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    NEWater: Cost-effective Water Filling Machines Manufacturer

    We at NEWater focus on providing our customers with the best experience by bringing a new life to water. Our own R&D team works day and night to ensure that all our products meet international standards. We’ve been in the business of manufacturing water bottle filling machines longer than most other players and that gives us a distinct advantage in terms of expertise. To experience our acclaimed product quality and customer service, call us today and be pleasantly surprised.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Water Filling Machines

    Water Bottle Filling Machine

    The water bottling machines by NEWater come in different variants including manual, semi-automatic, and automatic ones. This gives you the option to choose what suits your business.

    Automatic Water Filling Machine

    If you want efficient and fast operation then automatic machines from NEWater will be the perfect choice for all your bottling needs.

    Water Softener Drinking System

    A complete solution to handle all the processes from start to finish, the Water Softener Drinking System by NEWater are some of the most durable and trusted ones in the industry.

    Your Water Filling Machines Supplier in China

    NEWater has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying high-quality water filling and filtration equipment for over 20 years. We have serviced clients in more than 1 100 countries around the world and have become a trusted name in the industry. NEWater headquarters in Suzhou, China have been renowned for conducting cutting-edge scientific research in the field of water filtration.

    NEWater’s philosophy revolves around preserving water while processing it so that there’s minimal impact on the environment. Our highly qualified QC team keeps an eye out for any issues to ensure that each and every product that gets out of our factories meets international standards.

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    Water Filling Machine Product Description

    NEWater Water Filling Machine Product Description

    • Filling nozzle made of 304 stainless steel, with two times of high precision filling and adjustable filling volume.
    • Water pump is made of 304 stainless steel. There are three pumping stations: one for washing and one for filling.
    • All full-automatic work is controlled by a Mitsubishi PLC, while other electric parts are made by Schneider and Omron.
    • With AIRTAC air cylinder, F.R.L. combination, and air cylinder electromagnetism valve.
    • All of the machine’s frame and body are made of 304 stainless steel, with clear fiberglass windows.

    NEWater Water Filling Machine Features

    1. Wind delivered access and move wheel in the bottle directly connected technology; canceled screw and conveyor chains, allowing for easier bottle shape modification.
    2. Using gravity or micro pressure filling to fill the speed makes it faster and more efficient.
    3. The stainless steel bottle washing machine clip is sturdy and durable, and it does not come into contact with the screw site of the bottle opening, preventing secondary pollution.
    4. Filling valve has a high-speed huge gravity flow, filling rapidly, filling accurately, and no liquid loss.
    Water Filling Machine Features
    Water Filling Machine Technical Parameter

    NEWater Water Filling Machine Technical Parameter

    • Instead of screw and conveyor chains, a direct connection between the air conveyor and the inlet starwheel is used, making bottle replacement easy.
    • For bottle transportation, there is no need to alter the height of the equipment using neck holding technology. All that is required is the replacement of a few spare parts.
    • Clamp transferring technology is used in the high-speed filling line. Bottle forms are more diversified, and the operating table inside the machine is more laconic.
    • The bottle passes through rinsing, filling, and capping with less abrasion thanks to the 3-in-1 monoblock, and the transferring is steady, making bottle change easy.

    How NEWater Ships Your Water Filling Machine

    shipping and packaging

    NEWater R&D2

    Configure Your NEWater Water Filling Machine

    Datas for system

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    NEWater Water Filling Machines

    Various industries like the beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, and commercial water packaging need to use water filling machines. NEWater supplies machines that are suitable for all sorts of uses. Our machines can fill different liquids from plain water to highly viscous syrups to help your operations go smoothly.

    We only use components from reputed brands like Grundfos, Hydranautics, and more. This ensures that our equipment lasts longer than the competition and there are minimal breakages. Our 3-in-1 machines will help you save a lot of hassle by cleaning the bottles, filling them with water, and sealing them up all in one place.

    Although most other such machines use a lot of energy and waste a lot of water, NEWater is fully focused on protecting these two resources. Our mission is to help you and the environment both at the same time.

    If you want to be a member of the most environmentally conscious family in the world, please call us immediately.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Water Filling Machines.

