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    NEWater: High-Quality Well Water Treatment System Manufacturer

    Bringing new life to water is the motto of NEWater, we believe in constantly innovating and researching to provide our customers with the best water treatment solutions. We’ve been in this business since 2005 and we’ve gathered an expertise in delivering the highest quality well water filter systems. All our system designs comply with international standards.

    NEWater Brings for YouDiverse Well Water Treatment Systems

    Well Water Filter System

    To eliminate all the undesired contaminants from well water, NEWater offers filtration systems that provide clean and pristine water.

    Well Water Treatment

    Well water can be full of chemicals like fluorine, sodium, and much more that can harm your health. The water treatment equipment is specially designed to provide perfectly drinkable water.

    Iron Removal From Well Water

    One of the major contaminants in well water is iron and it can slowly harm the health of those drinking it. To handle this issue, NEWater offers machines that eliminate most of the iron from the water.

    Reverse Osmosis System for Well Water

    One of the most reliable and trusted methods to clean water, reverse osmosis has been an industry-standard in water filtration. Our membranes last longer and work more efficiently than all our competitors.

    Whole House Filter

    If you need to filter well water for household use then these systems by NEWater are an obvious choice as they help keep the health of the entire household in check.

    Water Filtration Systems For Home Well Water

    The well water extracted from wells in homes can be full of sediments and heavy metals. To treat this problem, you need to trust the experts and NEWater is the single most reliable expert in this industry since the last two decades.

    Your Reliable Well Water Treatment System Supplier in China

    NEWater’s philosophy includes providing excellent customer service and preserving natural resources. Our Well Water Treatment System utilizes lesser power as compared to the competition while providing similar, or even greater output. The NEWater headquarters in Suzhou, China is our base of operations where various industry experts are constantly trying to find new ways to improve this efficiency.

    Our journey began in 2001 and since then, we’ve serviced more than 5,000 thousand clients in 100 different countries. This was all made possible due to the trust that our clients had in our service and quality.

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    Well Water Treatment System details

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    • Easy operation and real-time data display.
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    How NEWater Ships Your Well Water Treatment System

    shipping and packaging

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    NEWater Mission:Bring New Life for Water

    NEWater has an independent large-scale production workshop, which is convenient for the control and supervision of product production quality. Strictly abide by production standards and provide detailed guarantees for all projects.

    Production workshop

    NEWater establishes SOP standardized operation process and strictly implements the work process. The professional project installation team, implement 5S on-site management. Equipped with standard safety facilities, investigating access conditions, and short construction time.

    Operation example

    The safe transportation process does not have to worry about product damage and extends the construction period. NEWater has provided system equipment to thousands of companies around the world, which guarantees absolute product transportation.

    Production and transportation 

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    seawater desalination data sheet

    Seawater Desalination System data sheet


    NEWater Well Water Treatment System

    Water from wells is one of the most widely available sources of water but it’s usually contaminated with heavy metals and undesired minerals. NEWater’s well water treatment systems are designed to help you conserve maximum power and water while delivering great results.

    You need to be assured that every last bit of impurity is removed from the well water that you harvest because it can have negative effects on the health of those who drink it. While other brands might not promise anything, NEWater assures that our filters remove all the major contaminants from your well water.

    We guarantee quality and ease of mind for you by providing a 1-year warranty on all our filtration systems.

    The Ultimate FAQ Guide To Well Water Treatment Systems

    The increasing demand for clean water in residential, industrial, and commercial applications has driven innovation in water treatment solutions. Wells form a significant part of water resources, relied on by man for various functions. Contamination however inhibits the maximum exploitation of well water in its original state.

    Well water treatment systems are the solution to polluted and low-quality well water. Here, we look at the various well water treatment solutions and everything you need to know about them.

    Figure 1 Well water.

    What Is A Well Water Treatment System?

