Water Softener for Well Water

  • Lowers Turbidity
  • Reduces Conductivity
  • Treatment of ground water
  • Provides fresh and clean water
  • Softens Well Water

Feedwater:       Springwater, deep well water, seawater, etc.
The conductivity of produced water:         1.0~10.0µS/cm
Voltage:       380V+N50Hz(can be customized)
Productivity:                                                   500L/Hour
Capacity:                                                         250L~10000L
Desalination rate:                                         >98%
Recovery:                                                        50%-75%

Certificate:                                                     ISO and CE

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Your Trusted Water Softener for Well Water Manufacturer in China

Hard water brings with it various plumbing issues, in both commercial and domestic settings. Our Water Softeners for Well Water are manufactured specifically for groundwater treatment, to eliminate this serious issue by treating and softening Well Water.

Well Water, also referred to as groundwater is water that is taped by constructing wells and pumping the water up for various applications. In various areas, especially rural areas, this may be the only source of water, and depending on the environment in which it is dug it may contain a number of contaminants such as bacteria, lead, various ions, mercury, and organics. Our Water Softeners for Well Water are ideal for you, as they are also for dissipation of issues related to the groundwater.

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NEWater Water Softener for Well Water Technical Parameters:

Gallon in Capacity
Recovery rate
Remove rate in Salt
Remove meat in bacteria

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Water Softener for Well Water Flow chart:

Water Softener for Well Water

water softner flow chart

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Feed Water

Feed Water

NEWater water softeners for well water can solve all kinds of problems caused by hard water:

water softner apllication


Get Professional Water Treatment System Solution

Datas for system

Professional Well Water Treatment Expert in China

NEWater analyzes the raw water quality data and combine it with the local needs of voltage, power, water flow, and space for equipment used to achieve the water production quality you require. A 1-to-1 customized system with 2d/3d drawings.

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softner for well water factory

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NEWater water treatment solution provider

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NEWater well water softeners effectively remove more than 98% of the desalination rate, solving the problem of water scale residue and impurities clogging pipes for customers. It also greatly improves water quality and increases the taste richness of drinking water. Bringing healthy and safe water.

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How NEWater Transports Your Water Softeners for Well Water

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    NEWater Water Softener for Well Water

    NEWater well water softeners work in five processes: produced water, backwashing, salt absorption (regeneration), slow flushing (replacement), and fast flushing. All processes are very similar from one water softening plant to another, except that there may be additional processes due to differences in the actual process or the need for control.

    NEWater Water Softener for Well Water

    NEWater softeners for well water use the ion exchange technology to remove calcium, magnesium, and other scaling ions from the water. When the raw water containing hardness ions passes through the resin layer in the exchanger, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with the sodium ions adsorbed by the resin, the resin absorbs the calcium and magnesium ions and the sodium ions enter the water, thus the water flowing out of the exchanger is softened water with the hardness removed.

    As the hardness of water is mainly formed and expressed by calcium and magnesium, cation exchange resin is generally used to replace Ca2+Mg2+ (the main component of scale formation) in the water, with the increase of Ca2+ and Mg2+ in the resin, the effectiveness of the resin in removing Ca2+ and Mg2+ is gradually reduced.

    When the resin absorbs a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions, it must be regenerated. The regeneration process is to use the saltwater in the salt tank to rinse the resin layer, replacing the hardness ions on the resin and discharging it out of the tank with the regeneration waste liquid, so that the resin resumes its softening and exchange function.

    Hard Water Filter for Drinking

    Our softeners for well water are here to help you make the most of your groundwater while protecting your pipes and equipment, they also prevent expensive boiler breakdowns and extra costs. Please contact us if you have any requirements.


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