Water Softener for Home | Water Softener for Well Water

  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic facilities to start the recharging cycle
  • Easy to operate
  • Increases the efficiency of plumbing systems  and appliances
  • Enhances service life

Feed water:       Springwater, deep well water, seawater, etc.
The conductivity of produced water:         1.0~10.0µS/cm
Voltage:       380V+N50Hz(can be customized)
Productivity:                                                   500L/Hour
Capacity:                                                         250L~10000L
Desalination rate:                                         >98%
Recovery:                                                        50%-75%
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NEWater’s home water softener is a fully automatic, low-maintenance system. The systems have high-volume salt storage. So, you won’t have to refill it as much. The water softeners from NEWater use high-efficiency food-grade resin with a long service life. The water softeners have an intelligent control valve with a centralized control system that provides comfort and ease of use.

NEWater’s automatic water softener for homes is widely used in domestic settings to reduce hard water through the removal of minerals that cause hardness. Our softeners are offered in different models and specifications to meet the varied requirements of our clients.

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Working pressure: 150psi (10.5 bar)
Operating temperature: 1-49℃ (34-121 ℉)
Maximum vacuum:  127 mm Hg
Minimum ambient temperature  -27℃ (-17℉)
Bursting pressure:  42 bar (times)
Fatigue cycle:  100,0000
Gallon in Capacity
Recovery rate
Remove rate in Salt
Remove meat in bacteria

Raw Materials Quality:

PE Plastic
A: It is odorless, non-toxic, smooth, low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation, and CNPC supply.

B: Harmless to the human body.

C: Can work in low temperature, long life.

D: Can be filled with various filter materials.

A: Reinforced alkali-free fiberglass.

B: Strong anti-oxidation ability, long life of the tank.

Epoxy Resin
A: Strong anti-oxidation ability, long life of the tank.

B: Certified by US NSF, with guaranteed quality.

C: Bright color.

We can customize the colors to meet your needs.

color customized

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Water Softener for Home Flow chart:

water softner flow chart

water softner flow chart 2 water softner flow chart 3









Feed Water:

Feed Water

NEWater Water Softener for Home can solve all kinds of problems caused by hard water:

 Water Softener for Home



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Datas for system

NEWater Water Softener for Home Producing Process

We control the production from the source, and before shipping the products to you, we will conduct 3-fold quality inspection, and can send photos for you to see after the products are produced. At the same time NEWater factory direct supply of goods, you can save 30%-50% of your cost investment.

softner for home produce process
softner for home system application

Why Choose NEWater Well Water Softeners

NEWater analyzes raw water quality data and combines it with local requirements for voltage, power, water flow, and equipment space to achieve the produced water quality you require. 1 to 1 customization system with 2D/3D drawings.

Our well water softener can achieve a desalination rate of over 98%, bringing healthy and safe water. It also greatly improves water quality and adds richness to the taste of drinking water.

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    NEWater water Softener for Well Water

    NEWater’s water softener for home consists of three main components: a bribe tank, a control valve, and a mineral tank. While using the NEWater’s well water softeners, these three components work simultaneously to remove the minerals that cause the hardness of water. Additionally, they also monitor the water flow and clean the water softener system periodically.

    water softner apllication

    NEWater is committed to providing comprehensive well water softeners to remove the hardness from your water. Water hardness mainly affects your pipes by accumulating scale in them. Due to the scale accumulation, you can also experience decreased water pressure from these scale-ridden pips. Additionally, you can experience dry hair, stiff laundry, and frequent repairs of the plumbing appliances. While using the NEWater’s water softener for home, you are guaranteed to experience steady water pressure without a drop.

    Mobile Home Water Softener

    NEWater’s water softener for well water uses several cubic feet of dotted plastic resins to bid the positive ion present in the water. When water passes through the NEWater’s water softener system, the magnesium and calcium ions present in the water are attracted and attached to the plastic resin.

    The sodium ions present in the resin are then gradually released into the water. To remove the minerals that cause hardness in water, it is important to renew the resin every few days. This process can be done by rinsing it with a saltwater solution. Due to the high concentration in the brine, the sodium ions in the brine solution replace the calcium and magnesium ions in the resin. In this way, the renewing process is done, and the resin is again saturated by sodium ions.

    While using this product, you will experience that your water is softened. When your water is softened, you will protect your home from harmful build-up, eliminate limescale (which is only present with hard water), and improve the health and appearance of your family.

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