    As the demand for bottled or packaged water increases, water filling machines become more vital. Technological advancements have gifted the water bottling industry with a three-in-one water filling machine that has enhanced water packaging.

    NEWater has emerged as a global water filling machines manufacturer offering a diverse range of equipment for small-scale, industrial and commercial use. Underneath, we comprehensively discuss all the questions you might have regarding water fillers.

    Figure 1 A Water Filling Machine.

    What is a Water Filling Machine?

    A water filling machine is an appliance used to fill various bottle sizes and types with pure or treated water.  There are different water filling machines to suit the various demands of industrial and commercial water packaging.

    Similarly, water filling machines deploy different water filling principles for different flow rates and general efficiencies. NEWater manufactures high-quality standard and custom-made water filling machines for diverse applications. Advanced water filling machines have the capacity to undertake cleaning, filling, capping, and labeling bottles.

    What Types of Water Filling Machines Do You Provide?

    We have several distinct water filling machines with standard specifications and we also produce customized water filters. We are a manufacturer serving different clients who demand unique features or capabilities from their water filling machines.

    Classification of our water filling machines is majorly based on the operation module, flow rate, and viscosity. Below are the different water filling machines NEWater manufactures:

    Automated Water Filling Machines.

    Figure 2 Automatic water filling machine.

    Automatic water filling machines exhibit high water filling speeds thanks to their advanced filling valves. They incorporate washing, water filling, and bottle capping functions and do not demand human input.  Automated water filling machines often operate at speeds ranging from 2000 BPH to 36000 BPH, which significantly reduces contact between the purified or mineral water with the outside.

    This in turn ensures your water is hygienic and free from outside contamination. The bottle infeed starwheel utilizes an air conveyor technique, which makes it easier to use different bottle sizes. Automated water filling machines can support different bottle capacities such as 100ml and 1.5liter bottles. Customization can be undertaken to allow the use of higher or lower capacity water bottles.

    Semi-automatic water filling Machines.

    Unlike fully automated water fillers, semi-automatic water filling machines are only automated when it comes to water filling. Most of the other functions are manually operated. Semi-automatic water filling machines have the capacity to 0.3L and 0.5L water bottles at an incredible speed of 1200 or 1500 water bottles per hour.

    Their efficiency and high sanitation levels make them suitable for use in small and medium water bottling enterprises.

    Figure 3 Semi-automatic water filling machine.

    Manual water filling machines.

    Manual water filling machines are characterized by alienated washing, water dispensing, and bottle capping equipment. Manual labor is necessitated to transfer the washed bottles to the filling apparatus and capping machine. Manual water filling machines often operate at speeds of 1000-2000BPH on 0.5L water bottles. They are comparatively affordable and occupy less space, which makes them suitable for upcoming and medium water factories.

    Water filling machines can also be classed depending on the number of nozzles they have. That is:

    • Twin-head water filling machine.
    • Four-head water filling machine.
    • Six-head water filling machine.

    Figure 4 Manual water filling machine.

    Can Water Filling Machines be Altered to Suit Different Applications?

    Water filling machines can support different bottle types and sizes. Most water processing factories package purified water in different bottle sizes and luckily our water filling machines can be modified to support different applications.

    NEWater filling machines can process various bottle sizes ranging from 250ml to 20 liters. This is achieved by changing the bottle holders to accommodate the change in bottle sizes. Additionally, water filling machines can be used to fill other non-carbonated beverages within their viscosity range.

    What Should I Consider Before Purchasing a Water Filling Machine?

    There are multiple questions that demand satisfactory answers when it comes to the selection of water-filling machines. Let us look at the considerations that should guide you to acquire the ideal water filling machine.

    The type and size of your container.

    Different water filling machines support different container types and bottle sizes. Some water filters are more suitable for large containers e.g. 20 liters while others only support small containers.

    The fill or productivity rate.

    The fill rate of your water filling machine defines the number of water bottles you will fill in an hour. Higher fill rates automatically translate to more filled bottles per hour and vice versa. Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual water filters have different fill rates.


    Water generally has a low viscosity. It is crucial that you establish the viscosity range supported by a filling machine especially if you intend to use your equipment for other functions. Due to the low viscosity of water, overflow and gravity fillers are ideal for water filling machines.

    Fill volume.