    A well water treatment system is a water treatment solution used to eradicate contaminants and purify water from driven, drilled, or dug wells.  Water drawn from wells often has a very high iron concentration, which necessitates pre-treatment. Favorable conditions for the optimum functioning of well water treatment systems are achieved after the acidity levels are dwarfed.

    Well water treatment systems are different and for an ideal selection, you need to be aware of the concentration levels of the well water. Multiple water filtration techniques including reverse osmosis and UV sterilizers are used in well water treatment systems.

    What Are The Advantages Of Well Water Treatment Systems?

    Well water filtration systems play a fundamental role in the supply of hygienic, fresh, and healthy water for human consumption and commercial use. Courtesy of their effectiveness and accruing benefits, they are very popular water treatment solutions.

    Here are the pros that come with using well water treatment systems:

    • They are resistant to certain chemicals and can operate under rough conditions thereby providing long-life services.
    • They have an excellent purification rate and are highly adaptable which makes them highly efficient.
    • They are economical in their power consumption and they conserve the environment.
    • They are available in standard and custom designs.

    What Are The Uses Of Well Water Treatment Systems?

    Well water in its natural form is used to support several activities such as agricultural irrigation and industrial use. When well water is purified using well water treatment systems, it becomes viable for use in other activities such as human consumption.

    Well water treatment systems rely on several water treatment mechanisms to get rid of impurities residing in well water. Reverse osmosis is effective in removing organic chemicals and dissolved ions among other contaminants while filtration eliminates the likes of iron and manganese.

    Additionally well water treatment systems are able to protect metal pipes or equipment from corrosion caused by the acidic well water.

    Figure 2 Automatic Well water treatment system.

    What Types Of Well Water Treatment Systems Do You Provide?

    Well water systems are classified in relation to the water treatment technology they use. The different water purification techniques are effective in eradicating specified impurities and operate under different circumstances.

    At NEWater, we produce a variety of high-performing well water treatment systems to comprehensively fulfill the diverse demand for water solutions. Below are some of the well water treatment systems we produce.

    Reverse Osmosis Well Water Treatment.

    We have reverse osmosis systems that use semi-permeable membranes and filters to forcefully eject dissolved ions and other impurities from well water. Some of our RO systems include brackish water purification systems, which have capacities that support a million barrels in a day.

    Our brackish reverse osmosis systems boast a maximum TDS rate of 5000 parts per million of total dissolved ions. Some of the applications of our RO well water treatment systems include hospitals, agriculture, and bottled water.

    Water Filtration Well Water Treatment.

    NEWater has an extensive list of water filtration systems, which are ideal for industrial and commercial well water treatment. For specialized use, our water filtration plants are made of either steel coated with epoxy or stainless steel.

    Furthermore, our water filtration equipment can be self-operated, be manually run, or be semi-automatically operated. With the ideal filter media and pressure tanks, our water filtration systems can be extremely resourceful in treating well water.

    Water Softener Well Water Treatment.

    To treat or purify well water, water softener systems work by utilizing ion exchange to reinstate sodium ions in place of calcium and magnesium. Our water softener systems are very resourceful and they ensure your system does not wear out from scaling. NEWater softeners are expertly built and have the capacity of serving you for 20 or more years.  They cleanse water suitable for hospital, home, and car wash applications.

    Figure 4 Automatic water softener system.

    How Does A Well Water Treatment System Function?

    Well water treatment systems employ different technologies to purify water. The end goal however is always similar given the result is often high-quality water and optimal utilization of water resources. By exploiting reverse osmosis, well water is pumped into a pre-filter chamber at high pressure thereby removing debris, colloids, and large particles from the water.

    The water is then driven via a perforated membrane, which eliminates dissolved salts thereby generating over 99% pure water. UV sterilizers are very efficient and economical. They disinfect well water by eliminating over 99% of germs when the water is exposed to a regulated amount of ultraviolet light. It takes only 10 seconds to disinfect well water using our premium UV sterilizers.

