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    NEWater: A Trusted Name in Water Purification Business

    NEWater provides the best water purification equipment for business, home, and industry. Our business scope includes the preparation of laboratory pure water, the provision of household drinking water, small water plants/mineral water production business and so on. We have always built relationships through quality and efficiency. All of our products are made with the highest quality components to provide you with only the best water purification equipment. Contact us for your pure water equipment solution!

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Water Purification Machines

    Filter Water Machine for Home

    NEWater provides you with the best budget whole house carbon water filtration system, easy to maintain and install. Bring healthy drinking water to you and your family.

    Water Purification Machine for Business

    We provide high-quality water purification machines for businesses, which can bring more value and profit to your business.

    Laboratory Water Purification System

    The water output is stable, and you can get laboratory-grade pure water with one button. The equipment has a long service life and requires less maintenance.

    Industrial Water Purifier Machine

    At NEWater, the Industrial Water Purifier Machine can be very cost-effective, including ultrafiltration, UV, Etp, RO, sand filter, and softener.

    Mineral Water Purifier Machine

    NEWater produces high-precision and advanced mineral water machines to ensure that no foreign matter enters the production process.

    Big Water Purifier Machine

    Our big water purifier machine adopts safe international transportation and gives you the best quality guarantee with a one-year warranty.

    Lab Water Distillation Unit

    High-quality distilled water can be obtained with less cost input. No MOQ, cost-effective.

    Water Purifier equipment for Factory

    The water treatment demand of the factory is relatively large. Our professional water purifier machine for the factory has a large capacity to ensure your daily water treatment needs.

    Water Purifier Machine Plant

    NEWater’s Water Purifier Machine Plant has the necessary documents and licenses. We will determine the land and equipment needed to build the factory and formulate the most cost-effective solution.

    Sturdy Commercial & Industrial Water Purification Equipments From NEWater

    NEWater has been in the business of supplying superior water purifiers since 2001. We started our operations in China and since then we’ve scaled up our operations to 20 countries all over the world. This is proof of our unending commitment to delivering only the highest quality equipment to our clients.

    Our water purifiers can be used in factories, industries, homes and many other purposes. These devices have been designed by our professional engineers, and are inspected and debugged by professional personnel to ensure product quality. The equipment has a factory inspection report and enjoys a one-year warranty.

    Laboratory Water Purifier application
    water purification systems design

    Water Purification Systems Design

    Sand Filter: Use quartz sand media with a diameter of 2-4mm to remove some big suspended solids like colloids, rust, mud, impurity, etc.
    Carbon Filter: Active carbon can absorb some organisms, dissolved air, odor & color matter, etc.
    Softener: Use cation exchange resin to remove Calcium, Magnesium, etc. to make soft water.
    Security Filter: Use a 5 -20 micron sediment cartridge filter/bag filter, to remove the passed suspended solid from pre-treatment to ensure the safety of the entrance of the RO system.
    Reverse Osmosis: The nanometer RO membrane can intercept the inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloid, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities but H2O of the source water, so it can produce the pure water.

    NEWater Water Purification System Advantages

    1. The system can produce water continuously with a high degree of automation.
    2. No need for chemical regeneration, simple operation, and maintenance.
    3. The core component of the RO system is the imported filter membrane.
    4. The system automatically flushes the RO membrane to reduce the rate of membrane contamination.
    5. Water shortage protection of the multi-stage pump.
    6. Product water conductivity meter can continuously monitor water quality online.
    7. Low operating cost and long life.

    water purification systems details

    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

    detail (1)

    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet

    Water Purification Equipment Manufacturer

    NEWater will produce all types of water purification machines for you offering all selections at affordable rates. We can lower your cost and assure you that our water purification equipment can help you generate perfect profit. We designed this well and are now trusted worldwide for many years of our service. We can help you get your needs while supporting your urgent needs.

    NEWater Water Purification Equipment

    NEWater is a popular producer of water purification machines in different places around the world. We are a tested and certified supplier who passed audits internationally to save everyone’s health and safety.

    NEWater water purification system is the perfect solution to provide safe, healthy, and clean water for drinking. It is supplied with quality performance and condition. We ensure our water purification equipment is tested and offered a long-life warranty. It is accessible in different sizes and able to perform different water capacities. Our water purification machine filter housing is made of PVC widely accessible in blue and white colors and sizes.

    We assure you the weight of our water purification system will suit on type and purposes. It also has different applications that surely remove the contaminants that filtered out the bacteria.  Make sure to get your business and other purposes’ desired selections. There are plenty of advantages you can benefit from your water purification machine orders.

