes them perfect for purified water generation.

    What are the Advantages of Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    Contemporary ultraviolet water sterilizers have come a long way to effectively substitute chlorination, which was the revered water disinfection technology in the past. The pros of using UV water sterilizations are extensive and immeasurable ranging from prevention of waterborne illnesses to affordable and convenient maintenance. Beneath is a list of the primary benefits earned from the utilization of UV water sterilizers.

    • They are eco-friendly given they do not generate volatile waste products.
    • They are extremely fast given that microbial pathogens are destroyed within 10 seconds of UV coverage.
    • High sterilization scores (up to 99.9%).
    • They do not affect the water’s taste or odor.
    • They have distinct daily capacity ranges (40-1,300GPM).

    What are the Primary Components of UV Water Sterilizers?

    Ordinarily, ultraviolet water sterilizers comprise four chief parts with distinct roles that ultimately combine to facilitate optimum disinfection. To help you understand UV water sterilizers better, below is a brief description of their principal components.

    Ultraviolet lamp.

    The ultraviolet lamp is the chief actor in ultraviolet sterilization responsible for disseminating the required germicidal wavelength that breaks down the pathogens’ DNA cells. Typically, UV water sterilizers have varying UV lamps. Here are the main UV lamps deployed in UV disinfection systems.

    • Standard UV lamps.
    • Amalgam UV lamps.
    • High-output UV lamps.

    Quartz sleeve.

    The quartz sleeve is customarily a long and cylindrical glass tubing responsible for shielding the ultraviolet lamp from damage and water.

    Reactor chamber.

    All the other parts of the UV sterilization device are stored in a reactor chamber. The reactor chamber is essentially made of stainless steel and can be customized in size and shape. It houses the control panel, UV lamp, and quartz sleeve.

    Control panel.

    It is a user interface that allows you to regulate the UV lamp’s electrical output. The control panel is commonly referred to as the ballast. Using the control panel, you can regulate the intensity of the ultraviolet rays and power on/off the UV sterilization device.

    Figure 2 Ultraviolet light lamp.

    What are the Basic Features of Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    UV water sterilizers are unique water treatment systems given that their working principle massively differs from the rest. They are particularly effective in eradicating biological pollutants and they achieve this without utilizing chemicals. Sterilization using UV sterilizers takes approximately 10 seconds of exposure to UV radiation. Underneath are the principal features of ultraviolet water sterilizers.

    • A minimum wavelength of 253.7 nanometers is obligatory.
    • Their capacity ranges from 4- to 1,300 GPM.
    • They do not rely on chemicals hence they are environmentally friendly.
    • They have alarms that notify users of dwindling UV lamp intensity.

    How do Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers Function?

    Essentially, UV water sterilizers function by pursuing the DNA of pathogens and subsequently inactivating them to mitigate further growth and reproduction. The UV rays are primarily deployed to terminate the microorganisms’ nucleic acid, which makes up their DNA.

    The raw water is subjected to ultraviolet rays at a specified wavelength (at least 253.7 nanometers) over a period of time. This period is referred to as the exposure time and it frequently revolves around 10 seconds. For optimal sterilization, the ultraviolet dosage and exposure time are paramount.

    Adequate UV dosage and sufficient timing of the exposure time will guarantee higher disinfection rates. The result is often high-quality purified water devoid of up to 99.9% of microbial pathogens. Here is a video that will help you comprehend the working principles of UV water sterilizers.

    How Much Does an Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Cost?

    The recent proliferation in the use of UV water sterilizers is chiefly down to the decrease in operational and investment costs. Courtesy of cutting-edge technologies in UV radiation, the cost of UV equipment is presently inexpensive.

    The operational costs of UV water sterilizers cover broad dynamics including power consumption, replacements, and labor. Power consumption varies in distinct UV sterilizers with low-pressure lamps using 100-250kWh while medium-pressure lamps 460-560kWh per million gallons.

    The cost related to energy use is consequently obtained by multiplying the consumption rate by the prevalent charge rates. The upkeep costs cover periodic replacements of burnt-out UV lamps and cleaning of the UV chamber. In total, the cost of disinfecting water using UV sterilizers is considerably inexpensive.

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    What Considerations Should I Ponder When Purchasing UV Water Sterilizers?

    To avert confusion in your quest for a UV water sterilizer, it is essential that you equip yourself with basic UV sterilization information. The different components and specifications reminiscent of different UV water sterilizers are meant to offer you varied options but this can be a little puzzling. Beneath are well-thought factors that could potentially help you procure the perfect UV water sterilizer as recommended by our specialists.