    This refers to the bottle level you want the water to hit. On this ground, you need to determine whether a liquid-level or volumetric filler is perfect for your application.

    What are the Advantages of Using Water Filling Machines?

    Water filling machines are extremely vital in water bottling industries due to the plethora of benefits they bring. The advantages are far-reaching and very clear as evidenced by small, medium, and large water processing industries. Underneath are some of the pros resulting from the application of water filling machines.

    • Water filling machines are incredibly fast compared to manual filling thereby saving water companies lots of vital time.
    • They are extremely efficient and significantly reduce water wastage.
    • They are made of stainless steel and rarely expose the water to contamination hence they are very hygienic.
    • They are flexible in application and can support the filling of other non-carbonated liquids.
    • They are efficient in power consumption.

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    How Do Water Filling Machines Function?

    Water filling machines have pumps controlling the fill heads that feed water into the bottles or water sachets. Technically, the pumps are responsible for moving the water into the containers. Using a timer or PLC, you can set the time and speed your water filling machine dispenses water into the containers.

    Similarly, water filling machines can operate using pulses. Pulse-based water fillers take into consideration the movement and amount of water dispensed by the filler pumps. Gear pumps can exhibit pulses after a certain level of gear turn meaning a cycle will be completed after several pulses. This ensures the water container is filled to your desired fill volume.

    Figure 5 How a filling machine works.

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    What Container Types are Supported by Water Filling Machines?

    NEWater produces versatile and flexible water filling machines capable of supporting various container designs and sizes. We manufacture water filling machines compatible with the following containers:

    ●Plastic water bottles.
    ●Glass water bottles.

    Additionally, we have diverse ranges of water fillers compatible with different sizes of water containers. Our water filling machines can support small water containers measuring 250ml to 20-liter containers. For different container dimensions, you only need to change the filler head.

    Figure 6 Containers compatible with water filling machines.

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    What is the Production Rate of Water Filling Machines?

    The production rate of water filling machines is often referred to as the fill rate. This is basically the duration taken to fill water bottles. Our automatic water filling machines have an extremely high fill rate. For illustration, we have water filters that operate at speeds of 10000 BPH when handling 500ml bottles.

    Our semi-automatic and manual water filling machines have comparatively lower fill rates accounted for by the slower nature of human labor. You will be provided with the production rate of our water fillers upon inquiry.

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    Are Water Filling Machines Suitable for Small-scale Use?

    Yes. NEWater produces specialized water filling machines for small-scale application as well as large-scale use. We have affordable water fillers efficient in water filling varying containers at efficient fill rates. The most ideal water filling machines for small-scale use include semi-automatic equipment and twin-head water filling machines.

    If our standard water filling machines do not fulfill the demands of your application, our engineers can customize the equipment. Our small-scale water filling machines consume less power and are easy to operate and maintain.

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    Do Water Filling Machines Support Different Fill-volumes?

    Fill volume simply refers to the level you want your vessel to be filled with water. For different fill volumes, our water filling machines deploy two water filling techniques.

    Liquid-level fillers.

    This technique operates by ensuring all the containers have a uniform fill volume. This implies that differently sized vessels will have different water volumes.

    Volumetric fillers.

    On the other hand, the volumetric filling technique makes certain all your containers have the same quantity of water. They are however slightly expensive compared to liquid-level fillers since they are more detailed.

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    What is the Average Capacity of Water Filling Machines?

    Water filling machines are endowed with different capacities to support different scales of operations. For small-scale use, you do not require a high-capacity water filling machine. NEWater has standard water filling machines that can support 3 to 5 water gallons, small water bottles, and medium-sized vessels.

    The difference in capacity also influences the fill rate of water filling machines. For instance, 20L containers often have a fill rate of 600, 450, or 300 BPH. For capacity inquiries, kindly contact our customer support team.

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    What are the Different Working Principles of Water Filling Machines?

    Water filling machines exploit different principles to transfer water from holding reservoirs to the intended containers. Due to the lower viscosity of purified or mineral water, our water filling systems use:

    Gravity Fillers.

    Gravity water filling machines operate based on selected time systems. For gravity fillers to dispense water into the fillers, a water reservoir is positioned above the fill heads. A set amount of water is filled into a container below the fill head resulting in high efficiency and accuracy.