    Water Purification Equipment 2

    NEWater is a big help in different facilities and establishments and more purposes. It is perfect for small or large water production businesses and more. It has a great ability to control processes through computerized controls and effective manuals.

    Our variety of water purification equipment selections may help your problem for retail water dispensing purposes. We ensure our water purification machine is made of durable materials that will offer the best advantages.

    This equipment has different parts made of suitable materials. We assure our water purification equipment is safety and health-approved. NEWater water purification system has standard features, quality housing, PLC control, pressure piping, pumps and motors, elements, frames, and more to create perfect water purification equipment and provide quality water supplies.

    We support all types of businesses such as water refilling businesses from small to large projects, seawater, and more for industrial and commercial applications. We are professional in terms of handling these projects for many years.

    Water Purification Equipment 1

    We, NEWater designed the perfect water purification equipment with a pure water tank to store water for different applications. It has great pressure pumps, perfect units, a security filter, and more. We ensure your water purification machine request is provided through our offered products.

    Benefit from our competitive rates and effective water purification system to help you save cash. We helped a lot of customers maintain our good reputation with them. Our perfect equipment and manufacturing experts help our production easier and fast providing convenient factory space.

    We can be your premier choice and reliable partner offering long-term relationships. It surely helps your next purchase easier and fast.

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    NEWater Water Purification Equipments

    Every good water treatment system needs a high-quality water purification machine. NEWater has the most advanced and sophisticated equipment to help you maintain quality and consistency. Whether you want to clean the suspended matter or the salts, NEWater has a solution for everything.

    We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and components to ensure that there is minimal wastage of water and electricity. Our equipment uses less energy and wastes lesser water as compared to other systems. All of our products meet international standards and come with a 1-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

    We here at NEWater promise to deliver only the very best to all our clients throughout the world. So if you want a supplier whom you can trust and rely on, we’re always here to be at your service.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Water Purification Equipment.

    Water purification equipment works to eliminate contaminants such as fungi, particles, and bacteria from water. These machines are used to purify large amounts of water through efficient systems installed in the machines such as thermal, reverse osmosis, and filters. Unlike locally made purification methods, water purification machines are effective and highly reliable.

    NEWater Company has had great manufacturing and technical experience in producing water purification systems in the past years. We have a team that ensures your order is processed, transported, and delivered on time. You can contact us via email or contact support on our website to place an order.

    What is Water Purification System?

    Water purification machines are systems engineered to treat water fit for human consumption and use. These machines purify water through a series of processes to remove sediments, ions, chemicals, and compounds among other impurities. Water purification machines range from industrial to commercial and can be customized to suit a purpose.

    Our NEWater Company is highly skilled in the manufacture of water purification machines used in different areas. We have vast experience in the manufacture and installation of water purification machines for many years. Feel free to contact us to help you make the perfect choice of a reliable water purification machine.

    1.Water Purification Equipment

    Why Choose Water Purification Equipment?

    Purified water is highly sought for day-to-day use. From drinking water to agricultural and industrial use, water purification provides quality and safe water on demand.

    At NEWater we provide customers with the best water purification machines that are reliable and require low maintenance hence easy to operate. We also involve our clients in the design process and incorporate details to suit their needs.

    Our systems have passed the international CE and ISO certification process.

    Water purification systems are environmentally friendly, require minimal plumbing services, and can be operated automatically making water filtration machines ideal for use.

    What are the Features of the Water Purification Machine?

    The components of water purification machines vary in functionality, type, and customization. NEWater provides you with water purification systems that are well-fitted with the following components:

    • Water Supply Connector.
    • Pressure Regulator.
    • Sediment Pre-filter.
    • Carbon Filter for Chlorine Removal.
    • Carbon Filter for Chloramine Removal.
    • Auto Shut-off Valve (ASO Control Valve).
    • Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
    • Check Valve.
    • Post carbon Inline filter.
    • Pressurized water storage tanks.
    • Drinking water faucet.

    What are the Features of the Water Purification Equipment?

    What are the Benefits of Water Purification Equipment?

    The benefits of water purification systems are many regardless of the area of application. The following are some of the listed benefits:

    Cost-effective. Purifying water is cheaper compared to buying bottled water for daily use. Also, NEWater uses stable technology and reliable equipment materials to save companies 50% of investment and operation costs.

    Environmentally friendly. Plastic water bottles pollute the environment and take a long time to be recycled. Using water filtration systems reduces the risk of environmental contamination and recycling costs.