    • Service flow rate i.e. 40-1300 GPM.
    • Target microbial pollutants.
    • Projected quality of purified water.
    • UV lamp intensity.

    Figure 3 Ultraviolet water sterilization.

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    Where are UV Water Sterilizers Mainly Used?

    The need for ultraviolet water disinfection is universal and transcends all applications with a demand for purified water. Municipalities mandated with distributing high-quality product water for commercial and residential applications exploit UV water sterilizers to nullify the threat of waterborne illnesses.

    Diversity in size and service flow rates translates into diversified application scales. NEWater for instance manufactures industrial, personal, and commercial UV water sterilizers accommodative of both small-scale and enormous application fields. Here are the dominant industries exploiting ultraviolet water sterilization systems.

    • Pharmaceutical industries.
    • Food processing.
    • Wastewater treatment plants.
    • Mining and marine water treatment.
    • Cosmetics and hospital water purification etc.

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    How are Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers Applied in Pharmaceutical Applications?

    The quality of water demanded in pharmaceutical applications is quite often purified or ultrapure water. With numerous regulations governing pharmaceutical water quality, UV water sterilizations are exploited to oversee the generation of the desired product water quality.

    In pharmaceutical water purification systems, UV water sterilizers are often deployed in tandem with other water purification systems. By eradicating up to 99.9% of microbial contaminants from the water, UV water sterilizers make certain that the purity of pharmaceutical products is not altered.

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    What are the Primary Contaminants Eradicated by UV Water Sterilizers?

    Ultraviolet water sterilizers are the most effective water treatment systems for the removal of microbial contaminants. They eliminate a wide range of waterborne pathogens by inactivating their DNA cells.

    This mitigates reproduction hence providing highly purified water suitable for distinct applications. Additionally, UV water sterilizers manage to nullify the threat of microbial infection without altering the water’s pH, taste, or color. Underneath are the main pollutants ejected from raw water by UV radiation.

    • Viruses and bacteria.
    • Algae.
    • Giardia and
    • Fungi etc.

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    What is the Impurity Removal Rate of Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    With a kill rate of 99.9% on microbial pathogens such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria, ultraviolet water sterilizers are undoubtedly the most proficient water disinfection solutions. Their proficiency in destroying pathogens and microorganisms sees them often deployed as polishing systems in water purification systems. Moreover, UV water sterilizers are non-reliant on chemicals therefore they do not change the smell or taste of the water.

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    What is the Flow Rate of Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    NEWater manufactures UV water sterilizers specialized to suit distinct applications. The applications of our ultraviolet water sterilizers range from drinking water systems for homes to sophisticated industrial applications like pharmaceutical water treatment.

    To adequately gratify the demands of these diverse industries, we equip our UV water sterilizers with varying service flow rates. Our point-of-use ultraviolet sterilizers have service flow rates ranging from 1 GPM while our commercial UV sterilizers have flow rates ranging from 2-80GPM. Finally, our standard industrial UV sterilizers support distinct flow rates with maximum capacities of 1300 GPM.

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    What Differentiates UV Water Sterilizers From Water Filters?

    The differences between UV water sterilizers and water filters are vast and quite visible. From their appearances, you can easily tell apart UV water sterilizers. An ultraviolet water sterilizer is essentially an enormous UV lamp housed in a metallic or glass frame while a water filter is characteristically a cartridge filter.

    Whereas UV sterilizers function by destroying the DNA cells of microbial pathogens, water filters treat water by retaining suspended and dissolved solids. In water filtration, highly concentrated waste is emitted while UV water sterilization does not generate any volatile waste.

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    Can UV Water Sterilization be Utilized to Polish Reverse Osmosis Permeate?

    Reverse osmosis water treatment systems are often deployed to eradicate microbial pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. However, their removal rate is not as satisfactory as that of UV water sterilizers. Therein, ultraviolet water sterilizers are often utilized as a post-treatment process to eradicate 99.9% of the illness-causing microorganism. Reverse osmosis systems complemented by UV water sterilizers generate purified water suitable for human consumption, and industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

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    Does Ultraviolet Water Sterilization Oblige Pretreatment?

    Ultraviolet water sterilization is optimally effective if the feed water is clear, has low turbidity, and is devoid of suspended matter. The presence of suspended matter hinders optimal disinfection since the particles act as shields against objectionable microbes.

    Therein, a pretreatment process designed to shrink feed water turbidity and eliminate particulates is often employed. Multi-media filters or membrane filtration systems are customarily exploited to pre-condition raw water prior to UV disinfection.

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    Are Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers Power Intensive?