    Overflow Fillers.

    Unlike gravity fillers, overflow water machines operate based on set container levels. The valves allow water into a vessel until a certain level is reached. The surplus water is regarded as an overflow and is reverted back to the holding tank.

    Figure 8 Water filling machine principle.

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    What is the Price of a Water Filling Machine?

    It is really difficult to quote the price of a water filling machine given there are various dynamics that stipulate its price. To begin with, water filling machines have different capacities and fill rates which means they have exclusive price tags.

    Similarly, they exploit different water filling principles, which command different prices. Our water filling machine prices are very competitive and consumer-conscious. NEWater invites you to check accurate quotations of water filling machines by simply contacting us.

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    Do You Provide Fully-automated Water Filling Machines?

    Yes. NEWater is a highly reputable automatic water filling machines manufacturer. Our automatic water filling machines have high fill rates, support different capacities, and are made of stainless steel for advanced hygiene. We have a broad array of automated water filling machines for both small-scale and large-scale applications.

    Our automatic water filling machines use air conveyors to connect vessels to bottle-infeed starwheels. This saves time and eases the process of changing water containers. You can contact us to inquire or order a standard or customized automated water filling machine.

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    Are Water Filling Machines Customizable?

    Water filling machines are utilized differently by different consumers. As such, we tailor our water filling machines to suit the desired capacities, fill rates, and operational principles of our heterogeneous customer base.

    Furthermore, our technicians customize water filling machines to complement your desired container sizes, shape, and liquid viscosity.

    Figure 10 Customized water filling machine.

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    What are the Characteristics of Semi-automatic Water Filling Machines?

    Semi-automatic water filling machines are set apart from automatic water fillers by their reliance on human labor for certain actions. To transfer water vessels to the fill area, semi-automatic water filling equipment necessitate an operator’s input.

    They however operate on the same principles automated water filling machines operate on. Semi-automated water fillers dispense water into the respective containers using overflow and gravity filling principles.

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    What are the Various Applications of Water Filling Machines?

    The number of industries utilizing water filling machines continues to increase due to their productivity, reliability, and hygiene. Customization allows purchasers to deploy their water filling machines in varying scales and for different applications. Underneath is a list of water filling machines applications.

    • Commercial water bottling.
    • Pharmaceutical applications.
    • Food and beverages.
    • Mineral water packaging.

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    Where Can I Purchase the Best Water Filling Machine?

    Purchasing valuable equipment such as a water filling machine requires a trustworthy and reliable partner. NEWater has been providing water filling equipment among other water processing machinery since 2005. We have made hundreds of sales to over 200 global destinations. We customize our water filling machines to suit your unique demands.

    NEWater has a simple and elaborate ordering process. Moreover, our water filling machines are ISO, CE, RoHS, and ASTM certified. From our website, you can send us your inquiry or contact us via email or phone.

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    What are the Primary Features of Water Filling Machines?

    Water filling machines have basic and unique components, which differentiates them from other liquid filling machines and makes them so resourceful. Below are some of the vital features that characterize our water filling machines:

    • Command interface.
    • Cork assembly tray.
    • Capping unit.
    • Container support tray.
    • Pivot wheels.
    • Water filler heads.
    • Washing unit.

    Figure 11 Basic Components of a water filling machine.

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    What are the Limitations of Water Filling Machines?

    Despite demonstrating numerous advantages and benefits, water filling machines also exhibit a few shortcomings. Some may be termed as insignificant but a comprehensive awareness enables users to plan better and devise mitigating measures. Let us look at the common limitations of water filling machines.

    • They are relatively costly to purchase.
    • They can consume a substantial amount of power.
    • They cannot fill solid or highly viscous products.
    • They demand expertise for smooth operation.

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    Do Water Filling Machines Have Capping Features?

    Our three-in-one water filling machines are equipped with a capping or corking unit, which covers the containers with appropriate lids. NEWater exploits modern technology to manufacture 3 in 1 water fillers for small and large water bottling factories. These water filters rinse pet bottles before filling them with water and capping them. Water filling machines with capping units have great fill rates and help the user cut down on labor costs.

    Figure 12 Water filling and capping unit.

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    Can Water Filling Machines Label My Bottles?