    For water softeners, hard water is injected into a tank containing minerals and resin beads, which captivate the minerals, and replace them with sodium.

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    How Effective Are Well Water Treatment Systems?

    The effectiveness of a water treatment system differs depending on the water purification method in place. NEWater offers a variety of well water treatment systems founded on high-performing and cost-effective water purification innovations. Over 99% of impurities are removed from water by well water systems.

    You can measure the purity or quality of your water by comparing the TDS levels of your permeate to that of the feed water. For instance, we have steel tank media filters with a flow rate of 11 to 770 GPM and 2.5 to 175 cubic meters per hour.

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    What Is The Price Of A Well Water Treatment System?

    Well water treatment systems are priced differently based on several elements. Firstly, well water systems prices vary depending on the purification system in use. Reverse osmosis systems have different price tags compared to UV light disinfection or ion exchange systems.

    Likewise, well water systems exhibit different price ranges based on their capacities, flow rates, and location. In general, NEWater guarantees you the best prices for first-rate well water systems. For free and accurate quotations, visit our website and request a quotation. You will only be prompted to select the water treatment solution you are interested in.

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    What Are The Components Of A Well Water Treatment System?

    Figure 5 Well water chlorinator.

    Despite the modifications made to well water filtration systems, they hold certain basic components, which are the basis for their productivity. The following are basic features found in all well water treatment plants.

    • Reverse osmosis filters whose purpose is to remove dissolved salts.
    • Resin filters that convert hard water into soft water.
    • Chlorinators, which eliminate harmful bacteria.
    • Sediment filters, which eject debris and other large elements from well water.
    • Activated carbon filters that remove organic pollutants and bad tastes.

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    Where Should I Install My Well Water Treatment System?

    For utmost results, a well water treatment system is strategically fixed along with your water supply system. Often, they are installed right before a storage tank, which helps you to properly utilize space and connect pies. In an expert’s opinion on the ideal installation site, consult our vastly experienced team of engineers.

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    Is Water Generated By A Well Water Treatment System Fit For Drinking?

    Well water treatment systems eliminate over 99% of harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and minerals thereby supplying high-quality drinking water. The presence of such impurities in well water limits its possible applications but thanks to treatment systems, the applications of well water are limitless. Post-treatment of well water adds essential minerals that are of benefit to the human body when taken.

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    Can Reverse Osmosis Be Applied On Well Water Treatment Systems?

    Reverse osmosis is a water treatment technique utilized by most well water treatment systems to aid the production of quality water. NEWater has a wide array of RO well water treatment systems for industrial and commercial use. Our RO systems have different daily capacities ranging from 200 GPD to 900000 GPD. NEWater’s mega-scale RO systems are equipped with capacities ranging from one million to two million GPD.

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    What Is The Installation Process Of A Well Water Treatment System?

    NEWater produces well water treatment equipment that is easily installed by fitting in together the different parts. To guide you in your installation, we provide detailed installation manuals with graphics for better comprehension. We also have a seasoned team of technicians proficient in well water treatment systems installation ready to help whenever you send a request. We will provide video tutorials or guide you virtually during the installation process.

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    What Contaminants Are Removed By Well Water Treatment Systems?

    Well water in its natural form contains various pollutants, chemicals, and minerals that make it unfit for some applications. By employing various water treatment systems, well water is converted into high-grade water suitable for multiple industrial and commercial applications.

    The percentages of contaminants ejected from well water treatment systems often range from 97% to over 99%. The impurities removed include iron, dissolved salts, water hardness, arsenic, sodium, manganese, and debris among others.

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    Do You Test My Well Water Before Installing A Well Water Treatment System?

    Since well water is mostly acidic, we offer free water testing and analysis to our valued customers. Knowing the PH levels and iron concentration in your well water is extremely vital when it comes to selecting an ideal water treatment solution.

    In destinations where our testing team is unable to access the well water, we offer consultative services detailing the required water tests and their implications.

    Figure 7 Well water testing.