    Provides quality safe water. Installation of a water purification system in your home ensures the availability of safe eaters all the time even when regional water supplies fail or get faulty. Also, NEWater purification machines eliminate compounds and metals that are potentially present in supplied water.

    It is cost-effective. Compared to buying bottled water daily, installing a purifying machine in your home is less costly.

    Save on soap and cleaning products. NEWater machines produce quality soap water that lathers quickly with soap hence effective cleaning.

    Reduce the formation of limescale and mineral deposits. Contaminated water causes the formation of stains in household items. The installation of a home water purification system ensures clean sinks and showers.

    What is the Process used by Water Purification Machine to Purify Water?

    The water purification process goes through a series of stages to ensure quality output. Basically, we produce purification systems that follow this procedure:

    First, is the sediment filtration process. Here, a series of filters remove large particles and sediments. The subsequent filter removes smaller particles. This is done through the application of pressure against water filters.

    Next, is the water softening stage. Ions and metals are removed through an ion exchange process. The ion resins remove and reduce strong metals with weaker ones through ionization through the ion beads. A saline solution is also used to seep off metallic ions from the ion exchange resins.

    Then water is passed to tanks where carbon filtration takes place. Carbon is used to remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and other substances through absorption.

    After that, ultraviolet disinfection takes place. At this stage, water is passed through a large ultraviolet light that acts as a sterilizing agent. This kills all bacteria and microorganisms present in water.

    Reverse osmosis takes place when water is taken to tanks and osmotic pressure is exerted through a semi-permeable membrane. The high pressure causes contaminants to be left behind as water seeps through to the next stage.

    Ozonation and circulation take place next. Water is oxygen is passed through high voltage to cause ozone formation. This is circulated through water chambers to make water sterile and bacteria-free.

    Water is then stored in large tanks and awaits bottling and packaging.

    3.Process used by Water Purification Equipment to Purify Water

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    What is the Importance of  Water Purification Equipment?

    With limited sources of clean water, germ-free water is increasingly a necessity in every area of usage. Investing in a water treatment system is a great way of ensuring clean water at home and in industries. At NEWater we provide our clients with purification systems that work to suit clients’ needs whether domestic or industrial.

    NEWater purification systems are mass-produced to ensure reduced chlorine levels in the water. High chlorine levels in water increase the risk of diseases such as asthma and cancer.

    Water purification system removes toxic metals that are harmful to your health, your skin, and the corrosion of household items.

    Additionally, water purification machines are highly convenient in removing contaminants within hours as compared to other means of water purification. We have helped companies manage sewage water using our systems for more than 15 years.

    Also, installing a purifying system is cost-effective unlike buying bottled water, especially for industrial use.

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    Which is the Best and Most Economical Water Purification System?

    At NEWater, we produce water purification machines that are efficient and long-lasting. The most preferred machines use the latest technology in reverse osmosis systems, pass water through several cleaning stages, and are installed by a certified company.

    Also, the cost of a water purification machine depends on the material used and its functionality. We advise our clients to order our systems since they are made with modern technology and are cost-effective. However, do not go cheap.

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    How does Water Purification Equipment Function?

    Water purification machines can work using physical filtration or chemical filtration process. The physical filtration process involves the use of filters to strain the water off the contaminants and the removal of bad taste through solvents.

    The chemical process involves the use of processes such as reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration and disinfection. Our water purification machines use a reverse osmosis system which is fitted with a semi-permeable membrane that blocks, and filters out all contaminants and micro-organisms.

    The ultrafiltration system uses hydrostatic pressure to force water against a semi-permeable membrane that removes all particles and compounds. Clean water is then transferred to water tanks for disinfection and storage.

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    Do I Need Water Purification Machine for My Home?

    Yes, you do.

    A water purification system in your home is important to improve water quality at home. NEWater experience in customizing your water equipment, and installing and maintenance of home-based machines. We provide free consultation services, and global delivery at an affordable cost. Contact us today to place your order.

    Moreover, during summer, water storage may be prone to contamination so a water purification machine will ensure your home is serviced with fresh water throughout the period.

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    How Much Does Water Purification Machine Cost?

    The cost of a water treatment system is varied by the type and size a client chooses. Our prices are affordable for all clients’ needs.

    We provide cost-effective systems at NEWater. The average cost of a home-based water system is $1650-2150 while industrial purifiers cost at least $10,000. The amount may be more for a customized machine.