    The amount of energy consumed by ultraviolet water sterilizers depends on the UV lamps fitted in and the ultraviolet dosage. Low-pressure UV lamps characteristically consume low energy while medium-pressure UV lamps have a higher energy consumption rate.

    Whereas medium-pressure lamps consume 460-560kWh, low-pressure UV lamps consume 100-250kWh to sterilize a million gallons. The smaller the UV lamp and the lesser the feed water, the lower the consumption rate and vice-versa.

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    What Wavelength is Necessitated for UV Water Sterilizers to Function?

    For optimal disinfection, ultraviolet water sterilizers ought to emit a minimum wavelength of 253.7 nanometers. The UV water sterilizer, at distinct wavelengths, inactivates different pathogens.

    Certain pathogens like Giardia and Cryptosporidium tend to necessitate higher wavelengths. Wavelength intensity and exposure time are principal determinants of the UV sterilizer’s productivity.

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    Where Can I Buy Premium Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    When purchasing UV water sterilizers, it is equally important to scrutinize manufacturers or suppliers to avert crooked dealers. NEWater is a credible and accredited manufacturer of first-rate UV water sterilizers with over 20 years of experience. Our UV water sterilizers are innovatively manufactured using high-grade components and efficient technologies to provide optimal resourcefulness and sustained reliability.

    Additionally, NEWater is an all-inclusive manufacturer of water treatment equipment meaning we provide all your water treatment solutions under one roof. Our prices are highly competitive and offer numerous customer-oriented services. You can learn more or order our superior ultraviolet water sterilizers by visiting our website or contacting our specialists.

    Figure 6 Home ultraviolet water sterilizer.

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    Do You Offer Global Shipping Services for UV Water Sterilizers?

    NEWater’s elaborate after-sale services provide for the doorstep delivery of UV water sterilizers to all our clients irrespective of their locality. We have partnered with numerous multinational courier firms to ensure our multinational clientele has equal access to our water treatment systems. Over time, we have shipped thousands of distinct water treatment equipment to over 200 destinations.

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    Do You Provide Tailored UV Water Sterilizers?

    For optimal performance and uniqueness, NEWater manufactures customized ultraviolet water sterilizers for commercial, domestic, and industrial applications. Common customizable features of ultraviolet water sterilization systems include:

    • Power voltage and frequency.
    • Service flow rate.
    • Shape, size, and material of the reactor chamber (e.g. aluminum or stainless steel).
    • Maximum UV lamp intensity.

    Technically, our engineers personalize UV water components to ensure you realize optimum results in your unique application. Contact NEWater today and get yourself an immaculately personalized UV water sterilizer.

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    Which Sources of Feed Water are Eligible for Treatment Using UV Water Sterilizers?

    UV water sterilizers will effectively treat water from distinct sources as long as there are microbial pathogens. UV water disinfection is primarily deployed in distinct water treatment systems such as seawater desalination and well water treatment for improved product water quality. Nonetheless, for seawater, brackish water, wastewater, well water, or tap water to be optimally disinfected by UV water sterilizers, it must meet the following specifications.

    • The suspended solids should be less than 10mg/L.
    • The turbidity should be less than 1 NTU.
    • The feed water should be transparent.
    • Water hardness should be 120ppm or less.
    • The iron concentration and manganese levels should be 0.2 mg/L and 0.05 mg/L respectively.

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    Do You Provide Commercial Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    Commercial applications like food and beverage enterprises, office complexes, and water bottling businesses necessitate purified water. The level of purity demanded is difficult to achieve with typical commercial water treatment systems hence the incorporation of UV water sterilization.

    NEWater provides commercial UV water sterilizers with flow rates of up to 80 GPM, varying power supply options, and disinfection rates of over 99%. They are made of stainless steel reactor chambers and have automated alarm systems that notify you of decreasing lamp intensities.

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    Do You Manufacture Industrial UV Water Sterilizers?

    The industrial applications of ultraviolet water sterilizers transcend industries such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, food processing, and municipalities. NEWater manufactures industrial UV water sterilizers with service flow rates ranging from 40 GPM to 1300 GPM and varied power voltage and frequency options (100-240V/50-60Hz).

    They are highly economical owing to our low-pressure, high-output UV lamps. They are characteristically long-lasting owing to their stainless steel reactor units. Industrial UV water sterilizers are available in varying sizes and designs. They disinfect up to 99.9% of microbiological pollutants found in water without necessitating chemical usage.

    Figure 7 Industrial ultraviolet water sterilizer.

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    How Do You Transport UV Water Sterilizers?

    Our pledge to UV water sterilizer buyers is that we will deliver their orders in perfect condition, safely, and punctually. Therein, we exploit distinct transportation means and ways to ensure we fulfill our promise to our customers. Customarily, we transport your ultraviolet water sterilizers using roads, railways, sea, and air transport.