    Our advanced water filling machine is the 3 in 1 water filler. This filler has the capacity to wash PET bottles, dispense water into them and cork them with lids. Bottle labeling necessitates a packing machine, which includes a bottle labeling machine. Labeling different containers require advanced printers.

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    What Powers Water Filling Machines?

    Automatic and semi-automatic water filling machines rely on electricity or solar power for operation. The amount of power consumed by water filling machines depends on the capacity and size. A water filling machine with a speed of 2000 to 4000 BPH often operates at a frequency of 50 HZ and consumes approximately 5HP of power.

    Power consumption may appear to be different in various regions due to the differences in electrical measurements and infrastructure.

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    Do You Deliver Water Filling Machines?

    Yes. NEWater delivers standard and specialized water filling machines to over 200 countries around the world. Our delivery services are often door-to-door and cut across all the continents. To ship water filling machines we utilize renowned shipping service providers like DHL and FedEx.

    NEWater further exploits sea, air, and road shipment for safe, fast, and reliable delivery. Shipping of smaller equipment often takes between 5 to 10 days when shipped by air. Advanced and massive water filling machines however take longer. Often, it takes between 20 and 40 days to deliver your large-scale water filling equipment.

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    What is the Life Expectancy of Water Filling Machines?

    Our water filling machines are made of stainless steel, which is rigid, versatile, and rust-resistant. This ensures your apparatus retains its outlook and can support heavy loads. Components of the water filling machine are made from the best materials which ensure your water filling machine functions properly for years to come.

    Quality and timely maintenance such as changing the lubrication oil and proper cleaning further lengthens the service span of your water filler. It is also possible to change certain parts of a water filler thereby enhancing the performance levels of your equipment.

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    Are Water Filling Machines Warranty Protected?

    NEWater offers a one-year warranty period for all our water filling machines. Our warranty policy ensures that all mechanical hitches are corrected by the manufacturer without burdening the client. Defects resulting from human errors are not entitled to free repairs or replacements as dictated in our warranty policy.

    Once the warranty period expires, we offer repair services to NEWater filling machines at discounted prices. NEWater is committed to ensuring you have the best experience using our water filling machine.

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    Do You Provide Custom Repair Parts for Water Filling Machines?

    We are adequately stocked with high-quality custom spare parts that complement our water-filling machines. NEWater manufactures premium components for repairing water filling machine components such as pivot wheels, filler valves, and command interfaces.

    Additionally, we offer door-to-door delivery services on custom repair parts locally and internationally. Our prices are pocket-friendly and you can conveniently order your custom repair parts by contacting us via our email, phone, or our website.

    Figure 14 Water filling machine custom repair parts.

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    What Should I Do Whenever my Water Filling Machines Fails?

    NEWater filling machines are reliable and highly durable meaning they rarely malfunction. However, unprecedented breakdowns might occur. As a proactive water filling machines manufacturer, we have put measures in place to ensure such an occurrence is quickly resolved to avoid losses.

    First of all, you should contact NEWater via our email, detailing the type and extent of the malfunction. If your water filling machine is under warranty protection, NEWater will repair the damage for free. For non-warranted water filling machines, we offer professional guidance and in applicable cases discounted repair services.

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    Do I Need Professional Help to Set a Water Filling Machine?

    Not all water filling machines oblige the input of a professional during installation. By following our instructions manual, you can set up your small water filling machine since it is often plug-and-play. For advanced water filling machines, we can make arrangements for our technicians to aid in the setup.

    In cases where our technicians are restricted by geographical barriers, NEWater provides pre-recorded installation tutorials and live video calls to assist you. The cost of setting up water filling machines is charged depending on the scale of labor needed and the region.

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    What are the Payment Terms and Methods for Water Filling Machines?

    NEWater has designed several payment terms and methods to ensure our clients have an easy time transacting with us. We allow payment on delivery for small water filling machines and their components. For larger water fillers, NEWater dictates that you pay 50% when you place your order, 30% after you approve our design, and the final 20% prior to shipping.

    Similarly, we accept several payment methods such as credit card transfers, cash payments, and online payments. This gives you the liberty to safely make your purchase from anywhere in the world. We are open to discussing a more flexible payment plan with all our customers. Do not hesitate to consult NEWater.

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