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Raw water:       tap water, surface water, lake water, well water, etc.
Produced water:  <10-20μS/cm or lower
Productivity:     500-20000L/H
Filter media:     quartz sand, activated carbon, softening agent
Voltage:      220/380V (customizable)
Flow rate:     500-20000L/H
Desalination rate:     ≥99.5%
Support customization.

Your Trusted Water Purifier Machine for Plant  Manufacturer in China

With the rise of industrialization, natural water resources have become increasingly strained and have started to diminish. At NEWater we are dedicated to combating this problem and popularizing the use of alternative water sources, making it clean and potable for use in a variety of industrial plants, such as those involved in a variety of manufacturing and processing applications. Our Water Purifier Machine for Plants is your go-to device to ensure that you as the owner of an organization meet national and international set standards.

Our Water Purifier Machine for Plants, allows for the removal of undesired chemical compounds, both organic and inorganic impurities, along with biological impurities from the water. They may also employ deionization, if required, to remove unwanted positive and negative ions from the water under treatment for purification.

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NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant Parameters:

( L/H )
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Recycle Rate
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Raw-Water conductivity
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The NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant Flow Chart:

Raw water pump → mechanical filter (quartz sand filter) → activated carbon filter → sodium ion exchanger (water softener) → safety filter → high-pressure pump → reverse osmosis → ozone disinfector (ultraviolet disinfector)


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NEWater high-precision water deionizer system suitable for various occasions:appilication


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    NEWater Water Purifier Machine for Plant

    Purification is an essential process in small, medium, and large water treatment plants, so NEWater also provides high-quality water purifiers for water treatment plants in various industries. The process of water purification starts with pumping water from the water source into the machine. After that, it goes through pretreatment and preconditioning, after which it can undergo chemical treatment and refinement. Disinfection is the final step of the process.

    Water Purifier Machine Industrial Cosmetic Industry Water Filtration Water Filter Machine

    In the pre-treatment process, our Water Purifier Machine removes large debris such as branches and trash from the water, a process called screening. Once that is out of the way, preconditioning occurs where if the water has a high mineral content it is treated using soda ash, forcing out calcium carbonate, which ensures the hardness of the water is reduced. After this pre-chlorination may also occur to remove organic matter.

    After the above-mentioned processes, chemical treatment and refinement occurs. This involves a process called coagulation, which causes small particles suspended into the water to clump together, then flocculation occurs which makes use of large paddles to bring these clumps together, causing them to settle at the bottom of the tank, which can be separated from the water in the sedimentation basins.

    Once these processes have been conducted the water undergoes filtration, here the remaining suspended particles and unsettled matter, along with microorganisms and algae are removed. Industrial treatment may also employ specialized techniques such as electrodeionization(EDI), ion exchange, membrane systems, and ultraviolet irradiation, depending on how the water is to be used, and where it has to be used.

    Compact RO System Membrane Clean Water Purifier Machine

    Then through some complex control circuitry, control water machine water shortage protection, pressure control, online water quality detection, bacteria particle removal, flushing system, and humane interface operation settings, to achieve the use of aspects, safety, easy to operate and maintain, low cost of purpose.

    Disinfection is the final process is in the water purification process. It involves the removal and deactivation of pathogenic organisms. Our Water Purifiers for plants employ the process of either physical disinfection or chemical disinfection, depending on the water quality of your source.


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