    The turnaround time for our water treatment plants ranges from 3 days to 3 months with equipment size and delivery destination responsible for the range. Typically, NEWater delivers relatively smaller units in 3-7 days whereas the delivery of conventionally huge units ranges from 2-3 months.

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    Which Maintenance Practices Are Mandated by Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    For uninterrupted optimum sterilization, ultraviolet water sterilizers oblige periodic maintenance. Typical maintenance necessitated by UV water sterilizers involves cleansing and UV lamp replacement. The plumbing unit requires cleaning and this is attained using a solution of 0.15 sodium hydrosulfite or citric acid.

    To mitigate external contamination by the cleaning agents, we recommend that you sterilize the entire UV system. Over time, the light intensity of the UV sterilizer gradually decreases and this impacts the disinfection rate.

    NEWater’s UV water sterilizers have attached detectors, which alert you of dwindling UV lamp intensity. Once your UV water sterilizer shows signs of unmet germicidal ranges, you need to replace the UV lamps.

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    How Much Water Can be Generated by UV Water Sterilizers Per Minute?

    Ultraviolet water sterilizers are individually endowed with distinct production capacities to meet the potable water demands of distinct applications. The capacity of UV water sterilizers is particularly measured by the number of gallons produced per minute (GPM).

    NEWater’s commercial UV water sterilizers typically generate between 2 GPM and 80 GPM. Our industrial UV sterilizers on the other hand produce between 12 GPM and 1300 GPM. We also manufacture UV water sterilizers with personalized service flow rates.

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    Can UV Water Sterilizers be Used in Home Water Treatment?

    The incorporation of a UV water sterilizer in your home water purification system massively nullifies the possibility of contracting waterborne illnesses. Small ultraviolet water sterilizers are widely deployed in homes at points of use to particularly disinfect drinking water.

    For the point-of-entry sterilizers, a flow rate of 1 GPM is sufficient given that the water is used instantaneously. Home UV water sterilizers eliminate the threat of microbial infections by inactivating and limiting the reproduction of waterborne microorganisms.

    Figure 8 Commercial UV water sterilizer.

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    What is the Life expectancy of Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    The high-quality components used to make up NEWater’s ultraviolet water sterilizers are chiefly designed to guarantee optimal lifespans. The primary components are particularly durable with the UV lamps capable of diffusing high-intensity rays for over 1000hours.

    For sustained high resourcefulness, substitutions, once the intensity drop becomes too drastic, are mandatory. Nonetheless, the general life expectancy of ultraviolet water sterilizers is ostensibly prolonged. Cleaning is mandatory if you desire to reap the most from your UV water sterilizer.

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    Do UV Water Sterilizers Have Warranty Protection?

    NEWater’s ultraviolet water sterilizers, just like all our water treatment plants are eligible for 12 months of warranty protection. The quality and durability of our UV water sterilizers coupled with our elaborate warranty protection scheme are the reasons why NEWater is a globally recognized manufacturer of water treatment equipment.

    With our warranty-protected UV sterilizers, you are assured of immediate aid once your device experiences mechanical hiccups. However, fabricated breakdowns and hitches resulting from natural hazards like earthquakes are not eligible for warranty repairs.

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    Do You Provide Custom Repair Parts for Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers?

    You can access all components of ultraviolet water sterilizers by simply shopping from NEWater. By manufacturing certain spare components and often supplementing our supplies with outsourced components, we manage to provide a wide array of UV water sterilizer spare parts.

    At present, we manufacture and supply stainless steel reactor chambers, varying UV lamps, control panels, and detectors. We offer global shipment services on our standard and custom repair components and our prices are customer-driven. For these and more benefits, get in touch with NEWater to order or learn more about our comprehensive repair accessories.

    UV Water Sterilizers

    NEWater fabricated different UV water sterilizer types and different materials. We consider customizations based on your layout since we prioritize our customer’s requests all the time We also offer our tested suggestions from designs, applications, specifications, shapes, finishes, and more that match your project. We designed UV water sterilizers at different selections from different functions and more. We have different features and offers for you.

    With more than 15 years in the industry, NEWater proudly presents our outstanding services that help a lot of businesses from small to large projects successfully. Our UV water sterilizers are able to generate your business perfect profits.

    As your leading producer of UV water sterilizers in China, we can assure you of the secured packaging to prevent moisture and damage. We handle strict inspections to secure your orders and keep the quality to your location.

    Send quick quotes directly to our customer services. You can expect a quick response.

    Message us now!

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