    Feel free to contact us and get a quote through our website or via email at

    5.Water Purification Equipment Cost

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    What are the Various Types of Water Purification Equipment?

    There are various types of water purification systems:

    • Reverse osmosis machines. These ones purify water through osmotic pressure applied against a reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane. We provide both brackish water and tap RO systems.
    • Ultrafiltration machines.  They use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and microorganisms.
    • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) systems. This type use granules to block contaminants and allow water to seep through.
    • Ion-Exchange (IX). Complex ions are reduced into harmless ions such as potassium through the deionization process.
    • Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection. This method uses high-intensity ultraviolet light to sterilize water.
    • Nanofiltration systems
    • Electrodeionization systems

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    What Type of Warranty Comes with Water Purification System?

    Water purification systems require constant maintenance to avoid breakdown and eventual replacement. NEWater systems provide clients with a one-year warranty after-sales service to ensure the proper functioning of the system. This warranty allows clients to consult our technicians for free and plan maintenance services.

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    What Are the Factors to Consider While Buying a Water Purification Machine?

    Before buying a water purifier, we advise you to check on the following qualities of the machine:

    • The technology used in purification
    • Storage Capacity
    • Cost of installation
    • Quality of filters used
    • Rate of rejected water
    • Maintenance cost
    • Energy requirements
    • Rate of water filtered per given time
    • Certification and standards of operation
    • Strong adaptability
    • High purification rate

    6.Factors to Consider While Buying Water Purification Equipment

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    What are the Water Treatment Challenges Resolved by Water Purification Equipment?

    Generally, water purification machines provide clean, safe, and quality water. Specifically, there are several challenges solved by water purification systems such as;

    First, purifiers ensure the treatment of large water capacity in a short period. This ensures quality and safe water for use at home and in industries.

    NEWater systems have been used to help companies treat sewage water for more than ten years now.

    Additionally, water purifiers ensure that there is less water waste in the environment by recycling available water.

    Water purification systems ensure a large supply of water in industries and areas that require water as a raw material for production.

    In a significant way, purification systems provide water treatment options, especially in areas with limited water sources.

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    What are the Different Methods Of Purifying Water Using Water Purification Machine?

    There are different water purification methods. Water purification systems use the following methods to treat water:

    • Sediment filtration
    • Ion exchange
    • Activated carbon
    • Ultraviolet light
    • Reverse osmosis
    • Ozonation

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    What is the Expected Lifetime of Water Purification Equipment?

    With continuous service, maintenance, and product replacement, a water purification machine can last for more than 10 years. Our team has experienced technicians to ensure proper services and replacement of equipment every year. We offer you systems that can adapt to temperatures and chemicals and hence can serve you for a long time.

    7.Expected Lifetime of Water Purification Equipment

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    What is the Application Field of Water Purification Equipment?

    Purified water is extremely in demand in various application areas. These areas include:

    • Hospitals and laboratories
    • Schools, hotels, and private households
    • Trees and plants nurseries
    • Manufacturing industries
    • Fish aquariums
    • Animal ranches
    • Food processing industries
    • Chemicals industries
    • Residential and commercial swimming pools

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    How Frequently does Water Purification Machine Require any Services?

    With proper installation and servicing, a food and water purification system will run smoothly. However, it is important to ensure that your system is serviced regularly. We advise our clients to perform evaluation and maintenance at least twice a year. Also, we provide our clients with one year of free maintenance through our qualified technical team.

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    How Should I Install Water Purification System?

    Generally, a water purification machine requires a well-trained team of technicians to install it. All the same, you can follow these DIY steps to successfully install:

    • Mount the dispenser.
    • Install a water filter saddle valve.
    • Secure the cartridge filtration unit.
    • Connect to a water supply.
    • Connect the filtration unit to the water supply.
    • Connect the water dispenser to the filtration unit.
    • Turn on the water and allow it to run for a few minutes.

    How Should I Install Water Purification Equipment

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    What are the Disadvantages of the Water Purification Equipment?

    Despite that water filtration has many benefits, there are disadvantages associated with purification. These are:

    Removal of fluoride and other healthy minerals- purification removes minerals and compounds including fluoride which is useful in the protection of the teeth.

    Environmental pollution. Constant replacement of cartridges from the system may be hazardous if not well disposed of.

    Cost. Installation and maintenance of water purification systems can be expensive, especially with the ongoing cost of replacing filters and cartridges.

    Storage. Once chlorine is removed from the water, it has to be refrigerated to avoid recontamination.