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    What Are Your Payment Terms For Well Water Treatment Systems?

    NEWater has put in place several payment terms to ensure purchasers of our well water treatment systems are not inconvenienced in any way. For relatively smaller water treatment systems, payment can be made on delivery.

    However, containerized and skid-mounted water treatment systems necessitate 50% payment when placing the order. Once you inspect the quality, design, and state of your systems, you will pay 30% of the remaining fee while the final 20% should be paid before shipping.

    We are an understanding partner thus our payment terms are flexible. For negotiations, do not hesitate to contact NEWater.

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    How Can I Treat Hard Water Using A Well Water Treatment System?

    Treating or converting hard water into soft water is often achieved by utilizing ion exchange technology. Hard water generally contains magnesium and calcium among other minerals. To treat hard water you need to inject the hard water into a mineral tank full of resin beads. Resin beads typically absorb the magnesium and calcium from the hard water and in turn, replace them with sodium.

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    What Are The Best Softeners For Well Water Treatment Systems?

    NEWater manufactures first-grade water softeners for use in different industries for distinct purposes. Our water softeners are characterized by high productivity rates, durability, and diversity. Here are some water softeners you can use to optimally treat hard well water.

    • Cabinet water softeners.
    • SF-900 twin alternating softener.
    • SF-500F water softener.
    • SF-100S water softener.

    Figure 8 Industrial Well water softening plant.

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    Do You Deliver Well Water Treatment Systems?

    For the ultimate customer experience, NEWater provides reliable and secure delivery services to our local and global clients. We deliver quality well water treatment systems right to your doorstep in over 200 destinations across the globe. Our delivery fee is quite affordable and it is influenced by the size of your order as well as the delivery location.

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    Which Water Filtration Systems Are The Best For Well Water?

    NEWater produces premium water filtration systems for industrial and commercial applications in well water treatment. Our water filters include sediment filters and carbon filters. The effectiveness of water filtration systems depends on the application. Our specific water filtration systems for well water include:

    • MF 1000 series media filters.
    • MF 500 Series media filters.
    • SSC filter housings.

    We customize the service flow rates to support the demands of your application. For instance, our MF 1000 series media filters have a service flow rate of 11 to 770 GPM (2.5 t0 175 cubic meters per hour).

    Figure 9 Well water filtration system.

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    Where Can I Get The Best Well Water Treatment System?

    NEWater is a leading provider of well water treatment systems both locally and internationally. By utilizing our 20 years of experience and modern innovation, we manufacture water treatment systems for well water with high operational rates, strong versatility, and low operational costs.

    We are well stocked with a variety of standard commercial, industrial, and residential well water treatment systems. Our systems are founded on DuPont Dow RO membrane and South Pump for power. Additionally, all our products are certified for meeting the set quality standards. You can visit our website for a comprehensive list of our quality well water treatment systems.

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    Are Well Water Treatment Systems Certified?

    Yes. Water treatment systems are fundamental systems that define the quality of water we consume. To mitigate low-quality water treatment equipment and the adverse effects they can pose to end users, respective regulators certify quality systems.

    NEWater holds the following certifications as a show of the quality of our well water treatment systems.

    • All our well water treatment systems have passed the international CE and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.
    • NEWater has passed the ISO 9001 certification for quality management.
    • We have a level 3 certification for a professional qualification in environmental protection engineering.
    • NEWater is also certified to produce high-tech products.

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    Do You Supply Custom Repair Parts For Well Water Treatment Systems?

    NEWater produces and delivers a wide array of custom spare parts for all water treatment systems. In the event a component of your well water treatment system wears out, NEWater will provide you with a quality replacement at a very affordable rate. Some of the custom repair components we are stocked with include RO membranes, diaphragm seals, pressure gauges, and filters.

    Our comprehensive collection of custom repair parts covers RO systems, Ultraviolet Light systems, water filtration systems, and ion exchange systems.

    Figure 10 Custom repair parts.

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    How Can I Order A Well Water Treatment System?

    Ordering a standard or custom-made well water treatment system from NEWater is one of the easiest and most convenient processes. From the comfort of your home or office, you can visit our website and redeem your free quotation. You will be provided with a custom order form requesting you to fill in the specifications of your order.

    Alternatively, you can call us or email us at Our engineers will take your custom order and answer all questions related to our well water treatment systems.

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    What Services Do You Offer On Well Water Treatment Systems?

    NEWater is committed to ensuring our clients have the best customer experience whenever they transact with us. To complement the quality and efficiency of our well water treatment systems, we offer a myriad of quality services.

    • Technical consultation on issues related to well water treatment systems.
    • Free sample testing and analysis.
    • Free repairs or replacements in the event of a breakdown.
    • One-year warranty on all equipment.
    • Reliable and prompt doorstep delivery.

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    What Is The Lifespan Of A Well Water Treatment System?

    There is no definite lifespan for well water treatment systems. The different types of well water treatment systems have relatively different service spans. Generally, water treatment equipment is long-lasting but the period of service is often down to the maintenance and care accorded.

    Our well water softeners, for instance, can last up to 20 years while exhibiting high productivity levels. Often, some components wear off but the general system stays intact. We provide high-quality custom spare parts for all our well water treatment systems.

    Figure 11 Durable containerized well water training system.

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    Do Well Water Treatment Systems Eradicate Bad Smell And Taste?

    Well water is known to have an awful odor and taste sometimes. This is mainly because of higher chlorine levels and hydrogen sulfide, which is a product of rotting organic matter and gases found underground.

    The various water treatment mechanisms used by well water treatment systems eliminate gasses and organic matter found in well water. The removal of these pollutants results in fresh and clean water, which has good taste.

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    Do You Design Well Water Treatment Systems?

    Yes. Our technicians take your custom order and design your well water treatment system in accordance with the given instructions. In addition to our extensive list of standard water treatment equipment, NEWater manufactures containerized and skid-mounted water treatment systems. Customization ensures you acquire a unique water treatment solution perfect for your intended application.

    For custom designs, we utilize 3D sketching designs to create a blueprint of your unique water treatment system. You are then provided with the 3D print for review and once you approve it, we proceed to production. Irrespective of the complexity of your design, NEWater will deliver a first-rate water treatment system for you.

    Figure 12 Skid mounted RO system.

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    Do Well Water Treatment Systems Require Regular Maintenance?

    For longer service and optimum productivity, your well water treatment system requires frequent and quality maintenance. This includes frequently cleaning your equipment or unblocking clogged reverse osmosis membranes. For sustained high-quality performance, RO membranes need to be changed after approximately 3 years of use.

    In our user manual, we clearly stipulate the necessary maintenance actions your system needs and perfect timing. Proper maintenance will ensure your equipment does not produce substandard water quality. For inquiries on system maintenance, kindly reach out to our engineers or customer support team.

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    Are Well Water Treatment Systems Warranty Protected?

    NEWater accords all our water treatment systems a 1-year warranty period. For the successive 12 months post-purchase, NEWater will rectify impairments exhibited by your well water treatment plant at no cost. We, however, scrutinize the nature of the breakdown to establish if your system is eligible for warranted repair or replacement.

    Malfunction caused by human error does not warrant a free repair or replacement. Once the warranty period expires, we provide lifetime repair services at very affordable rates.

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    How Long Does It Take To Deliver My Well Water Treatment System?

    For timely and secure deliveries, we exploit the best shipment methods. NEWater has one of the delivery durations when it comes to doorstep delivery of well water treatment systems. Delivery of sizable water treatment equipment usually takes between five to ten days if we use air and express shipping.

    Larger treatment systems containerized and skid-mounted systems are cost-effectively shipped using other methods such as the sea. Such deliveries take us between 20 to 40 days to deliver at your selected site.

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