    Alteration of water taste. This is due to the removal of minerals that makes water have a unique taste.

    Time-consuming. The water purification process takes time to clean, unlike bottled water which is readily available for use.

    Leads to water wastage. More water is used to flush off contaminants after removal from the system. Also, in case of system breakdown overflow may lead to wastage.

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    How to Know in case the Water Purification Equipment Malfunctions?

    NEWater provides constant maintenance services to our clients. However, water purification machines may have a problematic function at some point. The following signs may indicate a malfunctioning system:

    Water leakage from the system. This is a sign that there may be loose pipes that allow water to seep through.

    A foul taste or water odor is an indication of contaminated water and failure of some equipment.

    Failed auto-water feature leading to an overflow. Most purifying water systems use automatic means to turn off water flow. In case of a faulty system, this may lead to water overflow.

    Tanks take a long time than usual to fill. If your tank is taking an hour more than the usual time to fill, then it is time to perform an evaluation test.

    Continuous noise from purifiers. This is an indication that water filters are strained by coagulants and sediments and may be time for service.

    An increased amount of wasted water. Excess or overflow in the waste flow may indicate faulty internal systems.

    9.Water Purification Equipment Malfunctions

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    How do I Order Water Purification Equipment?

    Feel free to contact us anytime to place your order. We work round the clock to ensure accessibility and timely services. To place an order, contact us via our website and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Alternatively, you can send us an email via 

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    What are the Delivery Options for NEWater Water Purification Machine?

    We provide global door-to-door delivery service, 24-hour response, and fast turnaround. You don’t need to worry about delivery or transportation logistics we cover that as well.

    Depending on your preference, we deliver via sea or air transport.

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    How will I Know Water Purification Machine is Fully Functional?

    Testing the water after a filtration process is considered an effective way of determining a purifier’s performance. The performance testing analysis shows if your water filters are effective in removing contaminants.

    Also, if your water tank is filling in the usual time, there is no excess water wastage, automatic buttons are functional and water retains food taste then your system is functioning as required.

    On top of that, we ensure our clients’ quality and effective water purifying systems. Our team is highly experienced in the installation process and problem detection.

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    Is it Possible to Obtain Customized Water Purification Equipment?

    Yes, it is possible.

    We value customers’ tastes and preferences and involve them in the design and customization process. All you have to do is send us the sample of water you need to purify and the standard requirements and we will personalize a system for you.

    We design and personalize treatment systems such as water softeners, wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, RO water filtration, UV water purification, reverse osmosis equipment, brackish water, and tap water reverse osmosis systems, seawater reverse osmosis systems, nanofiltration system, ultrafiltration system, RO cleaning skid, cartridge filter housing, deionizer, containerization equipment, electrode ionization device, ultraviolet sterilizer, and chemical dose.

    10.Customized Water Purification Equipment

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    What are the Services Offered for Water Purification System?

    Providing frequent water system services is a crucial step in ensuring efficiency and quality. Our team of experts ensures your stem is properly serviced throughout the year. Water purification machine requires services such as:

    Replace water filters and osmosis membranes at least thrice a year. Water filters tend to clog from excess sediments thus blocking water flow.

    Regular cleaning of reverse osmosis systems. RO systems require periodic cleaning and sterilization. These involve the cartridges, pipes, tanks, and permeable membranes

    Make a performance evaluation regularly. An evaluation keeps your system in check and avoids unprecedented damages or slow processes.

    Contact a reputable company such as NEWater company, for intensive maintenance services.

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    Do I Require Certification to Use Water Purification Machine?

    Yes. We advise our clients to seek license and certification especially if the system is being used for industrial purposes.

    However, if you are using a home-based water purification system, you should buy your equipment from a certified company. NEWater company has passed ISO9001:2015 system certification, and its products have passed European CE certification.

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    What are the Maintenance Practices of the Water Purification Equipment?

    It is important to ensure that your purifying system receives service at least twice a year. NEWater is professional in servicing your system with highly experienced technicians.

    Some of the maintenance services we advise include:

    • Sanitizing cartridges.
    • Ensure pressure is set at maximum level.
    • Replace UV systems to avoid leakage.
    • Calibrate water monitoring equipment regularly.
    • Checking electric wiring and connection systems.
    • Testing water for hardness and chlorine leakage.
    • Inspect valves, pipes, and tanks for corrosion.
    • Regulating and adjusting pressure pumps in RO systems.
    • Disinfection of membranes.
    • Regular replacement of worn-out components.

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